The Liberal Democrats took the SNP to court today to stop them distributing a leaflet that pointed out that Swinson had accepted money (£14,000) from a guy who runs a company that fracks. The Liberal Democrats are supposed to be against fracking (except when they are not…ie when they are being told what to vote for by The Tories!)

The complaint was upheld, despite the fact that they had, in fact, accepted money from a fracking company boss.

According to Philip Sim on Twitter, Jo Swinson’s QC, Roddy Dunlop argued that the SNP leaflet was defamatory and “peddling a lie”, saying the donation was made to her constituency office, not her, it was from a director of Warwick Energy in a personal capacity, and that the company “does not engage in fracking”…

And apparently, the judge backed that up.

I wonder what her constituency office did with it.

Perhaps they bought a lot of tea and coffee, or perchance it was spent on stationery or new carpets…

Or, and this is just a wild guess, maybe they donated it to her election campaign, eh?

I suppose it’s not hypocritical to take money from your constituency office, is it?

38 thoughts on “STRANGE OLD WORLD”

  1. As someone who aspires to be back in government with the Tories,she will need to start spouting Tory policies such as,
    No to Scottish Independence,removing Holyrood’s ability to block fracking etc etc.
    However,she should beware.
    This bunch of Tories are a far more dangerous and duplicitous prospect than Cameron and his cronies (and they were pretty bad).

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    1. That’s true. Cameron for all his unpleasantness was nothing by comparison to this sack of right wing extremists.

      Under the flag of getting Brexit done, they will get themselves 5 years, during which life for non-millionaires is likely to get much harder.

      If Johnson gets in and we don’t get independence, I would seriously consider moving away.

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  2. Strange, isn’t it, how every other political party except the SNP can peddle any old lie in their election leaflets without fear of being taken to court… it being pretty much accepted, as far as I can tell, that it’s part of the game. Whether it should be or not is a separate question, but the judgment against the SNP seems awfully like selective prosecution – especially when the accusation against Jo Swinson was what any normal person would call true.

    I look forward to the SNP taking the LibDems to court next time they come out with some big fat porkie about them – crumbs, if the SNP had a quid for every time one of the other parties lied about them, they’d be rolling in it.

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    1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh dear.

      No wonder she doesn’t want to leave it to chance that the UK stay in the EU. That little sum must contribute to their comfortable household income.


  3. Aye a strange old world indeed.
    The leader of the jewish community in englandland tells us that corbyn isn’t fit to be in high office.
    The media go into overdrive against corbyn in support of a minority, around 300,000 .
    No mention of the Scots minority being imposed upon by their colonial master.
    In HongKong we see what appears to be a movement that wishes to return to a colonial master.
    In Syria a war over who controls the oil.
    In China the persecution of muslims is being reported.
    Just a thought, I’m wondering how many of the rabbi’s flock in Scotland will be voting SNP.
    Does this explain why the tory 13 have visits to Israel each summer.
    Anyway IF I take up religion again I think I’ll join the proddy jews as they seem to think that doris, a known womaniser, father of unknown quantities of children with a multitude of women, a serial lie producer, drug user, drunkard and all round lazy git, is a suitable candidate.
    Strange world.
    No hint of irony from the media then, onwards to the extinction of the planet’s mammals due to global warming whilst doris gets brexit STARTED.
    As to joining the proddy jews I might have to give up the odd bacon roll and not mix up foods on certain days and other quaint customs I’m not educated in.
    It’s going to be a hell of a service on a Saturday, a case of Sodom and Gamora for the lunch.


    1. I can’t help thinking that they have gone over the top of this anti-semitic thing. I have a mate who is involved in the Labour Party in London. He’s Jewish. He sees no evidence of it. All he thinks is that Corbyn is pro Palestine, which doesn’t make him anti-Semite.

      Enjoy your bar mitzvah.

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  4. Good point here:

    Brian MacBot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇭🇰🇪🇺🇵🇸
    Dear @joswinson
    ⁩ – thank you for taking court action to stop this leaflet being distributed. Now, the whole country knows the content, rather than just your constituency. #GE2019

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    1. I was about to make the same comment. If not for the court action, the leaflet would have been seen only by her constituents. Now, everyone knows about the contents and her duplicity. OK, not everyone but a helluva lot more than would have otherwise. Every cloud etc…

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    2. Couldn’t the SNP team use the Carmichael defence that ‘these things happen in politics’? Oh, I remember, he is a Lib Dem and they can get away with it. Hypocrites.

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  5. There was a hustings in East Dunbartonshire this week and Swinson didn’t bother to turn up. This did NOT go down well with the attendees but don’t they realise – its a long journey from Wiltshire… The Tory candidate didn’t turn up either – is an equally long journey from Milton Keynes apparently!

    Anyway this has been doing the twitter rounds. A Brexit MEP sounding pompous whilst making an absolute fool of themselves – see they can multitask. Molly Scott Cato 1, Brexit MEP nil.

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  6. Saw this and thought the response was also strange.
    I would have been embarrassed at the put down but there was also laughter and applause in the chamber, a smile from the questioner no red face.
    Of course in the RuK parliament this would not have been allowed.
    What gives you the right to comment on the economics of brexit?
    I hold the chair in economics at a university, I’m a professor of economics.
    Lets move on to the englandland parliament.
    A quote from the Yes Minister books, ‘ We can’t have a doctor in charge of the health service as minister, that would lead to chaos, we use the tame amateur party hack as the basis of our system.

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  7. when you are thinking about where to place your cross on 12 December – remember the effect of Tory cuts. I know the guy in the video slightly but even if I’d never met him, it’s a tough watch.


  8. Most folk with even an ounce of management responsibility or sense that worked in the care sector 20 years ago new that it would come to this. It doesn’t take a great intellect to work out that cuts + private sector involvement would lead to the vulnerable being neglected.

    Don’t get me wrong there are still many good people working in the care industry, doing their best but ask anyone on the QT and they’ll tell you how impossible it has become.

    If you’re vulnerable and don’t have someone who knows the game and prepared to vigorously fight your corner then things may become very difficult indeed. I know this because I had to look after my mother for a number of years and conflict with services became a regular part of life.

    The Care Inspectorate has a dedicated complaints team to investigate bad practice involving vulnerable people like the man in the video and they can be reached at:

    Or telephone: 0345 600 9527

    It’s well worth a shot when all else fails.


  9. Just a little piece on fracking.
    Somebody raised the point about the area around Cumbernauld being in the past having mines that are not accurately recorded.
    For the last 5 years the small road that links Wardpark East, Castlecary to Banknock, called Wyndford Road has been closed due to a large sinkhole, the local authorities are in no hurry to sort it out.
    There are old coal mines all along the valley and probably many old workings long since forgotten.
    Franking could break through into these.
    The Grangemouth refinery are importing Shale Gas from the USA in tankers and InIOS has just been awarded licences to frack around the RuK.
    Much the same idea as I’ve got a new balaclava but no intention of robbing a bank.
    If doris is returned with a working majority you will see just how long the SNP’s stance on fracking will last from an order for development to start.

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  10. A wee acrostic –

    Jist thinkin aboot that Swinson wumman,
    Och, a’ her empty pledges an constant bummin.

    She took issue wi a leaflet frae the SNP
    Which tried tae show her hypocrisy.
    “I never got money from any fracker:
    No, that donation came from an individual backer.”
    She said, “Furthermore, it was not for me:
    Oh no, it was only for my constituency.”
    Naw, Jo, ye’re no convincin me.

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  11. At my brother’s house just saw SKY tv doing a PROPAGANDA P iece supposedly destroying Nicola’s claim that the UK balances it’s booked on the back of Scotland’s resources.
    The daily express graphs show that englandland subsidises Scotland.
    The next graph shows Scotland as having the worst deficit in the known world.
    Unfortunately the DATA is for the CURRENT year, derived from GERS data and fails to show englandland’s position.
    Strange that the UK is shown as running a 1% of GDP deficit but Scotland’s is 7%, the figure to stop Scotland making the grade to join the EU.
    All smoke and mirrors as the small print shows it’s all projections and COULD be the final result for 2019 which finishes in April 2020.
    Carless jackass needs some ammo.
    Now we hear the big girl chicken is to be interviewed by wee laura, dates not suitable for doris.
    Great when you make up the rules of the game as you go.

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    1. Is that interview instead of one with Neil?

      Iain Dear
      Scotland Tonight: Colin Mackay to Jackson Carlaw
      “The only figures I can see in your manifesto are the page numbers”

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