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Image result for baby orangutans
Anyone got a comb? I’m just up.
What you mean I look like an Irish flag?
n autum
You can tell it’s not the UK. Leaves on teh line would have stopped that train way back… besides, the train is far too young.
n messa arch
Messa Arch, Utah.
n look
Look down there…
Gee up, Neddy.
n aurora ice
Night sky in Iceland.
n tired
I’m bushed!
Wanna play on the beach?
n puss
I’ll come and play on the beach…
n zermatt
n fox
I like being tickled under my chin… Hint hint.
n aut2
It’s that time of year.

n finger


Map of Scotland made from a leaf. (John)
Autumn in Turkey's Ovacik
Autumn in Turkey (David).
n a wonder
We’re going to grow up together.
Image result for elephant baby
I want to hold your trunk.
Image result for donkey
Roberta the donkey, who was raised by sheep after her mother died.
Image result for baby orangutans
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Image result for tom watson

So the day got off badly for Labour with their deputy leader, Tom Watson, resigning. Despite the pleasant exchange of letters between Jeremy Corbyn and him, there was definitely an undertone. It was an odd time for Watson to choose to resign, right at the beginning of the campaign.

Image result for Ian Austin

Then things went downhill, fast. Ian Austin, an ex-Labour minister, urged people to vote Tory. Then his ex-colleague John Woodcock joined in, saying that Corbyn must never be allowed to get his hands on power. Good day’s work. (NB It is fair to say that Ian Austin left the Labour Party some months ago to become an Independent and, since leaving Labour, the Tory Party have appointed him as an Envoy to Israel.


Image result for frances carmel hoole

In Scotland, Labour sacked their candidate for Edinburgh South West, Frances Carmel, Hoole. Her sacking appears to be related to a Twitter comment (which I have not seen and which is no longer extant, but it involved spraying bleach, for heaven’s sake) about the SNP’s Joanna Cherry, QC.

Hoole apologised and put up this tweet:

I’ve removed the meme, I didn’t think when I posted it. I apologise to her. I’m lucky to have never had threats like her and didn’t consider it properly. I’ve removed threads so people don’t have to read the transphobic hate attached. 

It doesn’t sound overly apologetic to me, and she has been complaining about the backlash. Just how uncivilised has politics become?


Image result for boris johnson in Scotland november 7

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Scotland, Johnson turned up at the back door and gave an absolute pledge that he would never allow a second referendum in Scotland. You remember he’s awfully good at giving absolute pledges. Do or die, come what may, no ifs and no buts, die in a ditch, blah, blah, blah

So let’s get prepared.

Incidentally, I’m not certain he met any ordinary members of the public. Tory leaders tend to come to Scotland and be welcomed in large unionist companies where the plebians are told to treat them with the utmost respect… or else.

Paul Brand, of ITV told us that he’d been “whiskey tasting”.

Oh well!

He’s gone off to Northern Ireland now, taking the odour of death in a ditch with him.

As Nicola said in parliament today… Haste ye back!





Gavin Williamson, the idiot’s idiot.


Absolutely loved this

Sarah Ludford 

Jeremy Hunt on #Peston excuses Johnson’s inflammatory language because ‘that’s Boris’. Why on earth should this charlatan get a free pass just because he’s a spoiled brat?




Image result for who launched the titanic

Well, this was the big day for them. An election that they called less than halfway through the fixed-term parliament. An election that they wanted. An election that they had to have because they were incapable of government…so much so that the prime minister said that they wouldn’t bring any new bills (including the budget) before parliament. They were effectively going on strike (on full pay, of course).

Here’s a brief overview of how the day has been going for them…

Thanks to Graham for this video.

Note to Tories: Try to keep Nigel Evans away from tv cameras.



So, then, the chairman of the Tory party, the somewhat inaptly named, James Cleverly, who one might expect to play a leading role in this campaign, particularly on launch day failed to turn up for an interview with Kay Burley.  Bad start.

But instead of making some sort of excuse, Kay, to her credit, empty chaired him and asked the questions anyway. Offcom is now looking at investigating this. Connections, anyone?

We’re indebted to Dr Galsworthy for posting this on Twitter. Enjoy.

Cleverly later suggested that he was unable to do Burley’s show because he was already on live Julia Hartley Brewer’s show when he was scheduled to appear. This is unlikely, given that JHB apparently started her interview by asking him about his empty chairing.

Note to Tories: Really, on the first day of the campaign, do try to get the junior staff to schedule interviews a little more carefully.


Meanwhile, in our own country, the launch got off to a slightly unfortunate start (even more unfortunate than it starring Fluffy and Carrot), and I apologise in advance for the rude word. Look away now if you are likely to be offended.


Note to Tories. Try to keep away from signposts or shop names that Munguin will giggle about.


Graham’s blog is always a good read. Witty and informative.

Note to Tories: Isn’t there a load of dishes to wash or a pile of filing to do? Because it would probably be a better use of old Ben’s time.


Image result for alun cairns pics

Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns has resigned over claims that he knew about a former aid’s part in the sabotage of a rape trial.

The political satirist, Michael Deacon, suggests that… “Cairns resignation is a dead cat to distract from Cleverly’s empty-chairing which was a dead cat to distract from Cleverley’s interviews which was a dead cat to distract from Bridgen which was a dead cat to distract from Rees-Mogg which was a dead cat to distract from the Russia report which was a dead cat to distract from the Starmer video which was a dead cat to distract from Cairns which was a dead cat to distract from the blocked Labour costings which…blah, blah, blah…”

And that kinda sums up the Tory’s day. Still, Alun’s not standing down as a candidate.

The one big question is…how will Wales manage without him?

Note to Tories: If perchance Cairns is returned to Westminster, have a look around to see if there isn’t someone else who would do better in the Wales Office.


Roll on tomorrow!




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Scotland s NHS is a key political battle.
Health care spending in:
Scotland is £2389 per person
In England £2006
In Wales £ 2150
GPs per 100,000 patients:
In Scotland 78
England 57
Wales 60
Thanks to the Black Saltire and to Colin Dunn for the graphic.
Overall they predict a massive Tory win in England with 379 seats. Labour with 168 (which must surely see Corbyn being removed) are predicted to be a miserable second. Far from being the next Prime Minister Swinson will, at least on election day, lead the 4th largest party with 31 seats. How long before she is removed from that post is anyone’s guess. Nigel is not predicted to win a single seat. No change for Plaid or Greens. No polling in NI.


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Abu sent me this. I thought it was most appropriate.

Pity the nation whose people are sheep

And whose shepherd misleads them.

Pity the nation whose leaders are liars

Whose sages are silenced

And whose bigots haunt the airwaves

Pity the nation that raises not its voice

Except to praise conquerers

And acclaim the bully as hero

And aims to rule the world by force and by torture

Pity the nation that knows no other language but its own

And no other culture but its own

Pity the nation whose breath is money

And sleeps the sleep of the too well fed

Pity the nation, oh pity the people

Who allow their rights to erode

And their freedoms to be washed away

My country tears of thee

Sweet land of liberty.


Image result for baby orangutans
Don’t look now. It’s Tris…

Panda Paws put this up on All Our Yesterdays, but I thought it was so cute that I had to share it again today… What say you?

n mirror lakes nz
Mirror Lake, New Zealand.
cat wh.jpg
Yes? And?
n jardin
Japanese Garden.
n mates
I’m ready, dad.
n dog buds
Best buddies.
church 600 ad
n marrakesh
n sleepy lion
Soft kitty, sleepy kitty, little ball of fur.
n wild dog
I got some pretty nice markings for a wild dog, haven’t I?.
n wild horse
I know the path is around here somewhere…

Image result for african [plains
Where’s the nearest watering hole?
Image result for african [plains
And miles to go before we sleep.

Image result for turtle
You’re tickling…
Image result for tangiers town centre
Image result for raccoon
Image result for giraffe
Rare white giraffe.
Image result for baby orangutans
Just about to have forty winks… so see you next time.