I thought it was interesting that a tv journalist considered it worth asking Mr Corbyn if he watched the Queen’s speech on Christmas day.

As it happens, he spends Christmas day with his family and he visits the homeless shelter. Both of these things are perfectly admirable things to do at Christmas. I was surprised then that he tried to give the impression that he did, indeed, watch “The Queen”, but kinda messed it up because he didn’t know that it was on in the afternoon and not the morning.

Queen Elizabeth

I was wondering if there were genuinely any people who would consider it a game-changer in the “who to vote for” stakes.

Does anyone give a damn? We all know Corbyn’s not a royalist. So why did he feel obliged to give the impression that he did watch it?

I think that’s sad.

  • Incidentally, last year the speech was watched in these islands by 6.3 million people out of a population of 66.4 million (down by a million on the previous year), and fewer than 10% of the UK population.

I’ve not actually watched it personally for a long long time, although I’ve caught bits on Twitter or Facebook.

My granny liked it and when she was alive and spent Christmas day with us, it was on to please her, so I have a vague recollection of the type of content that was included…

There was always some detail of what she and her family had been up to over the year… her and Philip touring some ex-colonies; Anne going off to Africa do some “Save the Children” charity work; Airmiles failing to sweat in a helicopter somewhere; a wedding, funeral, birth of a royal high ness, or some such thing you’d be yawning about if it was your auntie telling you.

Image result for prince philip car crash

Then there would be a tie into Christianity, while she sat in, quite literally, palatial setting, surrounded by items of unimaginable financial value, reminding everyone that she had always tried to live her life according to the teachings of Christ (obviously excluding the teaching about it being harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle).

Then she wished everyone a happy Christmas, and they played her dirgy song.

Of course it’s all recorded in advance so that she doesn’t have to waste Christmas day with her message, so your mind goes off to her sitting in Windsor with all her family around for a slap-up meal cooked by chefs and served by butlers and uniformed lackeys, with dirty dishes taken away and washed by other lackeys, all paid for by us… while only a few miles away some of her “subjects” are enjoying cold comfort on the street.

Related image

It might be an idea to remind ourselves at this point that there are many people, and not just politicians, who will be working at homeless shelters and many more who will be obliged to make use of them, while her majesty and her ever-growing family, enjoy our largesse.

(*I wonder if the recent dramatic events will encourage a larger audience this year. Will people tune in to see if she mentions Philip’s actual car crash or Airmiles’ figurative one… Harry’s interview or the way that her Brit Prime Minister made a total patsy of her.)

Out of interest, how many Munguinites will watch “The Queen” show?

70 thoughts on “ERM, WHO CARES?”

        1. Us! When we were young and it had to be on for Granny…

          We weren’t watching it really… who cared what Princess This or That were up to?

          Gran liked it, but it was just background noise to us.

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    1. It makes it a long day.




      Merry Christmas.

      Merry Christmas.

      Merry Christmas.


      Erm… hi.

      Yeah, ummm hi…

      rinse and repeat, ad inf.

      Gotta say I’m glad you never invited me for Christmas dinner…

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  1. As you say what’s the problem, it’s recorded, much like Coronation street and the other sops for the masses.
    Wonder how they plan for the possibility of a normal human occurrence as to happen between the recording and the transmission.
    No doubt the media will have already the mass of the output for the state funerals.
    I will not be watching something I think is beyond it’s sell by date.
    Total I read a leaflet from a local bowling club inviting homeless or lonely folk to christmas lunch at the club, what a wonderful way of celebrating the season.
    Be assured that at Windsor or Buckingham palace that you will unlikely to find similar.
    Isn’t the species a crazy mixed up being.

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  2. No takers in this household either. I’d find it a bit difficult to watch it anyway, what with not having a TV. It’s been years since I realised that watching TV made me feel both bored and annoyed, and left to my own devices I don’t get bored, so…

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  3. Tris
    I can honestly say I have never ever seen one. I’ve seen snippets on the news but have never actually watched a whole one as my Mum and Dad always refused to have it on. We would sit down to eat at 3pm, every time. Even now we still have our dinner at 3pm without fail. But to be honest our tv isn’t really on that much on Christmas Day until late in the evening if at all. We tend to have music on and conversation and in the evening when my family go home we have guests arriving as half my friends are African and culturally my friends do visits on Christmas Day as this is the norm. I don’t know why they bother with this anymore anyway, everyone knows it’s all shit and the Windsor’s don’t care about us and most of us don’t give a shit about them so we could all do ourselves a favour and just end the nonsense now. There is also the fact my 82 year old Mum would probably give a slap if I put that on, she would not be happy she despises the Windsor’s and that awful bloody song.


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    1. It’s not even our bloody song.

      I wonder what the reaction in England would be if they had “Scotland the Brave” piped to their TVs at the end of the Queen’s Speech?

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    2. As an 83 year old Republican, I can’t remember when I last saw it. However, reading these comments has reminded of a time in the distant past (late 40s/early 50s) when we listened, no tv, to it ‘on the wireless’, with parents, aunties, cousins etc standing up for GSTQ before and after! Changed times since around 70 years ago.

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      1. Oh goodness… imagine standing up in your own home becasue they are playing a song about the king…

        I really can’t imagine anyone except Jacob Rees Mogg doing that now.

        There was a story about how he listened to Radio 4 at night when he was having his bath… and insisted in standing up for their anthem.

        I shouldn’t imagine it’s true, but it’s an amusing though!


  4. I remember laughing at the ‘my husband and I’ bits, but I haven’t seen a Queen’s Speech for many, many decades. Anyway, I don’t have a TV.

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  5. Usually watching The Great Escape.
    When we were kids at the cinema,there was always a rush for the exit before GSTQ came on.
    I haven’t changed the habits of a lifetime.

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        1. LOL, Danny.

          It actually sounds a little less sickening in that version. At least it talks about the country and not about one person.

          One thing I noticed was that there didn’t seem to be much diversity in that video I caught sight of a black pianist, who might have been Count Basie… but little else.

          And there wasn’t a single native American.

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          1. No argument from me there, Greig – I can’t remember the last time I saw it, probably when it was on because I was visiting my rather monarchist elders, but I do remember feeling revolted when one of the richest women in the world read a speech that involved the rest of us tightening our belts. Most of use, that is, except rich people.

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          2. Tris……Yes, not much diversity there. No native Americans and only one black person. Count Basie was a reasonable choice, but that’s actually Duke Ellington at the piano.

            Sharp eyed Soppy Sunday viewers will recognize Arches National Park (Utah) and two views of Yosemite. Also the Teton Range at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. And a view of the US Constitution.

            Probably never having made Soppy Sunday, the “Gateway to the West” arch in St. Louis (Missouri,) claims to be the largest arch in the world, and the tallest man-made monument (630 ft) in the Western Hemisphere. The old Cathedral and the old Courthouse are dripping with history, and are part of the Gateway Arch National Park. With the picture at full size and seen with a little magnification, the little specks at the top are windows.

            Leaning forward with your full weight on the wall to look out the window straight down takes a little getting used to:

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              1. Yes Tris, it’s hard to keep the American jazz aristocracy straight…..LOL.

                It’s not for the claustrophobic either. The tiny cars of the elevator/tram to the top barely accommodate five people.

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  6. I’ve never watched a queens speech because:
    1) My dad was an independence supporter and it was never allowed on in our house when I was young. ( I had started primary school before I sussed that Rock Around the Clock by Bill Hailley wasn’t the national anthem)
    2) I also had better things to do on Christmas Day as a child growing up than watch that boring shit.
    3)As I got older I still continued to have better things to do than watch that boring shit.
    4) Now that I’m an old git, I’d rather have my nipples ripped off with pliers than watch some rich entitled old biddy who wouldn’t give me the steam off her pish tell me what her years been like.

    Sorry but it’s how I feel.

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    1. Hey, it’s perfectly reasonable.

      My father couldn’t stand them; my mother was and is totally indifferent.

      My grandmother was too, but she probably thought it was the right thing to do..

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  7. Until I watched the video, I had some sympathy for Jeremy. Politicians must always do some pandering. Then I saw had badly he botched it. Pandering gone bad!

    I might watch it to see if the public relations people at the palace have ditched the gold piano.

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  8. Just to spice it up, she could do a striptease while she drones on. Like those weather presenters on cheap Russian and Italian channels.
    I wouldn’t want her to go Full Monty. A Union Jack throw could fall from the ceiling just as she turns round to face the camera after saucily removing her crown and handing it to a Companion of the Bedchamber.
    For the soundtrack, I suggest the theme tune to Last of the Summer Wine.

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  9. In my dim and distant Highland boyhood, people would gather round the wireless to listen – the accumulator having been specially recharged for that purpose. By the time we got TV, I was too busy trying to blow up EIIR letter-boxes so I never have seen it. Now that I’m living in Bulgaria, and with all the cuts to BBC World Service short-wave, I suppose I’ll miss out once again.

    Ah well, I’ll just have to put up with celebrating ‘Vesela Koleda’ with the natives at Kalinka’s tavern. I’m sure Munguinites will fill me in on what I missed this time. Such a hard life being an expat…

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    1. Look John, you can’t expect in these hard times that the World Service will go on pumping out as much propaganda. There are pay rises for the management and taxis to Manchester for the superstars (I’ve never heard of), not to mention first class air fares to New York, Tokyo, New Delhi, etc.

      Why should immigrants to Bulgaria get to hear the wise words of her majesty? Are you most important than Gary Lineker’s pay rise? Eh? Answer me that!



  10. Never watched it. Anyway as a child I would be too busy playing with whatever Santa had brought me, but don’t recall my parents watching it either. We would probably be having our Christmas turkey about that time.

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    1. Well exactly.

      Out on the new bike or trying out the new tunes… Who cares about an old woman who speaks posh.

      And I’d have thought getting the lunch right would be the worry of most parents.

      I mean, have to tried cooking Brussels Sprouts?

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  11. Personally, I wouldn’t give them, the Saxe Coburg Gotha mob, the time of day, any day. Even more so when I see Forbes magazine estimates their worth at £88bn. All this when as you say THEIR people, are either starving, or freezing to death. Do they care? Not a whit.

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  12. Conspiracy theory time.
    Charlie is made Prince Regent, monarchy marches on.
    Lizzie pops her wotsits, monarchy marches on.
    Therefore, NO need to worry about ending the rule of the immigrants on the demise of head of the family, ‘cos nothing has changed, Charlie just continues.
    The Benefit Balcony continues the con.


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