14 thoughts on “The Tories should probably look for another Plan Manager”

  1. England’s Labour party with proposals to bring England into line with Scotland.
    Their Scottish branch office has only one policy,No to Independence because the SNP are doing everything else that their head office proposes,well almost.
    As for the Tory parties,nothing to offer Scotland except more of the same and of course,No to Independence.
    Who needs them.

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    1. I read somewhere that the origin’s of Conservatism were to preserve the aristocracy in the face of the French Revolution and increasing democracy.

      When you assume that this is true, so much more about them makes sense.

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    2. I guess it’s flattering that the Labour Party is copying what the SNP has already done.

      I havre no objection to parties being opposed to independence, although I’ve always thought it rather strange that someone would say they were a “proud Scot” and yet prefer another country to make their decisions.

      What is wrong is that they are saying that no matter how the Scottish people vote in elections here in Scotland or in the UK, they will not budge.

      Seems that that is not really very democratic.


  2. From what little I’ve heard from the tory spokespersons they are all being briefed by the same group.
    They are all saying the same things on the day, heard at least 4 of them say that the FackcheckerUK scam was
    No body listens to social media
    It’s just the rough and tumble of politics
    The other parties are doing it as well
    The moral high ground isn’t for political parties.
    We are allowed to switch policy announcements as we wish
    Confusion is the way we work.

    Very 1984,war is peace etc.

    Politicians should be kept inside a secure facility and separate from the normal population.
    Heard liar carmichael getting the rough side of LBC,he’snot read the liedem manifesto.

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    1. Carmichael was quite funny. I’ve come on the radio to talk about the LiberalDem’s policies, but I never bothered to read the manifesto!


      As for the Tories disguising their “fact checking service” as an independent one…. Jeez, James Cleverly… if ever a bloke were misnamed.

      And …no one listens to social media… LOL LOL LOL.

      Really up there with the times, the Tories, eh?


  3. Now that the unionists, tories libs and labour have categorically stated that they will refuse a 2nd indy referendum . Can the Scottish judiciary get off their backsides and declare treaty of union and all the other shitty bits that keep us tied to England over and done. And that we are back to being a normal independent country once again.
    And never mind we have to test this in court shit. OK now get it done.

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  4. BoJo claiming that he is suffering from debate fatigue.
    Is there a medical term for this,or is it just lack of booze and or Bolivian Marching powder?
    Probably explains his absence from PMQ.

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  5. It’s very exhausting working for Mr Putin you know. He’s a bloody slave driver.

    Hugh Grant (@HackedOffHugh) Tweeted:
    I feel I need to retweet my own retweet. The Americans can see clearly what’s happening here. Johnson is Putin’s asset. And people are going to vote for him. https://t.co/5rpI53aSbw

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    1. No doubt at all about that. But I suspect Trump would like to see the EU fall apart. The USA is the worlds biggest economy by country, but they EU is bigger.


      1. Yeh, but that’s ok because the Americans are the goodies and the Russians are the baddies and that nice President Trump will give us a great trade deal when we leave Europe.

        I know because he said so on the telly. 🥴


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