(may be offensive to some readers).

This was just after the 2014 referendum. I remember seeing it back then.

And he was right, wasn’t he?

30 thoughts on “THIS SHOULD NEVER GO AWAY”

  1. Bit pedantic of you’re readers.
    I am a reader first on this site, it is usually the written word that I come for.
    We then get some songs and pictures to discuss.
    So Tris , in your defence, I read the warning before I listened.
    My opinion is that our SNHS is doing okay but like any organisation there are always areas for improvement.
    The triage arrangements at A&E need to be more responsive to the actual needs of the people arriving and not just allocating an arrival number.
    I’ve witnessed a man in real distress being passed by to take someone with a broken toe who wasn’t in any great pain but had arrived at A&E a little earlier. That person was dealt with very quickly and the treatment was simply to apply bandage support to the foot.
    The other area for consideration is that the ambulance crew MUST wait with their patient until the doctor takes over, this can mean a delay to the crew returning to availability, leading to delays in response to an urgent call.
    I am not an expert in triage or medicine and look forward to being educated in the workings of A&E.
    At least we don’t have to carry the health insurance cover with use to get treatment as in the great USA where you might just have to wait until the responders see you have cover.

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    1. Ha ha… good compromise, Dave.

      Munguin says Niko is getting a kick in the arse next time he sees him.

      You make a good point about A&E.

      At least to an extent, there is a element of treatment as required in A&E. I certainly made it in pretty quick when i turned up with a collapsed lung. Pushed in front of other people waiting.

      For all that Ninewells in Dundee is the best performing A&E in the UK, not just Scotland.

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  2. It’s been alluded to here, but not made explicit: we have not in fact embraced the full impact of Westminster authority. The Scottish Government has, rightly, done what it can to mitigate the worst effects. As that guy was implying, and yes, I’d seen that clip before too, if we allowed Westminster to do its worst to us, that would change some minds, show them the error of their ways… I mean, if you could swallow the Rape Clause and Michelle Ballantyne’s eugenicist mouthings about the poor not being allowed to choose to have however many children they want – as if getting some kind of allowance for each child was enough to keep them rolling in luxury while Hardworking Families with lots more money had to make choices about how many kids they had – bonkers, and obnoxious bonkerdom at that.

    If you embrace either of those points of view – like so many other Tory points of view – you have no shame. So letting Westminster do its worst to us is maybe not such a good idea after all, because the comfortably off would still be comfortably off, and as usual the least advantaged among us would suffer.

    In the current situation, though, with all the other factors militating against support for the Westminster regime, inflicting full-strength, unadulterated Westminster policies on would likely tip the balance in favour of independence, if it’s not there already. So, if Boris imposes Direct Rule on us uppity Jockanese, …

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  3. OT
    Be on the lookout for 47,000 domesticated salmon which have escaped from a fish farm near Colonsay.
    Wonder if they’ll stay nearby or head off for the Sargasso Sea for a week trip.

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          1. With salmon? I’d go for a nice sauvignon blanc, myself, but chablis is also good, but it also depends on how you’re cooking the beast and what with. It doesn’t pay to be TOO fussy, I think; for example, I never had any qualms about having red wine with fish, but you don’t want the wine to be so full-bodied, so sweet or so rough that it overwhelms the taste of the fish, whatever your fish is. Too many damn wine snobs out there, in my opinion, who forget that most of us have to take what they can get.

            Poached salmon always tastes better, I think.

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            1. When we had the hotel and catered for fishers, they would always leave us one of their catch and when the fishers left we always gave the salmon away. I have never liked the taste.

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  4. Tris,

    I saw this when it came out. This was my turning point. It made me more resolute in my determination to see this to the very end. I think a lot of people came to this conclusion after the 1st week of the referendum.

    It shall be done.


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  5. Strange that after avoiding the news from the EBC and friends, didn’t hear much radio, only the travel reports, the thing that hits home is that they have a list.
    Health and SNHS
    Politics of Indy
    Travel and railways
    Parliament and parties.
    See that the labour party has lost another nomination for leader and the labour party in Scotland is having an election for deputy leader. An interboonshun on federalism as well.
    You don’t need to buy a newspaper or watch their tv programmes, just record a month and replay it.
    No wonder the EBC have the licence needed for recordings of ‘LIVE’ programmes, how do you tell it’s live?
    There’s only one empire left on the planet, the USA empire.

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    1. I’ve more or less given up even on the radio.

      Harry, Boris, Andrew, Harry, Megan, Boris, Labour.

      Isn’t Dick Leonard standing down after losing most of his seats and only retaining the seat of a bloke who doesn’t like him?


      1. Should be fun for leonard IF Ballie gets the deputies job, he sacked her from his front bench.
        Great fun for us if she and Ballantyne gets the tory leadership.
        You know the mother of SIX children who says the poor need to be sorted out from having too many children.
        Even the Chinese are now looking at the problem in the future of the demographic problem created by the ONE child policy and the percentage of male/female distorted.
        Scotland needs a more balanced population for the future, englandland hasn’t got that problem but is actively moving out the continental EX -pats, sorry emigrants.
        I’ve moved over to canned music as I can’t find a radio station that suits me, don’t use radio shortbread and only use R4 for a couple of programmes, money and briefing room.
        Last one had an interesting analysis of projects in London getting preference in the Cost benefit analysis due to including the projected rise in property prices, local areas can’t compete with this included.
        Reminds me of finding out that power stations have a cost of demolition included in their generation cost, Nuclear stations didn’t have it as the cost couldn’t be predicted, so nothing was added, net result was they came out as cheaper to run.
        Much like the CPI rate of inflation has dropped this month due to the reduction in price of Foreign Holidays, the cost of fuel seems to fall just before the new figure is calculated and rises the few days after.
        The calculation list changes each month to suit, not a standard list of what’s required to live, they fake it to suit, bet this years September rate is low, that’s the rate used to increase the benefit rates for the following YEAR.

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        1. Yes, I was thinking that. I heard some ridiculous figure for inflation… and I thought, well, my car insurance went up 10%… and my electricity went up and so did the gas.. and petrol and so on, more that the inflation rate… so what is it that has come down dramatically to balance it up?


      2. I listen to the World Service sometimes when I don’t fancy music but feel like a lie in. It was alright on Brexit. It’s good because they can’t assume the audience is on top of local buzzwords. The consequence is that stuff that is competely off-the-chart mental but has become common currency has to be explained every time from scratch. That obviously reveals how off-the-chart mental it really is and requires the journalist to note the point. It’s also good to be reminded that there is a whole world out there and stuff happens all the time everywhere.

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        1. LOL, you got it there, Terry.

          WS news is, as you say, much more interesting, because it seems to be aware that there is a world, with things happening, outside of England and occasionally Scotland (if it’s bad news).


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