Parked across two disabled spaces and he puts it down to “a moment of thoughtlessness”. I’d suggest that he was ill-advised to say that. If he’s THAT thoughtless when driving,  he’s a danger on the road. On the other hand, no one would really bat an eyelid at a Tory assuming his right to park nearest the door outweighed the rights of a disabled person.

28 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. The people of Bougainville, an island group in Papua New Guinea, have voted overwhelmingly for independence.

    Voters had two options – more autonomy, or full independence. Of the 181,000 ballots, almost 98% were in favour of independence.

    The referendum was approved by the Papua New Guinea government, but the result is non-binding.

    Nevertheless, the landslide victory will put pressure on PNG to grant Bougainville independence.

    The islands have a population of around 300,000, and 206,731 people enrolled to vote in the referendum.

    In total, 181,067 ballots were cast. Of those:

    176,928 voted for independence
    3,043 voted for greater autonomy
    1,096 were classed as informal, or void.

    The results were announced in the town of Buka by former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, the chairman of the Bougainville Referendum Commission.

    Wake up Scotland, the people of Bougainville have chosen to be a normal country.

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  2. Over at WGD, he’s saying the BBC did fact checking and found

    “88% of the Conservatives’ Facebook adverts featured claims which were either incorrect or not entirely correct. The comparable figure for the Labour party was 0%”

    However BliS are being accused of lying on the doorstep in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. Their activists are allegedly telling folk that any votes for Neale Hanvey won’t be counted and he can’t be elected. If proven (Neale’s asking for folk with info to DM him) this is electoral fraud and the result could be found invalid and need to be re-run. It’s a serious allegation, but then Labour did tell grannies on their doors that their pension would be stopped on 19th September if Scotland voted yes so… Latest polls showing Labour have regained the lead in the constituency.

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  3. Something new. The Daily Record asking it’s readers to vote SNP tomorrow to stop the Tories and Brexit. If you had read that 50 years ago, the editor would have been sectioned…………..

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  4. Just received a hand written letter from untruthful ruthie.
    The local candidate doesn’t get a mention.
    SLAB coonciloors voting tory, what?
    IF it wasn’t for the 13 tory mps, corbyn MIGHT have got Downing Street, NO mention of the maybot getting it via a BILLION BUNG to the DUP.
    No mention of doris doing the knifing of the maybot.
    The onion will be finished soon, I hope I live long enough to witness it falling.
    Best result we can in reality hope for on Friday is another HUNG parliament bUTT it’s looking like englandland is voting for it’s old empire.

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        1. The story goes that Colonel Tank walloper says she’ll skinny dip in Loch Ness if the SNP gets 50 seats. I’d like to volunteer to bear the personal trauma, take one for the team and perform a citizens arrest on her for indecent exposure.

          The exchange might go something like this:
          “All right Davidson your nicked.” I’d say. “Yer no in Edinbry noo hen!”
          “But, but, it’s not fair guv, them Seperatists only got 50 seats, the effing losers.” “I got 13 for our lot back in 2017 when we won.” “Just ask the BBC.”
          “Tell it to the judge and for god sake pit some claes oan.

          Yes I’ll probably suffer PTSD for the rest of my life as I awake nightly in a cold sweat reliving the horrors I witnessed that day, but as the years pass, I’ll know I did my bit for my country.

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  5. Re Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath allegations

    please remember that it is illegal to say who you voted for whilst polling stations are open. That’s between 7am-10pm tomorrow. Mind you it’s illegal to use postal ballot sampling to estimate the results and that hasn’t stopped Kuessnberg or Davidson!

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    1. Timely reminded, PP. Stupid though it is, it appears to be the law.

      I’m going to leave everyone guessing what I voted. I may not even tell people at 10 pm! So there!

      I wonder if Johnson will refuse to say who he voted for.

      I believe that idiot Raab told a reporter that it was looking good in his constituency…

      Jeez, wouldn’t it be good if they locked him up!

      Anyway, we’ll try to find something different for tomorrow.


  6. Deary Deary me. There are so many beautiful things on this planet that bring such joy to so many and all we have here in Scotland is a tsunami of political filth washing over us from England blotting out everything.

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