Image result for baby orangutans
Anyone got a comb? I’m just up.
What you mean I look like an Irish flag?
n autum
You can tell it’s not the UK. Leaves on teh line would have stopped that train way back… besides, the train is far too young.
n messa arch
Messa Arch, Utah.
n look
Look down there…
Gee up, Neddy.
n aurora ice
Night sky in Iceland.
n tired
I’m bushed!
Wanna play on the beach?
n puss
I’ll come and play on the beach…
n zermatt
n fox
I like being tickled under my chin… Hint hint.
n aut2
It’s that time of year.

n finger

Map of Scotland made from a leaf. (John)
Autumn in Turkey's Ovacik
Autumn in Turkey (David).
n a wonder
We’re going to grow up together.
Image result for elephant baby
I want to hold your trunk.
Image result for donkey
Roberta the donkey, who was raised by sheep after her mother died.
Image result for baby orangutans
OK, that’s all for today, bye bye till next time.

Thanks to John and David.

17 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Nice view of Mesa Arch!

    Getting that coveted view of sunrise, with the sun bathing the underside of the arch in early morning light, takes a bit of planning.
    First of all, contrary to what you might think regarding Utah’s national parks, Mesa Arch is NOT in Arches National Park; it’s in Canyonlands National park.
    I’m not an early riser, but I’m told that it’s nearly an hour’s drive in early morning darkness from the nearest lodgings, followed by a half mile walk from the parking lot along a (sometimes slippery) rock trail, with a dropoff on one side into the canyon below. And then, however early you’ve arrived, you’ll find that someone is already there, with his camera tripod located exactly where you wanted to be. Sometimes the crowd gets pretty big, but fist fights for camera position at the edge of the 500 ft cliff are not as common as one might think. πŸ˜‰

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  2. awhh that was superb thank you. It’s going to be Soppy Sunday gets me through the next 6 weeks! LOVED Scotland the Leaf – must have took ages. The first picture made me laugh – Secret Life of the Zoo this week featured their orangs. The babies were described by a keeper as “cute with bedhead hair”!

    Loved the elephants and the kitty in the car – though s/he wasn’t wearing a seat belt!

    Life utterly re-affirmed.

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      1. My dad had an open topped sports car and he used to put our dog, Mac, in the front with a seat belt on.

        I seem to recall that someone took a photograph when they were parked one day and sent it to the local paper.

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  3. DSC_0109

    I think my heart just melted!

    It’s flipping Baltic where I am. Is anyone else freezing? Maybe that’s why there are so few comments, folk haven’t defrosted yet πŸ™‚

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  4. In Pic6, the wee monkey seems to have hitched a ride on a capybara, the world’s largest rodent – well, not including Trump, Johnston, Erdogan, Orban, etc πŸ€

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