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So the day got off badly for Labour with their deputy leader, Tom Watson, resigning. Despite the pleasant exchange of letters between Jeremy Corbyn and him, there was definitely an undertone. It was an odd time for Watson to choose to resign, right at the beginning of the campaign.

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Then things went downhill, fast. Ian Austin, an ex-Labour minister, urged people to vote Tory. Then his ex-colleague John Woodcock joined in, saying that Corbyn must never be allowed to get his hands on power. Good day’s work. (NB It is fair to say that Ian Austin left the Labour Party some months ago to become an Independent and, since leaving Labour, the Tory Party have appointed him as an Envoy to Israel.


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In Scotland, Labour sacked their candidate for Edinburgh South West, Frances Carmel, Hoole. Her sacking appears to be related to a Twitter comment (which I have not seen and which is no longer extant, but it involved spraying bleach, for heaven’s sake) about the SNP’s Joanna Cherry, QC.

Hoole apologised and put up this tweet:

I’ve removed the meme, I didn’t think when I posted it. I apologise to her. I’m lucky to have never had threats like her and didn’t consider it properly. I’ve removed threads so people don’t have to read the transphobic hate attached. 

It doesn’t sound overly apologetic to me, and she has been complaining about the backlash. Just how uncivilised has politics become?


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Meanwhile, elsewhere in Scotland, Johnson turned up at the back door and gave an absolute pledge that he would never allow a second referendum in Scotland. You remember he’s awfully good at giving absolute pledges. Do or die, come what may, no ifs and no buts, die in a ditch, blah, blah, blah

So let’s get prepared.

Incidentally, I’m not certain he met any ordinary members of the public. Tory leaders tend to come to Scotland and be welcomed in large unionist companies where the plebians are told to treat them with the utmost respect… or else.

Paul Brand, of ITV told us that he’d been “whiskey tasting”.

Oh well!

He’s gone off to Northern Ireland now, taking the odour of death in a ditch with him.

As Nicola said in parliament today… Haste ye back!





Gavin Williamson, the idiot’s idiot.


Absolutely loved this

Sarah Ludford 

Jeremy Hunt on #Peston excuses Johnson’s inflammatory language because ‘that’s Boris’. Why on earth should this charlatan get a free pass just because he’s a spoiled brat?



22 thoughts on “IT’S NOT GETTING ANY BETTER”

  1. Miss Hoole in saying “ I apologise to her “ is not in actual fact an apology to J Cherry.
    If you want to apologise to someone you have not done it until you apologise to them directly.
    Telling other people that you apologise to someone isn’t actually an apology it’s just saying you intend to apologise to the.
    I wonder, did she actually contact J Cherry and apologise to her or did she just expect that the message she sent to other people saying that she intended to apologise would somehow get back to J Cherry.

    I followed the whole episode on twitter at the time, Miss Hoole didn’t apologise at the time even though there was clear outrage at her cilit bleach tweet.

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    1. I think Labour did the right thing to get rid of her.

      They were clearly struggling to get candidates to stand…at one point I heard that they had no candidate for 60% of Scottish seats.

      Some of the people they eventually picked were clearly paper candidates. There’s not much point wasting your good people against Joanna, so you put up a no-hoper.

      Not only was she a no hoper, but she was a very silly one. And she goes on being silly if she has not apologized properly.

      I wish these morons would get it into their heads that what they say, possibly as a joke in bad taste, can be read by a fanatical Brexiteer or whatever as genuine encouragement to do something criminal.

      Some people from every party. Unionists or independetists, remainers or leavers are not quite the full shilling.

      People need to remember Jo Cox and the nut job who killed her.

      Labour is well shot of her.


        1. Yes, that was exceptionally mild and moderate of him. He has gone up a bit in my estimation, though I still think he’s dead wrong about some things.

          He’d not doubt think the same of me, about some things.

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          1. Sheesh. “He’d no doubt”. Bloody WordPress, no post-post-edit feature, I hate embarrassing typos.

            My favourite spell-checker pass-throughs at the UN were “Untied Nations” and “unclear disarmament”.

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  2. It must be awful being Douglas Ross or any of the other Tory MPs here, knowing how most people view them. I hope they will lose their seats and stop embarrassing themselves and their constituents but I’m not too confident given the behind-the-scenes agreements between the London parties to stand aside as Kezia Dugdale urged in 2017.

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    Hm… Boris and Russia… according to the twitting interweb thingmie from Sarah Ludford, somewhere on there anyway or thereabouts, there was a bit about Boris allegedly reputedly reportedly suppressing a parliamentary report about Russian influence in the UK – my goodness, whyever would he do such a thing? Surely he can’t have anything on his conscience or have any consciousness of guilt about anything, can he? The very idea! They’ll be telling us that Ruth Davidson and Arlene Foster were in on it too next. Laughable! Why, Davidson is practically the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army, it said so in one of Britain’s most respected organs just the other day, though of course all of them are publications of unimpeachable character!

    Talking about unimpeachable, how lucky we are that over on this side of the Pond we have nothing like Trump and his cast of creepy, scary clowns! That Steve Miller Trump has – you know, the one who’s a White Supremacist even though he’s Jewish and most White Supremacists wouldn’t let him into their golf clubs – whether he ever gets invited down to Mar a Lago I have no idea – the one who looks a bit like a vampire – and that Steve Bannon, who always reminds me of the baby-eating Bishop of Bath and Wells – where was I? Oh yes – well of course Dominic Cummings and Jake Rees-Smugg are nothing like them, even if Rees-Smugg does dress like a Victorian funeral director and looks as if he should know a thing or two about coffins and Cummings is rarely seen in daylight and never goes near mirrors or camera lenses, that doesn’t mean a thing, does it?

    P.S. For some reason, Cassandra is cock-a-hoop these days. One might almost say she’s crowing. Cassandra is a very strange woman, though, though don’t tell her I said so. You would have to be a bit strange to chortle at the idea of the Tsar of All the Russias undermining Westminster democracy, sorry, Western democracies, though of course loads of countries supposedly in that category seem to be doing that quite successfully all by themselves without any assistance at all from Vladimir P.

    As I was saying, what a good thing we don’t have anything like that over here, and it’s only foreigners involved.

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    1. Nice read.
      On the planet earth some humans like to think they are the most intelligent entities.
      As Douglas Adams said ” So long and thanks for the Fish”.
      This sound bite should help the SNP respond to the doris and his “I’ll not let you”.
      All is not as it seems on planet earth, england, maybe the rain will stop the poll stations opening.
      Thinking a vote for the Ford Prefect candidate might help.
      Have the Russians come up with a better plan than Adolf to conquer the World, just plant sleepers in the political parties but not tell them they’re all part of the plan.

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      1. Humans, the most intelligent ….

        Oh you are funny.

        I’m really laughing at Boris rabbiting on about the will of the British people (or at least 51% of them, and at the same time telling us that no matter how we vote we will never ever ever be allowed another referendum. I mean who does he think he is? Jack Straw?

        Anyway, bless him, the last time he made a promise like that, he was obliged to find a ditch to die in.

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  4. It certainly looked bad for Labour …or it was spun that way.
    The media generally refered to Austin as a Labour ex-minister, which of course WAS true. However he isn’t in the Labour Party any more. He IS currently employed by the Conservative Government.

    As for Watson…did the fact that George Galloway was going to contest his constituency have anything to do with his decision? Just wonderin’.

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