Thanks to Abu for sending me this.

Since Indy Car recorded this, this letter has been received from Dominic Cummings, or, as we call him, Boris the Ditch.


(Ignore the lies in the second last paragraph…and the utter impossibility of the last paragraph.)

I’d also like to draw your attention to this article which is worth a read.


  1. Chris do you want to email me with your WhatsApp address. I want to share something with you which is non attributable and, if true, could a game changer.


    On Tue, 14 Jan 2020, 15:17 MUNGUIN’S NEW REPUBLIC, wrote:

    > trispw posted: ” Thanks to Abu for sending me this. Since Indy Car > recorded this, this letter has been received from Dominic Cummings, or, as > we call him, Boris the Ditch. (Ignore the lies in the second last > paragraph…and the utter impossibility of the last paragr” >

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          1. Whatsapp is really useful – and no need to have head stuck in phone all the time if used sensibly and sparingly for practical purposes. Great for sending photos, sending instant directions for where you are or where to meet, and better still – free phone calls. I have a high volume of international calls so it saves a fortune (or a few leva at least).

            Took me a while to discover its benefits but now it’s now one of the most used parts of my phone. Try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, it’s now part of the dreaded Facebook but just grit your teeth and put up with it.

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  2. a before the referendum is held each house of Parliament passes a motion that the proposition be agreed to and
    b if either house the motion is passed on a division,the number of members who vote in favour of the motion is equal to or is greater than two thirds of the number of those who vote.
    the number of those who vote in the referendum is equal to or greater than 55% of all those on the current electoral register.
    goes on to set a 60% of votes before it counts worse than 79 if this bill passes we will never get the numbers go for indi now

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    1. It probably won’t pass… although, who knows, these days? Cummings might insist that every Tory vote for it on pain of being deselected and discovered on film with someone embarrassing in their arms…


  3. On the face of the letter the ‘promise’ by Alex and Nicola are now deemed sacrosanct even when being misquoted.
    Surely doris’s promise to die in a ditch should also be given the same level of guarantee.
    No the whole document is riddled with nonsense.
    If this is what an eton education returns they have wasted the money.
    If this is the best they can come up with they really believe they are lost on a democratic vote.
    Time to go the recind the ‘Treaty of Union’, it’s bust.

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  4. Is it not time to make it law “That ONLY Parties REGISTERED in Scotland” can put forward candidates for ANY election held in Scotland.
    That might cause a stooshie, but it would ensure SCOTTISH democracy.

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    1. I don’t think that that is unreasonable.

      I don’t think it would give us democracy though. I’m pretty sure that it would be an irritant to them , but they would still take their orders from London.

      Labour in Scotland seems to be falling apart at the seams. I guess when you had 42 seats 5 years ago and you have 1 now, you start to think. I guess that when you were the government 10 years ago; the opposition 5 years ago and are now the third party in Scotland and the fourth in the UK parliament, you really need to take stock.

      Get stock taking, Labour.


  5. Precis of a letter of reply
    Doris,as chairperson of the homework quality standards committee your latest attempt from your coursework has been passed to the committee for scrutiny.
    The Board have found the exercise you submitted to fall short of the standards expected at this level of the course in the following areas.
    1). If you use material plagiarised from the Daily Hail you should give them the credit as the authors.
    2). Get your mentor to read ‘Pinocchio’ by Carlo Collodi to the end, Scotland’s children prefer happy endings to their Fairy Tales.
    3). If you use actual Facts you must ensure that their accuracy have some semblance of Truth.
    4) From the level of language used the Board have doubts that it was written by someone your age and experience, you should resubmit this exercise in your know handwriting for further consideration.

    The Board expect you to take the above into consideration beforehand.
    This will be recorded against your ‘Certificate of Achievement’ as a ‘First Attempt’, failure to meet the ‘Standard’ required will result in a withdrawal from the course.

    For the Board

    Carlos Jackass

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  6. Craig Murray raises some very pertinent points (as always) on the validity of the Ditch’s utterances and outlines a clear route to independence irrespective of Westminster denials.
    Craig highlights the hypocrisy of the UK government in its strong support for independence-seekers elsewhere (Kosovo) yet advancing a diametrically opposite argument in its justification for dismissing Scotland’s claims.

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