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Chris Davies, you might remember, was recalled by his constituents in Brecon and Radnorshire after being convicted of fraud in relation to parliamentary expenses.

Clearly having more front than Rothsay, he stood in the by-election that followed… and lost.

It seems, though, that you can’t keep a bad man down, and on November 11 we discovered that he had been selected to stand for the Tories in the constituency of Ynys Môn (one of the seats where the Liberal Dems and Greens have stood down).

However, today we discovered that he has decided (or it has been decided for him) that he will, in fact, not be standing after all.

I’m not sure about this, but I can’t remember another election where so many people have been obliged to stand down from candidacy.


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It will come as no real surprise to anyone that Daily Telegraph columnist and ex-New Labour MP (and one-time candidate for the leadership of the Scottish branch office), Tom Harris, is voting Tory in this election. I’m not sure I’d thank him for advertising it if I were the Tories. He’s pretty well forgotten or disliked around these parts.


The floods in Northern and Midland England are horrific. Initially, of course, the prime minister said that there was no emergency, presumably because neither Downing Street nor Chequer found itself under water.

However, in the last few days, it appears that someone in his entourage who has remembered that there is an election in the offing, has decided that it is, indeed, a national emergency deserving of a COBRA meeting.  Johnson was dispatched to do some campaigning in the areas concerned complete with wellies and a bucker and mop.

He’d have done better to stay in his palatial surroundings, dry and safe from getting any more rotten because the reception he got was far from what he would have liked. He’s really not very good with ordinary people.


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I read this morning that the SNP would consider court action if, after a successful election campaign and a majority of SNP MPs, they were still refused a Section 30 Order by Johnson.

As Doctor Paul Monaghan points out, being found against by the courts would be a huge risk for Johnson to take.


Awwww…. lead us don’t leave us, eh?


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Never mind, think of all the teacakes they’ll be exporting.






27 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

    1. Well unless Elon Musk is the fool you think him to be, and remind me, who is the billionaire?

      Tesla Gigafactory is already producing more batteries than any other factory in the world, says Elon Musk

      – Aug. 8th 2017 5:55 am ET


      Two years ago!


      Actual production!

      In 2017!

      Utterly astonishing that a public listed company would lie about that and a random stranger would choose to say otherwise.

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  1. The main reasons car manufacturers located to the YooKay was because it gave them tariff free access to Europe and because of bribes from Westminster.
    If the Tories want them to continue making cars in England,they are going to have to up the bribes significantly to cover the additional costs of exporting to the EU.
    They are also going to have to up the subsidies for farmers to allow them to compete with the chlorinated chicken suppliers from the USA as well as the additional costs of drugs supplied by American pharma to England’s and now Scotland’s NHS.
    So much subsidising and so little cash.

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  2. I’ll bet that Tories like Chris Davies don’t consider fraud to be a crime, especially if it’s from the public purse, so it’s fair enough to carry on as normal. The folly is being stupid enough to get caught in the first place so they learn from experience and move on.

    The trough belongs to them after all and it’s a communal pot. It’s like having money in the bank as long as you make careful withdrawals avoiding scrutiny so no one will notice.

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  3. Tris,
    I’ve just woken up after my lunchtime nap.
    Problem is I was sorting out some old scripts for the EBC to be re-cycled on their website, a very green option as it saves me producing too much methane gas and upsetting the planet.
    So now I’ve mixed up the script pages, maybe Munganites can help.
    I seem to have be wakened up in 1984 and just wondering IF the war is still ongoing between Doctor Who and the Eurasian media. Seems to be a report about someone called Tom frae the barras is now voting for Moses from westmonster as he’ll be doing a King Canute and getting rid of a pesky flood.
    The flood is expected to be put into deposit paid plastic bottles redirected from the warehouse before destroying the Scottish Currrency by being smuggled across the border.
    Meanwhile somewhere near Loch Ness a monster has been found that consumes any kind of waste material apart from plastic, this will save the 5 fishes for the coming of the Tooting messiah, he ,she or it is expected to appear later tonight on EBC sporting a multi enthic tartan scarf.
    Now I’m really confused as it also appears that Howard Hughes is alive and well and looking for nodules in the Pacific Ocean where a Russian Submarine has sunk carrying the code books from the Enigma variations by Elgar, something like that as the cat has decided to chew my homework, honest Tris.
    In the meantime a missive has arrived via the pony express, John Wayne the postman, has hand delivered an urgent message from my ex mp telling me that he’s told Nicola she’s not getting another referendum and that she should stop blethering on about it, She’s been Telt, 4 times in 2 weeks, can’t she get on with the day job.
    Back in Chequers doris is drying his feet after failing to do his Moses act of splitting the River Don, all went terribly wrong as he told the residents that he’d told the weather man, Flood, that he was the pm of the UK and he was to stop putting water in his Whiskey from Scotlandshre.
    Ah, it’s ok, I’ve just woken up and found myself in a nightmare called a UK general election where all the candidates have had to stand down due to having had a non working Facesaver account.
    Roll on the independence we surely can do better than this.

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      1. As I was just saying, sleazy slimeball lying liars who lie, this time not standing but standing down, in favour of women who were stupid enough to marry them. How … depressing, and a bit tawdry, somehow.

        Gawd save us all from slimy sleazeball etceteras, and their wives, and let’s us Scots take to the lifeboats before the UK ship of State founders into the vasty deep where Farage reigns supreme, or something, but whatever it is it’s going to be nasty.

        I kinda wish the good natives of underwater Yorkshire had prodded Lyin Bastert Johnson’s bahookie with a pitchfork, to let some more of the air out.

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        1. Gonna check your own web site for a comment?

          Hint, hint! Bloody look at your own site! I am there, ‘awaiting moderation’ by you.


          IMHO we need to spread our message, and you are a pretty persuasive guy. Start bloody well doing it! And stop the ‘awaiting moderation’ shit.

          I am pretty well convinced that someone like you could lead a fight and argue and believe the points munguin has made? Why are you making it difficult?

          Explain do.


          1. Umm… wee problem there… WordPress want money wot I don’t got. The thing (WordPress) drives me nuts too. Haven’t been able to find your message to moderate, it Douglas. I’m not being rude, I’m being incompetent.

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  4. |Those scenes of Lyin Bastert Johnson getting an earful in Yorkshire, as he did at Addenbrookes, and of course in Scotland – it make a person wonder how that jibes with the Tories riding so high in the polls in Englandland. Also with so many slimy sleazeball lying liars who lie, not all of them Tory, standing in so many places.

    I’m not sure whether I’m glad or sad that Ross Thomson is not going to be standing, because I was kinda looking forward to seeing him turfed out and having to find somewhere others than whatever bar in the House of Commons he frequented in order to stick his clammy hands down people’s Y-fronts.


  5. Edd
    Don’t worry about ross he’s going to be given a list seat in the Scottish Parliament just as soon as his redundancy cheque from westmonster is in the Bank of the Bahamas. His 2 year pension from the ‘house of common fools’ will be paid out for the rest of his life. Golden conditions of employment for some.
    Our thoughts are now with the one they get to stand down to make room for a loyal supporter of doris king Moses of the River Don. Known to his countrymen as Lying Bastert Johnson.
    Wondering if the COBRA can swim in flood waters.
    The sodjiers won’t need to worry about personal protective equipment as the transport can’t get through due to the floods should have sent in the aircraft carriers without aircraft it could have soaked up all that water through its stern tube leak.
    As the tories say ‘You have to pay to get the best’.
    Pity all the Europeans are going home leaving behind the moggs and the fartages.

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    1. I doubt very much Mr Thomson will go without, and as you say after a decent or rather indecent interval, he will be rewarded with something you don;t need to be elected to.

      I suppose there’s always the lords. That’s what they do with their failures.

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  6. I’ve always despised Tom Harris even when he was in Labour. A total odious individual with zero morals and zero intelligence. It’s him and his like that have destroyed Labour in Scotland and yet this prick still gets a platform, just shows how desperate he is that he will say anything now as long as it fits his disgusting views. Total prick.

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    1. He was always to the right of Attila the Hun. I used to wonder what he was doing in Labour. He made Jim Murphy look reasonable…well, relatively.

      He used to have a blog and way back in the day (before he lost his seat) I occasionally used to read it and argue with him.

      He never had an argument worth sh*t.


    2. My opinions of Mr Tom Harris are not high. Today on Good Morning Scotland, the PR service for the Scottish Tories, “The Former Labour Minister who is supporting Boris”, was one of their leading features.
      Anyone who has listened to Radio Scotland over the past 10 years is aware that Mr Harris is no longer a Labour supporter and leans towards the Tories (probably there is a cluse in the fact that he works for the Telegraph). Indeed, to be fair to Mr Harris, he has regularly been quite explicit about his politics on the various programmes on which he appeared. Yet, GMS presents this as a revelation.

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  7. And she’s back – Lady Brenda “I love my big brooches” Hale with a findings against the UK government – SoS for Work and Pensions at the Supreme Court. NAW ya canny deduct the bedroom tax when one of the couple needs to sleep on their own due to disability.

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    1. Good on her. There’s not that many in a pound like her.

      Needless to say, I’m sure that the human rights legislation will be modified to remove any of this wishy washy nonsense about people needing rights as soon as Johnson thinks it is safe to do so.

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