What on earth was he on about?

57 thoughts on “POUND SHOP TRUMP”

    1. My mate suggested that.

      Not sure. it’s hard to tell.

      One thing struck me though. May started her campaign well advanced in the polls, as Johnson is.

      Once she started to try to communicate with the public, her lead went into steep decline as she croaked and stuttered her was incoherently through speeches and interviews. She even had to get Rudd to do a debate for her.

      I imagine that Johnson will have a similar fate.

      Swinson too is a poor communicator. I suspect that she would have done well to let it slip by her that she had been excluded from the debates. The more you hear from her, the less you like her.

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  1. Catch the horrified look on Dumbo’s face.

    On the same subject .. ie drugs and treatments rooms… I just read that Manchester City Police asked permission from the government to open drugs clean rooms, and were granted it.

    The Scottish government asks and are told to forget it.

    It’s almost like they want us to fail!

    Manchester police asked to open a drug consumption room, it was granted. Yet when
    asked for that same power to be devolved so they could be rolled out across Scotland, the answer came back as NO !
    Drug rooms are proven to save lives, isn’t that the point #bbcqt

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    1. Feckin’ hypocrites. That is, if they can be bothered remembering they turned down the Scottish Government’s request in the first place.

      My legal sub-persona Cherry says that the SG should just order it to be done and let the Westminster regime decide whether or not to take the SG to court to enforce their ban, which would create an enormous stooshie and be terrific PR – for us.

      Cherry says too that the SG should immediately bung a letter in the post to whoever the appropriate flunky is at the Scotland Office in London to say that what with the change in the official position implied by the opening of the clean room in Manchester, the SG expected an official letter authorising the opening of the drugs clean room in Glasgow, but somehow, inexplicably, it has failed to arrive. That being the case, because obviously no one suspects any sort of maladministration or being two-faced lyin’ basterts on the part of the Home Office, oh no, would they please send a copy of the notification they sent to Manchester but with the “Manchester” crossed out and “Glasgow” put in instead, cc to whoever is Home Secretary this week.

      The letter from the SG could add that a full list of cities which will be opening drugs clean rooms will follow, as SG policy – in the wake of the Manchester precedent – is now to open a drugs clean room everywhere in Scotland with a population above [insert reasonable number of thousands]. After all, combating the drugs epidemic is about reducing harm, not making “moral” judgements, so called, as they keep telling us, so perhaps they’d like to chip in with a bit of poverty reduction as well, howzaboutit and pretty please tell DWP.

      Cherry is of the opinion that the legal case is both copper-bottomed and ironclad. These are strong words coming from Cherry, who is normally pretty cautious in her outlook, unlike myself.

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        1. Apart from that, I do think the Scottish Government has been more timid than it should be; there’s quite a lot of technically unlawful stuff it could do that the regime couldn’t really do anything about because They’d end up with egg on Their face if they tried, and look like right little shites and trying to prevent anything good happening … oh wait. That’s never stopped Them so far. Blast, just when I thought I was onto something.

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  2. If my mother had told me that if you can’t say anything nice about somebody, you shouldn’t say anything at all, it would have been rank hypocrisy on her part. Nevertheless and notwithstanding, I’m going to keep my great big gob shut about Boris. Completely shut. Hermetically sealed, even. Feckin’ wild horses, etc.

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    1. Ed…..Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Teddy Roosevelt’s eldest daughter, had a famous pillow.

      Alice was famously unconventional and uncontrollable all her life. When an ambassador sent a letter to Teddy protesting some indignity Alice had inflicted on him at a White House function, Teddy politely replied that he could discharge the duties of President of the United States OR he could control Alice, but that he couldn’t possibly do both.

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  3. Let’s be kind and suggest either that Johnson had had too much over-strength whisky at Rosridle earlier in the day or that his advisors told him to overplay the adorable buffoon persona.

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      1. Could well be, Tris, could well be. He was a Bullingdon Boy, don’t forget, and you need to be a gigantic arse to get into that. It seems sometimes that the more gigantic the arse, the famouser they become.

        Regardless of whether there’s a moral in in the tale somewhere or not, there are just sooooo many of them around now that surely Bullingdon’s can no longer make its much-vaunted claim of exclusivity.

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  4. Breaking news.
    Just in from a trip to Ireland, his tear up the export forms have gone down a storm, tv licence letters to follow, road tax after that, on the instructions of “I’m the PM of the UK, what I say goes”.
    Just been announced that Shakespeare is standing down as an election con didate as he’s inadvertantly used the word Shylock in a political address.
    New nurses and doctors to be given an easier visa application to improve recruitment into ENHS. Haven’t they thought it out that free movement solves that problem.
    Why aren’t the media onto the english non government about the DAY JOB, flooding in the midlands with poor response. Cumbria is still to finish the house rebuilds from their flooding in 2005 and the flood prevention measures are still years away from being funded.
    This is Ruk in 2019. Maybe we should introduce a test for the vote after listening to some people in Thurrock on brexit.

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    1. So, after years of bringing down immigration, we’re going to be putting it up again, becasue we don’t have enough doctors, nurses, care workers, fruit pickers, etc etc etc…

      I see cross rail isn’t going to be ready for the latest delivery time AGAIN and that the cost has just increased again.

      I suspect that Murdo Fraser will be demanding Nicola Sturgeon’s immediate resignation.

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  5. That seems to me a truly Trumpian moment. Not just Boris banging on with indecipherable gibberish about God knows what, but with all the sycophants standing around nodding approval, and then chuckling on cue when his facial expression and speech pattern suggest there is some obscure element of humor (humour) in the discourse. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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          1. I went over to the Trump-Pence website to see what Trump paraphernalia is selling for. I see you can get a red “Make American Great Again” cap for $25, except that a pink color for ladies will cost you $30. A “MAGA” cap is $40. A special limited impeachment addition T-shirt with the words “Read The Transcript” (very prominent at the most recent rally) is $30. And he sells an “Official Donald J. Trump Fine Point Marker” (de rigueur for corrections to weather maps) for only $15.
            If this stuff is considered campaign material, I’m not sure that it can be legally sold in Scotland. And I’m not sure how you would make the currency conversion. Anyway, there’s also the possibility that you might become ensnared in the impeachment proceedings and could receive a subpoena from angry Congressional Democrats to come to Washington and testify. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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            1. Now, that is interesting, Danny.

              If I were subpoenaed would I get my air fare and accommodations paid. And out of pocket expenses? I mean that would be pretty cool. We could meet up for a few beers and a laugh at …well, whatever took our fancy.

              Look into it for me, mate, will you?

              Oh, and as Seth Myers said, we DID read the transcript. That’s how we know you’re guilty.

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              1. I’ll definitely check into that Tris…..LOL.
                As cool as a trip to Washington during impeachment season would be, I have a hunch that Congress would not pay for your transportation or accommodations (even if you stayed at a less luxurious location than the Trump International Hotel at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue.) I’m pretty sure that your expenses for a cadre of high priced lawyers would not be covered either. But let me know if you’re coming, I know a little place over in Georgetown where we could have a few drinks and try to dodge the media. ๐Ÿ˜‰

                Yes it IS ironic…….and a testament to Trump’s monumental stupidity…….that he keeps telling people to “read the transcript,” when you consider that:
                1) It’s not actually a transcript
                and 2) It’s the primary evidence AGAINST him

                If Trump didn’t exist, we would have to make him up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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                1. Yeah, Danny… then we’d shake our heads and say… ha, he’s too unbelievable.

                  If you factor in Brexit and Boris… we’d be in a hospital for the mentally insane.

                  Some times I think it is some sort of Old Eton Boys’ style contest between them. Let’s see who can go the farthest without getting taken away to the funny farm.

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                  1. Tris, you might be closer to the mark than you think with your comment about competing to see who can get closest to the funny farm without actually being sectioned as a danger to themselves or others – they are not just Eton, after all, they’re also Bullingdon Boys.

                    Danny (and other overseas readers), have you heard of the Bullingdon Club?

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                    1. Oops – WordPress is determined to sabotage me! I suspect the involvement of Vladimir Putin! Not Trump, though, he’s far too stoopid and narcissistic to pay attention to little’ole me.

                      As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted – if you haven’t heard of the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University, I can sum it up by saying it’s a coterie for rich sociopaths who want to indulge their worst instincts. (Boris Johnson was identified as a sociopath at the age of 12 by his form master at Eton, if I recall correctly.) Here’s an article from The Week which I have archived for you at https://archive.is/M4I8T. It’s entitled “Bullingdon Club: behind Oxford Universityโ€™s elite society”.

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                    2. Down to two members, eh? Folie ร  deux, perhaps… Perhaps the mental health of the population has improved since they took the lead out of petrol, but I can’t say there’s any sign of that otherwise.

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                    3. Ed…..I learned of the Bullingdon Club by reading MNR in the days of David Cameron. I think this is also where I saw the famous picture that Cameron says haunted him through his political career.

                      I found this article which identifies everyone in the picture except #6.


                      With a current membership of two, perhaps the club is on its last legs. But apparently the lure of secret clubs still infects the rich and the powerful, from George Bush father and son in Yale’s “Skull and Bones” to the more advanced age crowd of presidents, cabinet secretaries, corporate CEO’s and what not who are members of San Francisco’s “Bohemian Club.” Summer encampments occur at Bohemian Grove, a grove of old growth redwoods north of San Francisco. This picture from 1967 shows both Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon in attendance.

                      I see that the all male Bohemians are currently legally enjoined from logging operations on their redwoods, and were finally forced to employ women.


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                    4. Anyone know who number 6 is?

                      The Bohemian Club seems a little tame by comparison with the earlier days of the Bullingdon. However, I suspect that may be its saviour!

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                    5. Tris…..I suspect that the Bohemians were always fairly well behaved in public, outside of whatever silliness they’re up to under their redwoods in the summertime. Henry Kissinger famously attended one of the summer encampments during his time as a Washington big shot. Wiki says they started as a middle class club of writers, artists, and musicians (“Bohemian” types,) who started accepting local San Francisco businessmen, and the club later took on a more national flavor of big shot businessmen and politicians.
                      Oscar Wilde, who was a guest of the Bohemians in 1882, was quoted as saying: “I never saw so many well-dressed, well-fed, business-looking Bohemians in my life.”
                      Richard Nixon apparently encountered too many gay guys for his taste in the Grove. He said: “The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to timeโ€”it is the most goddamned thing you could ever imagine.”

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                    6. Tris……Richard Nixon’s comment quoted above included a gay epithet between the words “most” and “goddamned”, so I inserted the words “gay epithet deleted”, which I enclosed in guillemets (sideways carets ) . When posted, the guillemets and the words inside them had disappeared.

                      Always something new and odd with WordPress…..LOL.

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                    7. Oh… weird, Danny.

                      I’m surprised about that. Given that they are used in France for “quotation marks” you’d have thought they would have been acceptable to WordPress.

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                    8. Yeah, what was it Christ used to say? The only good Samaritan is a dead Samaritan, something like that?

                      I was a bit young at the time of Nixon (though I remember it quite well); it occurs to me now that a lot of people must have wanted to see who was on Nixon’s s*hit list, (a) to find out if they were on it themselves; (b) if any of their friends were; and (c) if there was anyone on there who was on their own personal s*hit list too.

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                    1. LOL Ed……The uncensored Nixon quote can be found in the “Introduction” section of the Wikipedia article “Bohemian Grove.” Not fully in conformance with Munguin’s standards I feared. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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                    2. Danny, I had a look at the Wikipedia article… “faggy”? How bland! Everybody who is anybody, i.e., people who went to public (i.e., private) school in England must have had a fag at some point or other, or been one, and possibly both, and I don’t mean the white, cylindrical kind that you put in your mouth and smoke. No, in English public schools, your fag was a junior boy who you were supposed to treat like a slave, punish regularly, cruelly, capriciously and unfairly, and deprive of any human warmth or kindness or caring, with a view to crippling him emotionally, which in English public (i.e. private) schools is a process known as “building character”.

                      Then when your gentleman left Eton, and got his gentleman’s third at Oxford (which is a sort of certificate of attendance saying that you hadn’t been sent down (i.e., expelled) for base moral turpitude or anything like that, or bonking the Provost’s wife, he purchased a commission in the army and became a gentleman and an officer, at which point he would be awarded a fag of his very own, except in the military a fag is called a batman.

                      The notion that batmen are all called Bruce is a complete red herring, unless they’re Australian.

                      As I myself was never incarcerated in an English public (i.e., private) school, I cannot swear to the exact truth of these things, but they seem like pretty good reasons for Scottish independence anyway, if you ask me, and as I have just told you regardless of whether you were going to ask me or not.

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                    3. Ed…….Amazing that upper class English kids survived their education emotionally intact. Everything I know about an Oxford education I learned from the BBC production of “Brideshead Revisited.” I had to look up the term “sent down” when Anthony Blanche disappeared, and that was the explanation. In one scene, Anthony describes being ducked by Bullingdon boys.

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            1. One talks about “going up” to Oxford and being “sent down” because the vast majority of, if not all, students came from the southern counties… Home Counties. One went “up”…which meant north, and was “sent down” (south).

              I suspect no one gave it a thought that one might have originated in the Midlands and done the whole thing in reverse. Oh dear no.

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