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I thought that now was the right time to have a Therapeutic Thursday again… given that there’s some event taking place today, which will come back to me as soon as I’ve voted.

These photographs were taken on walks over the last few Sundays, inspired by the videos of this fellow. We hope to do more in the future… because let’s face it, at the rate we are going, there will be another election along shortly and we need the material.




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I’m not going in there with you if you’re going to vote Tory!!!

So, tomorrow we need everyone to go out and vote to keep Boris Johnson out of government.

Preferably vote SNP, but certainly don’t vote Tory (or Liberal Democrat for preference… after all Swinson would probably do anything for the deputy prime ministership).

I say this every election. If there are any younger people reading this… get out and vote. This is your future, don’t let your Great Uncle Archie or Great Aunt Matilda choose it for you, because almost undoubtedly they WILL vote.

After all, you don’t let them choose your clothes, hairstyles, music or computer games, why would you let them choose your future?

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If you don’t bother your lazy backside, and it’s close (and there are a few constituencies where that is the case) and a Tory wins by a couple of votes, then hell mend you and I hope you have rich parents to pay your next year at uni.

Here are some tips…

Also, please don’t discuss on Munguin’s Republic how you voted (we pretty well know anyway) but it is illegal, between 7 am and 10 pm. Colonel Davidson may get away with breaking election law… you might not be so lucky and Munguin says that although he may be almost as well off as the queen, he’s not bailing you out!


Parked across two disabled spaces and he puts it down to “a moment of thoughtlessness”. I’d suggest that he was ill-advised to say that. If he’s THAT thoughtless when driving,  he’s a danger on the road. On the other hand, no one would really bat an eyelid at a Tory assuming his right to park nearest the door outweighed the rights of a disabled person.




Well… more or less.

They seem to think that stopping in mid-sentence or adding the random word “fake” would make us think that that they had independently written their tweets without any help at all from Conservative Central Office.

What a good idea that wasn’t, James CLEVERLY??? So, maybe next time try a few variations in the wording.


Twitter buddy, “WG Saraband”, or Miguel, as he is actually called, (give him a follow) tweeted an election communication he had received from the Liberal Democrats.

Well, that’s nice, I thought!

Then it got interesting…

It seems that the Liberal Democrats were so busy preparing to be the next prime minister that they neglected to bother filling in the name of the constituency they were targetting.

Busy, busy, busy… Bless.


Also, I’d be interested to know what the word “chaose” means.


I’m not sure that being the next prime minister gives you the right to invent new words although with Jo’s daily-changing accent it’s possible her scribe misheard.

Miguel, who is a Portuguese Scot, pointed out: “And run a spell checker too -I’m not a native English speaker and even I find the mistakes in the leaflet embarrassing”.

But it’s not only in Edinburgh that the spellchecker or proofreader seems to have gone on holiday. Oh no…


Firstly, of course, Lochaber residents may interested to read of the revised name in the Swinson-run UK.

But I’m more interested in the claims the Liberal Democrats make here:

I haven’t seen polls for this constituency for this election, but at the last election (which was only 2.5 years ago) the Liberal Democrats lost 15% of their vote. The SNP (who also lost votes) were first, and their nearest challengers were the Tories whose vote dramatically increased.

So, unless things have changed dramatically, I can’t see that there is a great deal of truth in the first of the above statements.

Scottish National Party

Ian Blackford Votes 15,480  40.3% Net percentage change in seats-7.9


Robert Mackenzie Votes 9,561  24.9% Net percentage change in seats+18.6

Liberal Democrat

Jean Davis Votes 8,042 20.9% Net percentage change in seats-15.0


Peter O’Donnghaile Votes 4,695 12.2% Net percentage change in seats+7.3


Ronnie the Crofter Campbell Votes 499 1.3% Net percentage change in seats+0.8

On the second point, I suppose if Swinson were to become the next prime minister, it is possible that the Lib Dems could stop another independence referendum (although it’s a moot point), but as that is marginally less likely than Japan joining the EU next Tuesday afternoon at a quarter to four, I think we can safely rule it out.

“Stopping independence”, mentioned in the third point, is a bit of an exaggeration.

The SNP is not demanding independence. It is demanding (as it is mandated by the Scottish people to so do) the right for Scots to vote again in a second independence referendum (in light of the changes which have occurred since the last referendum, most specifically but not exclusively, being dragged from the EU despite having voted to remain).

That’s not quite the same thing.

Also how stopping the right to vote on our future will allow there to be a reduction in hospital waiting times is far from made clear.

My understanding is that, as a result of the Conservatives’ and Liberals’ joint policy of austerity, there has been a reduction in monies allocated for public spending, including on the four health services of the UK… and that this has had a negative impact on waiting times (although Scotland has fared better than the other three countries, because of prudent SNP government).

Image result for jo swinson for prime minister

I also understand that as a result of Brexit and the policies of the British Home Office regarding Europeans’ rights of residency, many doctors, nurses and other health personnel from the EU have opted to leave the UK (including Scotland) and head home to where they will be treated with a little more dignity than Smirky Patel could ever muster.

The same can be said about tackling crime.

Of course, there is too much crime all over the UK, but again, Scotland has done better than other countries in tackling it. And not following the English preference for privatising prisons and probation services nor cutting vast numbers of police has hardly been of hindrance in this.

Finally, if there is a Liberal Democrat reading, maybe they can be a little bit more specific about how they intend to create more jobs by denying Scots the right to decide their future.

View image on Twitter

If anyone comes across any more blunders on Liberal Democrats’ (or others’) leaflets, please send them in.

PS: Panda Paws is Munguin’s highly remunerated Proof Reader for whom we are more than grateful. Maybe she could moonlight for the LubDoms…?

PPS: I bet someone finds a mistake on this post…eeeek.


n o
My mummy likes a kiss.
n glenprosedn m2
Glen Prosen Marcia).
Numbi and Numbi’s mum… Maybe be a good idea to say bye-bye to John at this point… because I fear he may have blotted his copybook!
n kitty love
Reminds me of the song Sheldon’s mother sang to him in Young Sheldon. Little ball of fur…. eh?
n alaska
Alaska is a bit special, isn’t it?
n snow fox
Brrrr, Munguin. It’s a bit chilly out. Any room in the tower for a nice looking fox, totally unrelated to Liam?
n Melanistic Serval
This character is a Melanistic Serval. 
Istanbul, where Asia meets Europe… and the coffee is seriously good.
n glenprosen marc 1
Glenprosen … I want that house. (Marcia).
n bun
La Famille Bunny.
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Another animal likes to give mum a kiss.
n moher ireland
Moher, Ireland.
n numbi
Numbi looking for a job in the laundrette (John).
n bluejay


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Waiting to greet Munguin as he steps down from his private jet.
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Don’t pick my flowers!
n glen prosen marcia
Glen Prosen (Marcia).
n silverdale glen man
Silverdale Glen, Isle of Man.
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That’s all for this week… See you next Sunday.

Thanks to Marcia and John… And also to the RS for catching a certain cat and a washing machine. (I’ll leave John to explain (if he survives, that is.)


Now, this is a bit of a surprise!

I’m not Neil’s biggest fan, but this is excellent.

PS: I’ve just heard that Downing Street (or rather the inhabitant thereof) have responded, saying that people are sick of hearing aggressive interviews with politicians.

That should keep the peasants quiet. Yeah right!


I thought it was interesting that a tv journalist considered it worth asking Mr Corbyn if he watched the Queen’s speech on Christmas day.

As it happens, he spends Christmas day with his family and he visits the homeless shelter. Both of these things are perfectly admirable things to do at Christmas. I was surprised then that he tried to give the impression that he did, indeed, watch “The Queen”, but kinda messed it up because he didn’t know that it was on in the afternoon and not the morning.

Queen Elizabeth

I was wondering if there were genuinely any people who would consider it a game-changer in the “who to vote for” stakes.

Does anyone give a damn? We all know Corbyn’s not a royalist. So why did he feel obliged to give the impression that he did watch it?

I think that’s sad.

  • Incidentally, last year the speech was watched in these islands by 6.3 million people out of a population of 66.4 million (down by a million on the previous year), and fewer than 10% of the UK population.

I’ve not actually watched it personally for a long long time, although I’ve caught bits on Twitter or Facebook.

My granny liked it and when she was alive and spent Christmas day with us, it was on to please her, so I have a vague recollection of the type of content that was included…

There was always some detail of what she and her family had been up to over the year… her and Philip touring some ex-colonies; Anne going off to Africa do some “Save the Children” charity work; Airmiles failing to sweat in a helicopter somewhere; a wedding, funeral, birth of a royal high ness, or some such thing you’d be yawning about if it was your auntie telling you.

Image result for prince philip car crash

Then there would be a tie into Christianity, while she sat in, quite literally, palatial setting, surrounded by items of unimaginable financial value, reminding everyone that she had always tried to live her life according to the teachings of Christ (obviously excluding the teaching about it being harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle).

Then she wished everyone a happy Christmas, and they played her dirgy song.

Of course it’s all recorded in advance so that she doesn’t have to waste Christmas day with her message, so your mind goes off to her sitting in Windsor with all her family around for a slap-up meal cooked by chefs and served by butlers and uniformed lackeys, with dirty dishes taken away and washed by other lackeys, all paid for by us… while only a few miles away some of her “subjects” are enjoying cold comfort on the street.

Related image

It might be an idea to remind ourselves at this point that there are many people, and not just politicians, who will be working at homeless shelters and many more who will be obliged to make use of them, while her majesty and her ever-growing family, enjoy our largesse.

(*I wonder if the recent dramatic events will encourage a larger audience this year. Will people tune in to see if she mentions Philip’s actual car crash or Airmiles’ figurative one… Harry’s interview or the way that her Brit Prime Minister made a total patsy of her.)

Out of interest, how many Munguinites will watch “The Queen” show?


And we all thought it was only Colonel Davidson that had sneaky looks at the postal voting in contravention of electoral law.

I wonder if the police will be speaking to Criminal Raab?