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Well, this was the big day for them. An election that they called less than halfway through the fixed-term parliament. An election that they wanted. An election that they had to have because they were incapable of government…so much so that the prime minister said that they wouldn’t bring any new bills (including the budget) before parliament. They were effectively going on strike (on full pay, of course).

Here’s a brief overview of how the day has been going for them…

Thanks to Graham for this video.

Note to Tories: Try to keep Nigel Evans away from tv cameras.



So, then, the chairman of the Tory party, the somewhat inaptly named, James Cleverly, who one might expect to play a leading role in this campaign, particularly on launch day failed to turn up for an interview with Kay Burley.  Bad start.

But instead of making some sort of excuse, Kay, to her credit, empty chaired him and asked the questions anyway. Offcom is now looking at investigating this. Connections, anyone?

We’re indebted to Dr Galsworthy for posting this on Twitter. Enjoy.

Cleverly later suggested that he was unable to do Burley’s show because he was already on live Julia Hartley Brewer’s show when he was scheduled to appear. This is unlikely, given that JHB apparently started her interview by asking him about his empty chairing.

Note to Tories: Really, on the first day of the campaign, do try to get the junior staff to schedule interviews a little more carefully.


Meanwhile, in our own country, the launch got off to a slightly unfortunate start (even more unfortunate than it starring Fluffy and Carrot), and I apologise in advance for the rude word. Look away now if you are likely to be offended.


Note to Tories. Try to keep away from signposts or shop names that Munguin will giggle about.


Graham’s blog is always a good read. Witty and informative.

Note to Tories: Isn’t there a load of dishes to wash or a pile of filing to do? Because it would probably be a better use of old Ben’s time.


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Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns has resigned over claims that he knew about a former aid’s part in the sabotage of a rape trial.

The political satirist, Michael Deacon, suggests that… “Cairns resignation is a dead cat to distract from Cleverly’s empty-chairing which was a dead cat to distract from Cleverley’s interviews which was a dead cat to distract from Bridgen which was a dead cat to distract from Rees-Mogg which was a dead cat to distract from the Russia report which was a dead cat to distract from the Starmer video which was a dead cat to distract from Cairns which was a dead cat to distract from the blocked Labour costings which…blah, blah, blah…”

And that kinda sums up the Tory’s day. Still, Alun’s not standing down as a candidate.

The one big question is…how will Wales manage without him?

Note to Tories: If perchance Cairns is returned to Westminster, have a look around to see if there isn’t someone else who would do better in the Wales Office.


Roll on tomorrow!


    1. To be fair, Darren, the Tories are a gift that just goes on giving.

      The thing about having a government comprised largely of incompetent nincompoops with posh accents, is that you may not notice the steady drip, drip of nincompoopery as it dribbles out of their gormless brains on a daily basis, indeed you become inured to it… But when they are out there altogether and you get an undiluted dose of them trying to impress their Hooray Henry friends and donors, and this concentrated blast of just how inept they are at absolutely everything gets you to thinking…WHIT the ****?

      But it’s OK. Have no fear. Munguin has an escape plan.

      It’s called independence.

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  1. I can barely watch. Half a dozen incidents that should be resigning issues in just a few days, turning Keith Vaz and his cocaine sex workers into a tiny detail that nobody cares about. Although it’s actually quite serious, the Keith Vaz story makes me chuckle every time I learn something new about it. It’s almost a welcome break from the sewer of UK politics right now.

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    1. Oh… I missed the Keith Vaz story in all the delights of the Tory day.

      I must away and read up on it.

      A titter is always good around this time of night.

      As I recall from a long ago memory, Mr Vaz has a habit of bother in matters concerning his erm… libedo.

      That said, I’m mighty relieved to hear from you once more. I wondered if perhaps you had been rendered incapacitated by an alphorn falling on you.

      Then I remembered the capitalist pigs.

      OK. I’m off to laugh at Vaz.

      More seriously, sewer is a good word to describe Brit politics at the moment.

      Really vomit inducing.


      1. I am just horribly busy at work at the moment. Typical case where a bigwig overpromises and the lowly engineer has to attempt to make it look as though we have something we don’t and likely never will. Bloody capitalist pigs.

        The alphorn has a sad and melancholy sound. A supermarket had some alphorners in one afternoon so I’m guessing they weren’t selling enough booze and handkerchiefs that month.

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        1. Oh, tell me about it.

          Exact same thing at Munguin Towers.

          Munguin is the bigwig, and I’m the humble creator of something that looks like we have something to say, when we don’t and…. never shall have!

          So I get you.

          Still, it will soon be Christmas, eh?


      2. O>M>G>

        He doesn’t know. Well, I suppose it is a hard question, at least if you are a complete Fwit, or a Tory.

        If I were advising the Tories right now, I’d say: Stay in bed for 5 weeks. Don’t use social media. Don’t on any account give interviews, and certainly not on tv or radio. In fact close the blinds and don’t go near windows.

        If they can’t even trust the Telegraph to steer the Prime Minister away from something as absurd as accusing Corbyn of plotting mass murder when all he wants to do is tax the obscenely rich a little more, they can’t trust anyone.

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  2. doris on the radio.
    “I don’t want an election”, what a turn around in 2 weeks better than ruthie, a world record.
    Turned it off when I heard him say that the people trusted his government over the last 9 years on the economy, 40 new hospitals, 20,000 new polis, austerity has ended.
    Why isn’t the media calling this out as the lunacy it is, he’s done nothing as PM.
    Why did they give the maybot the push?
    His deal is the bestest ever although farage says it’s 99% maybot’s.
    This is crazy stuff, what describes this?
    “Tribal Epistemology”, you agree if the person making the statement is from your tribe.
    The englanders have lost the plot, hopefully Scotland will take the independence road.

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    1. They lost 22,000 police.

      They are going to recruit 20,000 police.

      But it was experienced police they lost and they will be recruiting inexperienced police, on far lower rates of pay.


      Absolutely hopeless.

      Normally the Tory supporting media won’t call it out, but today we’ve seen a few interviewers, clearly totally stunned by what has happened, starting to at least look bewildered.

      Keep it up Boris.


    2. Just saw this:

      When is 20,000 new cops not a good thing ?

      When you’ve cut 21,000 and 20,000 more are due to retire in 3 years

      So England is STILL 21,000 down but worse because they new ones are cheaper, inexperienced and UNVETTED.

      So Boris’s 20,000 is a criminals dream.


    1. So, in Wales she’s in an anti Tory coalition with Plaid and the Greens… whilst in Scotland she’s in an anti SNP coalition with the Tories.

      I’m lost!


  3. Ex brownie advisor, ex labour mp voted in for labour converted to independent says:-
    Vote tory, doris is the best choice and he’s voting tory. It’s national security, vote for the Russians to take over. I suppose they’ll be just the same as the last lot.
    The greens have lost my second vote in the next Scottish elections, IF we ever get them. The tories are not standing in East Dumbartonshire BUTT the greens are. Even joe swinwson is confused.
    If you ever needed a wake up call about a broken westmonster this is it.
    Can you trust someone, anyone, who stands for parliament?
    It would appear , NO.
    We need to start again in a normal country.

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    1. I can’t understand why Swinson would do a deal with the Tories. Her policy is not leaving the EU. Their policy is leaving, and almost certainly now, without a deal.This is a Brexit Referendum in all but name.

      The Welsh Greens have done a deal with Swinson as have Plaid.. The Scottish Greens haven’t. But they are standing against Pete Wishart who has a majority of 12.

      No. I don’t trust any of them. They all seem to be utterly mad.


  4. Well the above comes clear after the report on the radio at lunchtime.
    The said ex labour minister, boonie advisor and lately independent MP for a midland’s constituency telling his ex constituents to vote for doris.
    Well doris gave him a wee job as a trade advisor in the tory administration.
    Probably just a member of the Black is White brigade or IF you really insist White is Black OR any combination that suits the book.
    Not a fan of corbyn myself but to advise us to vote for a compulsive LIAR as a more suitable PM, well it just says we should elect the front runner in the PM popularity stakes, DON’T KNOW, seems to ring a doorbell as the leading contender.
    Let’s all borrow some more pounds as the interest rate is set so low by the government. Labour says £500 billion and the tories, SOME MORE.
    These people are not fit to run a Fanke.

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  5. This might be of interest. According to the most recent You Gov poll – as per Scottish Skier -had these numbers, which, run through electoral calculus delivered these results. I apologise for the spacing, perhaps someone can tell me how to fix that?

    SNP 47% 53 seats

    Cons 22% 3 seats

    Lab 10% 1 seat

    Lib 8% 2 seats

    Green 8% 0 seats

    BRXIT 5% 0 seats

    It appears to me to be a runaway win for the SNP. It also shows how illegitemate the fptp system is.


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    1. Yes, indeed it does.. Labour gets 10% of the votes, which should equate to 6 seats, but get only 1 seat.. The LibDems get 8% and 2 seats where they should get at least 4 seats. Brexit should be rights be entitled to 3 seats and the Tories to maybe 13 seats.

      Still, if the Liberal Democrats hadn’t folded their tent and had absolutely insisted on a proper form of PR that might well have been the case, because the will of the British people might have been to adopt a proper PR system.

      Do you know if this was a subsample or a proper Scottish poll?


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