Erm, I think he said, “send three and fourpence, we’re going to a dance”, but who can tell. He lies to us, you know.
Bring your kid to work day. Andrew got left behind lest there should be temptation put in his way.
Zac Goldsmith
It seems that losing your seat is no bar to being a Minister. Amazing!
Pretty hard to believe in this day and age.

So… what a jolly day as loads of stuff that was promised is dropped…

Workers’ right? What workers’ rights?  MPs, ministers and lords? Oh yeah, we’ll doubtless keep them. It’s the lower orders that can go fiddle.

Let’s get rid of this silly ban on GM crops, eh, even though we said we’d keep EU standards?

Lone child refugees? Nah, they have no rights.

Wanna borrow a comb?

I read that, having got the working-class vote they are to scrap the increase in the minimum wage… anyone else hear that?

No matter what happens we leave the EU on January 31… so if you want to get in a quick visit to somewhere half civilised, best do so now. And they write into law leaving the implementation phase on Dec 31 2020, so that will be us looking at a no-deal Brexit, which is exactly what Mr Trump wants.

In any case, we don’t want to be squabbling over EU rules v US rules. This taking back control is such a jolly jape… eh?


Maybe we should take into consideration that this will probably be reciprocal.

Imagine if they dropped it… eh?


Charlie looks awfully red in the face, wonder why.

If anyone has any more u-turns to share, please feel free.

Aye, well, I can see a lot of that in the tactics of Dominic and his wee scruffy puppet.


41 thoughts on “NOT AGAIN…”

  1. I thought that Andrew Bowie’s face today was a distillation of pure hatred. My god, he must have got a big fright with his majority going down to 800. His words also suggested some detachment from the idea that he is actually a Scottish MP. Bitter Together exemplified.

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  2. So let me get this right
    Southern Torys are going
    To treat the North
    (Obviously not Scotland)
    Equally as the south 🤔 umm!
    Try that Again

    So let me get this right
    Southern Torys are going
    To treat the North
    (Obviously not Scotland)
    Equally as the south 🤔 umm!
    Try that again

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Ha ha he he he he he
    What a load of forelock
    Tugging winkers

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    1. Yes. I’m afraid that the traditional Labour voters “Oop north” are in for a nasty surprise. Workers’ rights… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… transport … lol lol lol…

      I wonder when Boris is going to lie down in front of the bulldozers…

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  3. By the way it’s Rothesay not Rothsay.

    Sorry to be pedantic but it’s where I grew up and I hate to see it misspelled.

    I remember watching Charlie attempting to berth his minesweeper HMS Bronington alongside Rothesay pier – what a performance and a source of much amusement to the locals. I think they gave him command of a Ton class minesweeper because they had plenty of them and could afford to lose the odd one.

    I also heard a story that he (erroneously as it happened) thought the aspect of one of the lighthouses in the western isles was off and he reported it to Trinity House in London. The buffoon didn’t even know who ran Scotland’s lighthouses.

    And now he’s got an Aircraft Carrier named after him – HMS Big Ears!

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    1. My sincere apologies about the misspelling. (The subsequent misspelling is intentional.)

      Poor Charlie. He’s not good at anything much…

      Still, I suppose with his luck he doesn’t really need to be good at anything.

      He’s spent his life being rotten at everything, and still, he’s on about £20 million a year. Munguin says I’m rotten at everything, but he’s not putting up my meagre stipend.

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  4. One thing that has left me amazed is the outrage expressed by a number of “Labour” MPs and senior members about the party manifesto containing socialist ideas.
    How dare Corbyn and others undermine the carefully crafted Blairite edifice of Labour as being a party of the centre right (used to be the territory of the Tories).
    England is politically now a country of the hard right and I suppose that does leave space for Labour to occupy the territory of the old Tories.
    Social democracy will not be appearing any time soon in Little England which begs the question of how BoJo and cronies can continue to punt the one nation malarkey within the UK state,when we clearly are not,never have been and certainly never will be now.
    The hard right do not believe in consensus,consent or anything else which places constraint on their agenda unless confronted by an equal or greater force.
    Apologies for all the c words,missed out one that certainly applies to BoJo and his pals.
    Scotland’s democracy vs England’s Tories,a good test of the will of Scots.

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    1. Mrs Thatcher once said that Tony Blair was her proudest achievement.

      I don’t think she was claiming to having given birth to him in a physical sense, but she created the situation where the population of the relatively prosperous south of England and particularly London; the home owning, the lack of large factories or mines and the subsequent deminuation of the trades unions, meant that there was no place in England (Britain) for a party of the workers.

      Mandelson, Brown and Blair realised this and took the party to the right in order to gain power… and of course this kinda left the Tories with nowhere to go… for 13 years.

      Maybe once upon a time there was some sort of real cohesive UK, although I don’t think NI ever was really a part of that. (Niko? What you think?)

      I don’t think that Scotland is a part of it now.

      And Wales is slipping away too now… although not nearly as fast as Scotland.

      One way or another, this UK is doomed.

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  5. I was quite disappointed. No crown on her head, no robe, no horses, no coach. Just a plain blue dress, a stupid looking hat, and her old black purse. And no Dennis Skinner. I wonder if anyone has checked to see if the Ravens are still at the Tower. 😉

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    1. It’s all falling to pieces. But really you can’t expect an auld woman to get dressed up in Crowns and what have you every few weeks so that Boris Picannini LetterBox Bum Boy Spaffing Johnson can have her read out yet another speech of interminable nonsense.

      I means shoe’s got other things to do… Racing to go to; horses to ride, and even at her age, a disgraced son and two granddaughters to keep in innumerable holidays every year.

      It’s not easy having to work into your 90s to keep the family …

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      1. LOL…..I do wonder what she has in the old black purse that’s actually needed for an opening of parliament.

        Corbyn and Boris weren’t chatting. 😉

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  6. Caroline Lucas
    This #WithdrawalAgreementBill drives the hardest Brexit of all

    Parliament’s role re future relationship? Gone
    Clause on workers’ rights? Gone
    Environmental protections? Gone

    The UK’s future under this Tory Govt – Parliament side-lined, no protections & a race to the bottom

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    1. I wonder what happens when the Boris vision of an England devoid of all the protections – economic, civic and social – we currently enjoy butts up against the social democratic vision of the EU in which its citizens must be protected. I understand they have already said that will not allow the UK to lead a race to the bottom. The negotiators for Englandland may find the process of getting the trade and other deals they need out of the EU even more difficult than they might otherwise be.

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      1. I think that they will be impossible, but I also think that that’s probably pretty much the Trump-Johnson plan.

        A trade agreement with America would be far more to Johnson’s taste.

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        1. Fortunately, Trump will be gone soon, and with him, quite likely, the Republican majority in the Senate as well. In January 2021 we are likely to see not just a Democratic president but a Democratic Senate as well, and a Democratic House of Representatives with an increased Democratic majority. Apart from anything else, this means that BawJaw’s calculations of political advantage are even more short-termist than might at first sight appear.

          The first things the new administration and legislature in the US should get round to doing are eliminating partisan gerrymandering, ending all forms of voter suppression, enforcing common standards throughout the US for federal elections at the very least, and abolishing the Electoral College in Presidential elections in favour of popular majority, preferably with a run-off election between the two candidates with the largest pluralities if no candidate gets more than 50% of the total vote. The jury, however, is out on whether the Democrats will actually get round to doing any of that, because my teapot does not leave the necessary quantities of tea leaves in the bottom of the cup for an accurate divination.

          So says Cassandra’s American cousin Cassie. When asked about Boris Johnson and the UK, however, both Cassandra and Cassie go all tight-lipped and grim-faced, which does not bode well. So no news there, then.

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          1. Well, most people go tight lipped and grim faced at the mention of Johnson or indeed his boss, Cummings.

            I hope you are right about the USA. I have a fear that impeachment may have driven more people into Trump’s camp.

            I think too that the Brits need to be looking at how incredibly unfair FPTP is.

            It makes a travesty of of our elections.

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            1. The polls in the US are showing a majority in favour of both impeaching and removing Trump, and his support / favourable ratings are going down too, so I don’t think we really need to worry about driving additional people into the Trump camp. Most people are not entirely fact-averse…

              FPTP – something else the Americans might want to change too. I wonder how the Canadians run their elections… when people grow up, they don’t let their mothers choose their clothes any more, so why the former dominions and colonies of the British Empire feel the need to persevere with FPTP despite its many glaring faults is a bit beyond me, really.


  7. Yes we’ll Apparently the English
    Torys have had enough of this
    Talking down old England
    And Westminster has decided
    Under the King of the 🌍 world
    To pass a law requiring the whole world 🌎 and the solar system to accept England’s total hegemony and leadership thereof and no pish taking either.

    So you best get used to perpetual dominance and English overlordship for all eternity .
    Over everything and everybody
    Everywhere plus we get to invade France 🇫🇷 can’t get any better than that .

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        1. Yes, While my mate from Jersey went to live in London with under £100 in his bank account, A Londoner could not do the same unless he had a very considerable amount of money to put in his new Jersey bank account.

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