Twitter buddy, “WG Saraband”, or Miguel, as he is actually called, (give him a follow) tweeted an election communication he had received from the Liberal Democrats.

Well, that’s nice, I thought!

Then it got interesting…

It seems that the Liberal Democrats were so busy preparing to be the next prime minister that they neglected to bother filling in the name of the constituency they were targetting.

Busy, busy, busy… Bless.


Also, I’d be interested to know what the word “chaose” means.


I’m not sure that being the next prime minister gives you the right to invent new words although with Jo’s daily-changing accent it’s possible her scribe misheard.

Miguel, who is a Portuguese Scot, pointed out: “And run a spell checker too -I’m not a native English speaker and even I find the mistakes in the leaflet embarrassing”.

But it’s not only in Edinburgh that the spellchecker or proofreader seems to have gone on holiday. Oh no…


Firstly, of course, Lochaber residents may interested to read of the revised name in the Swinson-run UK.

But I’m more interested in the claims the Liberal Democrats make here:

I haven’t seen polls for this constituency for this election, but at the last election (which was only 2.5 years ago) the Liberal Democrats lost 15% of their vote. The SNP (who also lost votes) were first, and their nearest challengers were the Tories whose vote dramatically increased.

So, unless things have changed dramatically, I can’t see that there is a great deal of truth in the first of the above statements.

Scottish National Party

Ian Blackford Votes 15,480  40.3% Net percentage change in seats-7.9


Robert Mackenzie Votes 9,561  24.9% Net percentage change in seats+18.6

Liberal Democrat

Jean Davis Votes 8,042 20.9% Net percentage change in seats-15.0


Peter O’Donnghaile Votes 4,695 12.2% Net percentage change in seats+7.3


Ronnie the Crofter Campbell Votes 499 1.3% Net percentage change in seats+0.8

On the second point, I suppose if Swinson were to become the next prime minister, it is possible that the Lib Dems could stop another independence referendum (although it’s a moot point), but as that is marginally less likely than Japan joining the EU next Tuesday afternoon at a quarter to four, I think we can safely rule it out.

“Stopping independence”, mentioned in the third point, is a bit of an exaggeration.

The SNP is not demanding independence. It is demanding (as it is mandated by the Scottish people to so do) the right for Scots to vote again in a second independence referendum (in light of the changes which have occurred since the last referendum, most specifically but not exclusively, being dragged from the EU despite having voted to remain).

That’s not quite the same thing.

Also how stopping the right to vote on our future will allow there to be a reduction in hospital waiting times is far from made clear.

My understanding is that, as a result of the Conservatives’ and Liberals’ joint policy of austerity, there has been a reduction in monies allocated for public spending, including on the four health services of the UK… and that this has had a negative impact on waiting times (although Scotland has fared better than the other three countries, because of prudent SNP government).

Image result for jo swinson for prime minister

I also understand that as a result of Brexit and the policies of the British Home Office regarding Europeans’ rights of residency, many doctors, nurses and other health personnel from the EU have opted to leave the UK (including Scotland) and head home to where they will be treated with a little more dignity than Smirky Patel could ever muster.

The same can be said about tackling crime.

Of course, there is too much crime all over the UK, but again, Scotland has done better than other countries in tackling it. And not following the English preference for privatising prisons and probation services nor cutting vast numbers of police has hardly been of hindrance in this.

Finally, if there is a Liberal Democrat reading, maybe they can be a little bit more specific about how they intend to create more jobs by denying Scots the right to decide their future.

View image on Twitter

If anyone comes across any more blunders on Liberal Democrats’ (or others’) leaflets, please send them in.

PS: Panda Paws is Munguin’s highly remunerated Proof Reader for whom we are more than grateful. Maybe she could moonlight for the LubDoms…?

PPS: I bet someone finds a mistake on this post…eeeek.


  1. “Munguin’s highly remunerated Proof Reader”

    paid in orang pictures! Which everyone else benefits from – I’m so generous!

    “Maybe she could moonlight for the LubDoms…?”

    or maybe she couldnae!

    Not that I as watching it but news is the Cons and Brexit didn’t turn out for the C4 debate but Swinson got pelters from the others about her time in the coalition where she voted with the Tories more often than Rees Mogg.

    Philippa Whitford apparently gave a good account of herself.

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    1. Moan moan, moan is all I get from the staff around here.

      Munguin says you have to share your good fortune… 🙂

      The Tories are very selective about where they do interviews or debates. If they think it will be hostile they do a runner.

      Diary clash!!!

      Philippa is a smart cookie. I wouldn’t like to be up against her in debate.

      Unfortunately for Swinson, she was more Tory than Tory and it’s coming back to bite her on her whatsit.

      Shame, aye?

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  2. Somebody was saying they have managed to misspell Lanark and even Ms Swinson’s consituency. Probably printed in Bedfordshire or somewhere deep in England, don’t know the places or care to find out.
    In my imagined world,
    1) “Lanrak, is that right?”
    2) “Yea, near enough. Thatlldoo”
    1) “who is this Joe?”
    2) “It’s Jo. Jo Swansong.”

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  3. I think I have more LiDem pamphlets than everyone else put together.

    The one that really caught my eye was one that had “The Liberal Democrats are WINNING” across the top.

    As I’m in Ian Murray’s constituency, I wonder what they think they’re winning at?


  4. And I see the National is reporting that Swinson’s campaign in East Dunbartonshire is being run by the LibDem candidate for Hull North. Despite this, it seems that it is still being projected that this abhorrent person will retain her seat. You really have to despair, when all the evidence has been laid before them, how anyone could vote for this liar, who couldn’t care less about her constituents, far less the people of Scotland.

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    1. Yeah, it’s hard to believe, Alex.

      Also hard to believe that Johnson is heading for a victory, with according to Curtis, a majority of 40-50.

      That is what Britain wants. An embarrassing buffoon?


  5. OMG it’s even worse. According to twitter, the leaflet for Ross, “Sky” and “Lochabar” has been posted to households in Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey!!!


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  6. When you vote for representatives of England’s political parties here in Scotland,we should not be surprised when they support English policies at Westminster.
    Things which they oppose in Scotland,they support in England.
    Why don’t they just make it clear,they have no interest in anything Scottish which isn’t dictated from London.
    Misspelling is the least of their troubles.

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  7. Eev dud a bit o hill wawking in Lochbar. The seenery wis barry.

    Spelling and omissions aside, the lib, dums haven’t as yet abandoned the residents of the Kirkcaldy Cowdenbeath area like the SNP have. (No matter how much I wish they would) I ain’t seen no battle bus with Nicola on it or anything. Looks like we’re the forgotten folk. We’ve to vote Green apparently. Just like that, though how their sometimes dubious Indy agenda would fit in to things at Westminster I can’t imagine.

    The BBC are now out to get our candidate. Glen Campbell is searching hi & lo for him because the implication is, he’s apparently in hiding.

    Neale Hanvey wasn’t in hiding when I spoke to him last night. He was doing an excellent job of not being in hiding or indeed avoiding any one. He was just doing what he does ie. engaging with folk and being a decent guy working hard for independence. His problem is he raised his head above the parapet and stuck up for women’s rights. He certainly doesn’t deserve the shit that’s been done upon him by whoever with the ‘not Indy’ agenda within the SNP who dobbed him in for these 3 year old posts immediately before an effing election. Their shining principles, if that’s the self justification used may just have cost us a seat, and I’m incandescent. Maybe Nicola had no alternative but to do what she did but when she did it she left all of us behind and it has greatly disturbed not only myself but a lot of other folk around here. Just imagine if your SNP candidate was removed at the last minute for reasons that are arguable at best. How would you feel?

    Both yours truly and Mrs greig12 have now dusted ourselves off and will be voting for him as an independent regardless, as should any sensible person who not only wants Indy but also the beneficial side effect that is getting shot of the invisible Lesley laird.

    To coin an old miners phrase. ‘Glen Campbell is the first thing that shit in the sea. An erse.’ As for the internal workings of the SNP? Something badly needs sorted, a variety of phrases both miners and otherwise come to mind and a reckoning is sorely called for. All that of course needs calm heads to wait till after Thursday because getting out, voting for the SNP where you can and getting the result oor big wee country desperately needs is by far the most important thing right now.

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    1. I agree.

      All things being equal ov course, the Tories should have deselected Johnson for his appalling racist and homophobic comments…

      But they, they don’t see much wrong with that and, of course, even if they did, rules like that would only apply the the lower and lesser beings.

      I agree absolutely about Mr Hanvey.

      He stands for independence and it seems to me that Laird stands for herself.

      If I lived there, I’d vote for him.

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