Now, this is a bit of a surprise!

I’m not Neil’s biggest fan, but this is excellent.

PS: I’ve just heard that Downing Street (or rather the inhabitant thereof) have responded, saying that people are sick of hearing aggressive interviews with politicians.

That should keep the peasants quiet. Yeah right!

10 thoughts on “Now, this is a bit of a surprise!”

  1. What do you do with someone who is clearly not fit for public office?
    Answer,hide him from scrutiny as far as possible.
    Only let him loose in situations where he can bluster and “Get Brexit Done,Oven Ready,Unleash Our Potential,Blah Blah Blah”
    Unfortunately,this will be sufficient for a good many voters who don’t do details.
    Andrew Marr must be annoyed at being shown up as a light weight interviewer compared to Andrew Neil.
    The Woman’s Realm of TV interviewing.

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