What does Boris mean by this?

Of the four NHS services in the UK, the Scottish one performs best. So what is he saying?

Is he suggesting that the SNHS, devolved by referendum in the 1990s should be taken back into UK hands and run by the Scotland Office and the largely English House of Commons?

Well, it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility. After all, we recently pointed out several other responsibilities that have been repatriated quietly by London despite a referendum which was (to Blair’s credit) very clear about what was devolved and what was not.


Many of these items may be important in the trade talks to come, at least some with bigger and more powerful economies such as India, Japan and the USA.

So too will be the supply of drugs from US Pharmaceuticals (at vastly inflated costs compared with current pricing), about which US officials have been having a series of meetings with UK authorities recently, despite no one bothering to tell the Secretary of State for the English Health Service…well, that’s what he says anyway. Well, when I say “he says”, I really mean “he splutters incoherently which trotting out trite sound bites”

From all that I read, the health service in England is in a parlous state. They are short of ten thousand doctors and over forty thousand nurses. A friend of mine waited three months for a GP appointment in London. There is almost no mental health care and hospital beds are blocked, sometimes for a year or more, by elderly people too ill to go home alone, but too well to be in hospital.

Years of leaving things in the hands of Jeremy Hunt has not been kind to the service, and of course many nurses and doctors (not to mention radiologists, physios and care workers from elsewhere in Europe have left for pastures new, thanks to their madcap Brexit. (Hunt said at the Tory Party Conference in 2016 that as soon as he had trained up suitable staff he would be able to get rid of foreign doctors and nurses… and clearly, some of these foreign staff thought they should pre-empt that sacking for not being English, and do the repatriation at their own speed!)

So I suspect that forcing the English Health Service on us will go down like a stone. Add to that the increased cost of the drugs and it becomes even more unappealing.

The only alternative interpretation I can take from the statement that Ditchy made there, is that he hopes that under the tender care of Jackass Carlot, the Tories in Scotland will become the government and  take the SNHS under their wings, so they can make the same sort of job of it as Hunt and Hancock have done in England.

Heaven help us.


Just for a laugh, I see they have sent Hancock, who isn’t perhaps their stupidest minister, but not far from it, out to the studios today and here he is answering questions about police in England (also in a parlous situation thanks to the Tories’ cuts).

I know that their ministers are by and large 4th rate, but there just has to be someone a bit more competent than this berk, surely???



  1. Theresa May came out with crap about how awful the Scottish Government was when she addressed the Faithful at the Armadillo – not all that long ago, really – which I saw then as laying the groundwork for imposing direct rule from Westminster; the party position is SNPBAAAD and everything in Scotland is terrible and we silly wee Jockanese are far to stupid to govern ourselves or elect a government that can, i.e., a Tory one. Now Boris is at it too, in the Commons, in spades.

    Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of penalty for lying to Parliament?

    Ignorance, stupidity, a lazy lack of will to learn the truth, over-ready acceptance of questionable authorities – or deliberate, blatant, bare-faced lies and propaganda? What an ar*sehole the man is. Independence now, or preferably sooner.

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    1. I wouldn’t mind if there was even a bit of truth in it.

      No one would say the Scottish Health Service is perfect. After ten years of austerity, how could it be? But it is head and shoulders above the mess of the Tory English one or the Labour Welsh one.

      AQnd the same goes for crime.

      We haven’t cut police; we haven’t privatised prisons; we didn’t privatise the probation service and our crime figures are going down, while theirs are going up.

      Sometimes I think the Scottish government should take care of these matters in England, for the benefit of the people.

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    1. Not OT at all! He doesn’t half look shifty when he’s caught out, eh? If our MPs can use his lying about the Scottish NHS and other things Scottish as opportunities to haul him up on his own lousy record, then have at it, have at it – they’ll be doing everyone in these islands a service, except for lying liars who lie like Boris, and similar dregs. scum and riff-raff.

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    2. and that’s why they walk out when Joanna gets up to speak because they know she has the measure of them. I think she’ll make an excellent Prime Minister of an independent Scotland. Nicola can be President. Or you know vice versa, I’m easy either way 🙂

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      1. I’m with you on that, PP. Tory women like Margaret Thatcher, Jo Swinson, Michelle Ballantyne et al. are a special kind of horrible, but otherwise I’m all in favour of putting women in charge of things. We boys have been in charge for the past x thousand years and we’ve f*ucked up big time. Time for a change.

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  2. The fall of the Soviet Union brought about the end of communism and the unleashing of rampant capitalism,again.
    The reality,however,was not so much the failure of the communist system as more the failure of centralised command and control within the Soviet Union.
    The clear intention of BoJo and his one nation Brexiteers is to replicate these failures in a British context once they are free from the EU principles of subsidiarity.
    Ein Reich,ein volk,ein fuhrer.

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    1. “Ein Reich,ein volk,ein fuhrer.”

      they said it would last a thousand years but in reality it was twelve. I’d say the union is thus WELL past its sell by date.

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    1. I’m tempted to go into hibernation while they lie their way through every radio programme I listen to.

      The London leadership are so awful, so devoid of any argument, it’s embarrassing.

      What depresses me is that so many people just don’t see it.

      Even if you are of a right-wing disposition, how the hell could you vote for Raab, Patel, Hancock, et al? They are so monumentally stupid!

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  3. Good morning, fellow Britons. Isn’t it a glorious feeling to know that today Our Country will wake up to Freedom by leaving the EU and its parade of jackbooted bureaucrats! October 31 will be marked in our calendars and diaries as Freedom Day!



    When did he do that?

    Nobody told me.


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  4. doris, the NO IFS or NO BUTTs prime minister.
    If only corbyn had had the power to let him BUTT the BIG BUTT party wouldn’t let him die in a ditch.
    Happy all saints day for November to all your readers.
    If the onion is to last 1000 years this will be doris johnston’s finest hour.
    A johnstonian quote from the new book, ‘My part in the downfall of the onion’

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      1. Thanks Edd for picking up the thread.
        Next ones are
        doris johnston ‘Man of many lies’
        ‘Badswinson the witch’.
        ‘corbyn democracy according to piecework’
        Love the one for an SNP slogan, “Britain’s NOT working”.
        Might as well have a bit of fun with our colonial masters lying in ditches to us for the next 6 weeks, roll on Purdah.

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        1. Ah Dave, it’s not just the lying in ditches, it’s lying everywhere else at every opportunity.

          As for the Blond Buffoon’s threat to NHS Scotland – we can hope that it’s all talk and no trousers, but we can hope that our Scottish Government has contingency plans to put up a fight.

          I expect the threat of it has won over a fair few more votes to our side, though.

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          1. I think that would be a court case, Ed. The Referendum on devolution was quite clear in what was to be devolved.

            For such a large and important item to be taken from the Scottish people and given to London would be worth a challenge in the courts.

            The will of the people, and all that whatsit.

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  5. On a purely personal note, in relation to Johnson’s naked threat to remove the S.N.H.S from the control of the Scottish Government, during the last few months I have needed the care, both as an inpatient and outpatient, of our health service, and from my first hand experience I doubt if it could be bettered anywhere, worldwide.
    I’m still relying on their help, and with that I’m hoping to be able to take an active part in the forthcoming election campaign, something I didn’t think would be possible a short time ago.

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    1. Hear hear.

      I too have cause to be grateful for the fantastic care I received from the SNHS.

      I have not one single complaint to make.

      Munguin and I hope you continue to make a great recovery, Alex.

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    2. Alex, I didn’t know you were / are ill!

      Best wishes. And my support for you is well beyond some sort of political point.

      You are one of the good guys!

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    1. All melted down… …

      Munguin could have taken them off their hands cheap and restocked his cellar (now that the import of champagne won’t immediately be disarranged by customs and tariffs!


    1. Well, I’m certainly looking forward to the Tories running the Scottish Health Service. I wonder if my mate in Iceland wants a lodger.

      Incidentally, I hear that he was booed by patients and staff alike.

      Publicity stunt gone (like most of what he touches) horribly wrong.

      This one was particularly badly timed, though, after he said yesterday that the Jocks couldn’t be trusted to run their own NHS.

      Incidentally, I heard this morning that prison assaults on staff and other prisoners are at an all-time high, presumably down to the cuts made both by the government and by the private companies that run their facilities.

      Maybe they’d like to take over our prisons too?


    2. Brilliant! I want that lass for my doctor.

      I noticed she called Boris’ visit not just a PR stunt but a “back door” thing – so now it seems that he’s not just leaving by the back door, he’s coming in that way as well.

      It reminds me of the Orange One, oddly enough: he went to a baseball game the other night and the crowd started chanting “Lock him up! Lock him up!”

      Delving even further back down into my mental lumber room, I recall how Nikolae Ceaușescu fell, after all the other Warsaw Pact countries had ditched their Communist regimes, if I recall correctly. It started at some rally or other he was holding – the kind of choreographed thing made so popular by Adolf Hitler and still beloved of Kim Jong Un – but this time someone booed him, and the booing spread throughout the crowd. I saw film of it at the time, and Ceaușescu looked absolutely terrified – as well he might.

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      1. Indeed, I found it at one time on Youtube. His face was a picture.

        He was, of course, right to be terrified.

        As I recall he and his ghastly wife were shot not long after.

        Not a believer in capital punishment, but if an exception has to be made, he and she are not a bad couple to start with.

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      1. And this is the guy who says that NHS Scotland is so badly run that it needs to be taken out of the hands of the Scottish Government. The cheek of the man! Of course, he wants to flog it so he and his nasty little pals can make loadsamoney.

        Margaret Thatcher stopped coming to Scotland eventually because she was so universally loathed. Now Boris has achieved in a few short weeks what it took Thatcher several months to pull off.

        Time to get organ donor cards printed saying on one side “On No Account to be Visited by Boris Johnson”. We did that with Thatcher. It helped drive the message home into the appalling woman’s head, I think.

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    3. FM: “Interestingly, I stand to be corrected, but my memory tells me that at no point over the last few years in the annual budget negotiations have Labour come to Derek Mackay and asked for more money for the National Health Service.” #FMQs

      FM: “For the last number of years we’ve increased the number of nurse students, and we have record numbers of staff in our NHS. The biggest challenge on NHS recruitment right now is Brexit, and the Tories should be hanging their heads in shame.” #FMQs

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