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Zack Goldsmith, defeated at the General Election, was today inducted into the House of the Living Dead and reinstalled in his ministerial post in the Tory government.

Well honestly, I mean, how dare the people not vote for Boris’s mate?


Then there was Nicky Morgan, probably one of the dimmest of all the Tory Ministers ever… and that is some feat, who was also installed as a Lord today and who will also continue to serve, this time as a Cabinet minister, meaning that elected MPs will be unable to question her. Although in fairness, questioning her would probably be pointless anyway, unless you were asking her name maybe.

There’s a brilliant political sketch here which is well worth a read…

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In the meantime, the airwaves have been filled today by some hogwash about Harry and Megan, which I couldn’t be arsed listening to. I’m sure it will be all good for them, and a rotten deal for us.

But hey, aren’t you glad we live in a democracy?

No, I wasn’t actually asking you. You are not royal or aristocratic.

Bloody Hell!



    1. I agree Johnson (nominative determinism) was being deliberately provocative. Even if you don’t know the full background of Red Hand of Ulster, you know enough to stay clear.

      I did like the fact that the banner underneath is talking about the Joker, though he’s more of a joke!

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  1. I believe that the NI government are to sit in on the Brexit trade negotiations with the EU but MPs will have no say and,of course,Scotland to be completely ignored.
    Democracy,English Tory style.

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    1. I think they are also going to get another fat wodge of money too.

      Remember when they got the last lot and that excitable wee Fluffy bloke said he wouldn’t stand for them getting extra and Scotland not… I wonder if Union Jack will make the same pointless statement.

      I suspect we shall get the same diddly squat we got last time.


  2. The cumfy wumfy way of life is being dismantled. The, “that can never happen cos they’d never get away with it” attitude is being exposed for what it always was. An illusion That’s assuming you had it in the first place of course. All we thought we knew with all its certainties is disappearing and maybe, at least for a good while, we’ve had the best of it. If we take the climate situation and the damage we’re doing to the environment into account maybe the best has already passed.

    In the words of the James song “You don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it all.” Things are set to deteriorate for sure.

    It’s all very disturbing.

    Our pursuit of independence is becoming ever more complicated and the end result more uncertain by the day. If I’m very, very lucky I’ve got 20 years left and I would love to see it happen. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s enough folk with the stomach for what’s to come in the struggle to get it.

    2014 will ultimately be seen as the year we gave our freedom away. The year Scotland was betrayed by its own people. I hope somehow the surviving No’s and the House Jocks will at least understand what they did

    I’m not going to hold my breath for that though.

    Regardless, I’m going to keep skinning my knuckles on letterboxes, delivering leaflets and keep trying to convince the fools who can’t see the nose on the end of their face. It is after all, the only thing an ordinary working Jock can do.

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    1. Well said.

      If you have a hand picked government …remember every Tory who stood had to promise to back the PM … and in any case when the stupid public made the wrong choice, he simply put the losers in the HoL, then they can do whatever they like.

      And once we have left the EU and are at the mercy of Pumpkin Head, it will get worse.

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  3. A reminder of a passage from « 1066 And All That » : every time Gladstone came close to solving the Irish question, the Irish secretlay changed the question. With Scotland, it’s the other way round – every time the Scots meet the criteria for independence, Westminster changes the criteria – see the proposed bill for future referenda and the provisions for turnout and 60% majority.

    On a more positive note, a word of support for Ian Murray – don’t we all agree that English MP’s like Lewis should not interfere in Scottish issues ? Just a pity that he doesn’t recognise that independence would be the best solution to his problem.

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