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I’m not going in there with you if you’re going to vote Tory!!!

So, tomorrow we need everyone to go out and vote to keep Boris Johnson out of government.

Preferably vote SNP, but certainly don’t vote Tory (or Liberal Democrat for preference… after all Swinson would probably do anything for the deputy prime ministership).

I say this every election. If there are any younger people reading this… get out and vote. This is your future, don’t let your Great Uncle Archie or Great Aunt Matilda choose it for you, because almost undoubtedly they WILL vote.

After all, you don’t let them choose your clothes, hairstyles, music or computer games, why would you let them choose your future?

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If you don’t bother your lazy backside, and it’s close (and there are a few constituencies where that is the case) and a Tory wins by a couple of votes, then hell mend you and I hope you have rich parents to pay your next year at uni.

Here are some tips…

Also, please don’t discuss on Munguin’s Republic how you voted (we pretty well know anyway) but it is illegal, between 7 am and 10 pm. Colonel Davidson may get away with breaking election law… you might not be so lucky and Munguin says that although he may be almost as well off as the queen, he’s not bailing you out!


  1. “Also, please don’t discuss on Munguin’s Republic how you voted ”

    Curiosity on this, is it illegal to talk about how you intend to vote during those hours as well?

    And how are exit polls legal?

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    1. “Curiosity on this, is it illegal to talk about how you intend to vote during those hours as well?”

      Yes – on public forums.

      “And how are exit polls legal?”

      Because they are not published until after the polls close. It’s not so much the saying who you voted for, it’s the publishing it in the media that is the issue.

      As I understand the rules are for media, including social media. I don’t THINK there is anything to stop you telling your family or workmates verbally.

      “Please keep posting your comments below, but don’t say how you voted. The Representation of the People Act outlaws the reporting of how people voted”

      from Guardian politics live blog.

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  2. Good luck to SNP!

    BUT……”Also, please don’t discuss on Munguin’s Republic how you voted…..it is illegal, between 7 am and 10 pm.”



    There seems to be no end to the onerous limitations on freedom of speech that Westminster imposes on its citizens. Apart from constitutionally guaranteed free speech in the USA, most states allow carrying guns into polling stations (although local restrictions may apply.) So just TRY to tell a voter who’s carrying a gun that he can’t tell someone how he voted. 😉

    There are even worse election laws of course. In Australia voting is required by law. Once again America has that base well covered……just TRY to tell an angry guy with a gun that he has to get up and go vote. 😉

    Oh well, sad to see that Nicola was caught flouting the law and is presumably headed for 6 months in the slammer.

    Telegraph: “SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon also told her 193,000 followers who she voted for in Glasgow East in a tweet endorsed more than 1,000 times.”


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    1. NY Times Op-Ed page:
      “Two vain, incompetent, mediocre charlatans are competing to become prime minister. For the Conservatives, we have the blustering, lying, oafish puffball Boris Johnson. In the Labour corner is the querulous, wooden, sanctimonious Jeremy Corbyn.”

      Washington Post:


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    2. I like the idea of a law that says you HAVE to vote, BUT there then should always be an option of “none of the above” or something similar on the ballot paper. I don’t believe you should be forced to vote for someone or some party you don’t like or approve of.

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      1. Tatu….”None of the above” is a good idea. 🙂
        The equivalent in a presidential election in the States might be a vote for one of the so-called “third party” candidates on the ballot. Generally, in addition to the Democrat and the Republican, different people and parties will be on the presidential ballot in different states. They get a few percent of the votes. In Missouri in 2016, there were presidential candidates representing five parties……Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Constitution……and six other unaffiliated “write-in” candidates. One that caught my eye was “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, a former automobile dealer from California. Rocky received 6 votes in Missouri out of more than 2.6 million votes cast. He would undoubtedly have been better than the guy who won. 😉

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      2. ‘No confidence’ gets my vote.

        And if the SNP don’t wake up to the fact that independence should be their number 1 priority instead of ‘Stronger for Scotland’ or ‘Stop Brexit’ then I may withhold my vote next time around.


  3. Computer games snigger !
    Your so old school what next
    Space invaders .

    Just wonder about all the propaganda nudging the electorate to vote conservative
    The opinion polls show they say
    And yet they have never been right yet so why quote them.

    It’s reminiscent of ‘ The workers demand the employers
    Offer ‘ yeah we fecking remember .

    I’ll be voting 7am whilst taking Taz out for a walk best not show him where I put me mark lol 😂

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  4. Because the media can’t report on how people have voted until polling closes, we have the Great British tradition of “dogs at the polling station” or “pets at the polling station” pictures to give the media something to do. Over at the Guardian’s politics blog, it seems a new version has emerged “Santas at the polling station”.

    God help us.

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  5. IF doris can lie with impunity why can’t we.
    This is a dangerous route the tories are taking, it’s ok to tell lies, you can even lie about the lie you’ve just told.
    Do you watch tv without a license?, answer I don’t have A tv, I have a hundred BUTT I don’t watch them, see it’s easy, doris has taught me well.
    Think we should send him some old mobile phones for Xmas he seems to need them.
    Wish we had All our Yesterdays a couple of days early and a nice Soppy Friday to help with the result.
    Over to you Tris.

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  6. panda paws……No laws there about publishing photographs of pets at the polling station?….LOL.
    The reluctant little doggy is cute.

    I’ve Googled the issue, but find no evidence of any US laws about publishing vote totals.

    I see there is something called a “National Election Pool” to which the big media belong that apparently has some internal agreed-upon standards for reporting. It appears that the raw vote count from the individual counties in the 50 states is reported as soon as the unofficial count is started. (It takes weeks for the states to publish official results.) The networks then refrain from calling projected winners until the polls are closed in each of the six time zones. So on the hour, new calls are made from the next time zone to the west. In 1980, the election landslide for Ronald Reagan was called based on results from the East and Midwest, hours before the polls closed in California.

    Exit poll results have been controversial since the networks blew the Florida vote count in 2000. They called it for Gore before they called it for Bush. But exit polls are still used as a tool to name projected winners. Last time, a couple of internet news services reported exit poll results as early as 9 AM.

    The UK law does seem truly bizarre. Even if Washington had the constitutional authority, I doubt that even Congress would be crazy enough to try to regulate what people can say on social media on election day about their personal vote. 🙂

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      1. PP…..Nice to see Elmo!

        I did use a punch card (hanging chad) ballot in a rural area of Missouri once, but those have gone out of style…..for SOME reason. 😉

        I’ve never marked an X on a paper ballot. Our county now uses a system that electronically reads and tallies little ovals on a standardized computer form that you fill in with a pencil. There is also an electronic touch screen that you can use if you don’t or can’t use a pencil.

        Apparently the ballots are never seen or tallied by human hands. Now what could POSSIBLY go wrong with that? 😉

        Sadly, nobody gets to wear those cool rosettes here in the States.

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        1. Ewww, what a ghastly sight.

          What was Johnson on about? It’s his job to keep an eye on what his ministers are saying. What is all this about curtains?

          Mogg said that people living in that tower weren’t as bright as he is.

          They, of course, were relatively poor and working class. He, of course, is very rich and went to Eton.

          The only sign I’ve ever seen of education in Mogg is that he says very long made up in Eton words in parliament. I can never remember them.



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