Oops, there’s been another Murdo!


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The inimitable Murdo Fraser, the scourge of, well, nothing much really… has commented on the decision of the Green Party to withdraw their candidates from the North East Fife and Perth and North Perthshire elections, in order, presumably, to give Steven Gethings (majority 2) and Pete Wishart (majority 21) a better chance of winning.

It was a very generous gesture, but also a sensible one.

There was no realistic chance of the Green candidates winning and a vote which was split along independence/dependence lines could well have let in a unionist.

Murdo wrote:

Just in case there was any lingering doubt that the ‘Greens’ are now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SNP… twitter.com/torcuil/status…
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Unfortunately, his equally-dismal colleague, Annie Wells, had, over the last few days, spearheaded a campaign for Labour in Scotland to join with the Tories where appropriate to keep the SNP out.
“Kettle”,  “pot” and “black arse” are words that come readily to mind.
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Worse still for poor old Murdo, it appears that Nigel Farage (possibly soon Sir Nigel or Lord Farage, if he is to be believed) has stood down his candidates in any seat where there is an incumbent Tory leaver (over 300), thus vastly improving Conservative chances in the election.
Poor old Murdo now has to work out whether the Tories are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nigel Farage Party, or the other way round.
That should keep him out of mischief for the rest of the campaign.
I loved this tweet from Crow Esquire:
Replying to

In comedy timing is everything. Look how this clown tweets this on the same day that the Tories became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Brexit Party.
Murdo for stand-up champion of the year.

6 thoughts on “Oops, there’s been another Murdo!”

    1. LOL LOL LOL…

      Actually, I always love his interventions.

      They are almost without exception laughable.

      Remember the Queensferry Crossing and how late it was and how awful it was that the SNP couldn’t build a bridge… but then there was Crossrail (delayed for the third time and costs escalating again) and the HS2 fiasco, proving how competent his party is when it comes to running stuff.

      He’s an entertainer who should be in Las Vegas…. or anywhere other than Edinburgh.


  1. who is that is the picture with Annie Wells, one of her staff maybe?…

    I’m glad the Greens stood down in those seat but am unhappy BP won’t run against the Tories in Scotland. BP versus Tories would have split the vote more than Greens versus SNP. I saw something on twitter that had Union Jack losing his seat, then after the BP announcement, recalculated the odds and has him retaining it. Grrr!

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    1. Dunno for sure. Looks like a tank driver/bomb disposal expert to me.

      Well, we would possibly have lost these two seats without the Greens standing down. I’m glad that they did. Had they had a chance of winning the seats, I couldn’t have objected, but realistically, they had no chance.

      I’d say Nigel has quite probably handed Johnson victory.

      Johnson has promised him he’s going to ammend part of the agreement that he has already agreed with the EU… (they should be used to the perfidious albion by now). I wonder if the EU will agree to this.

      I’m not sure what Nigel will do it Boris renages on his promise or it the EU says… “For the love of God, that’s twice we have agreed something with you lot and then you’ve gone back on your word. What planet do you live in?”


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  2. There are only two issues at stake in this GE.
    Scottish independence in Scotland and English independence in England.
    The manoeverings of the political parties reflect this reality.

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