Image result for orangutans
Morning all… It’s Sunday again.
How to warm up in Iceland…
Did someone eat my dinner?
n loch lee
Loch Lee (Marcia).
n el
Kind of them to put out a drink for me.
n puma
Baby Puma getting a Christmas tree.
n couche de soleil
n hens
Almost as nice as Munguin’s gardens.
n falls of unich
Falls of Unich (Marcia).
n deer
Deer me!
n frineds2.png
Cliffs at Aran in Ireland.
n bear
Gone fishing.
n queensland
Queensland, Australia.
n catinabox
Cat in a Box.
Mummy is so warm.
fall of danff
Falls of Danff (Marcia)
n muskrats
n cat
Taxi for Munguin…
Image result for orangutans
That’s yer lot. Munguin says not to spoil you!

Thanks to Marcia.

I’ll be out walking all day today, but I’ll be online in the evening…

Munguin will be walking too… or, rather, in his case, being carried about.

26 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

    1. Thanks, Grumpy. It’s really cold here but the sun is shining and I reckon it will be a good day.

      I know what you mean. I am getting so sick of politics now, apart from the dowright funny, like Michael Gove telling everyone his is s leader!!!! You have to admit that that is funny!

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  1. Aye some corkers of pictures today – loved them especially the elephant and the driving kitty. Stunning vistas though that cliff in Ireland – eeekkkk! Also thanks Marcia – lovely stuff

    However… Does anyone else now have a rather sickly yellow background to MNR? Does anyone know how to get rid of it?

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    1. oh and there is no picture at no 3 – it’s all black apart from two strange yellow bits and occasional white lines 🙂

      Cat – where?

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      1. LOL.

        You know, I thought a change of colour would do us good… but it seems I was wrong!

        The trouble is I don;t know how to get back the original. However, I’m sure the boss will have me out with paintbrushes, as you say, after we return from the countryside.


      1. Friday 13!?! Didn’t realise till now that will be election results date. Triskaidekaphobia for some, no doubt. And justifiably, I hope, when the day comes. I was with Danny earlier in dislike of the black backdrop for AOY. Wasn’t much happier with the yellow, but Marcia’s persuaded me otherwise. Thanks, Marcia, very good point. No phobias for us on that score.

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        1. Triskaidekaphobia? I’d like to point out that that’s nothing to do with me!!!

          Sorry that everyone seems to have hated the black and the yellow. I’ll try to get it back to something like it’s previous coloursáfter the election.

          Good point, Marcia.
          My computer did some sort of clear out yesterday of all my stored photographs.

          Another mystery…

          Ho hum…


    2. panda paws……For explanation, check out my ill-advised “OMG OMG OMG” comment and succeeding postings in “EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG ON EUROPEAN MEMBERSHIP, EXCEPT YOU NICOLA”.

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    3. Does anyone else look at that pic of the cliff and get the impression that it’s photoshopped along the cliff/water line?

      The lighting looks *really* wierd.

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      1. Don’t do £$%^&! tweets but I’ve sent on to Brexit/Tory/Boris-supporting friends. Perhaps got some apoplexy going on the other side while we enjoy our Sunday soppiness. Thanks, Tatu. That one deserves as much exposure as we can give it.

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