So, if there is no Conservative Party left on November 1, why are they so keen to have a General Election in December?

I mean, if the Tories cease to exist, The Brexit party and Labour will carve up England between them (well OK, the LibDems may pick up a few seats too even if their leader sounds like she comes from South Africa! (I mean what IS that accent?)

Also, Boris Johnson, intellect and breadth… in one sentence? Surely not.



Dominic, on the side of the downtrodden workers, swamped with nasty foreign regulations and court judgments and done out of employment by EU workers. Just as well we voted for him, eh?


Well, Richard, what do you reckon? Will you call for these things to be devolved?

Then, if it went wrong, you could reasonably blame the Scottish government. As it is the shortcomings are firmly in the court of your beloved Tory UK. And honestly, even with the world’s second most chaotic government, Labout is still a country mile behind Boris “the ditch” Johnson.

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alistqair union jack



Ooooops! As Mr Grayson would have it… Shut that door!



Now, I’m no apologist for Corbyn, but it’s a bit of a cheek that the Tory Daily Mail on Sunday highlights a bloke taking 40 winks on a L-O-N-G train journey from England to Scotland. Especially when their own snooze on the front benches while he should be listening to a debate.




I hear Gove has been ranting at Corbyn about how much money the Tories have spent on the NHS. However much it is, the English NHS is short of 10,000 doctors and over 40,000 nurses, so it’s not enough.

Ho Hum…Things go better with Coke?




24 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. The English press continue to pretend that BoJo is in control of events.
    Ha Ha Ha.
    BoJo has claimed that he has instructed Trump that the NHS is not up for grabs.
    Ha Ha Ha.
    Once the NHS has to start spending more of it’s limited funds on expensive American drugs,the Tories
    will either have to raise taxes or cut spending.
    Their record would suggest the latter which will definitely be the death knell for a state run health service and since they have repatriated NHS procurement to London,this will be the case in Scotland as well.
    That should be highlighted on all anti Brexit political campaign literature for the coming GE.
    I hear that top of the Tories trade deal wish list is one with Bolivia.
    Nothing to do with Marching Powder of course!

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    1. I don’t buy a newspaper anymore, I don’t even pick up the free metro.
      Had a quick look at the headlines via the EBC website which I rarely use now due to the propaganda.
      So we have
      Corbyn is a chicken BUTT not doris.
      Vaz is a druggy on the marching powder BUTT the whole Cabinet are not.
      Doris abandons the brexit bill BUTT no mention of Do or DIE.
      The uk is being held to ransom by parliament BUTT no mention of doris not having a majority.
      I get the feeling we are on the election trail now and the propaganda will be heavy in favour of the establishment.
      The coins, peace and good will to all nations BUTT not Scotland says doris.
      I can’t understand why the opposition aren’t using the LACK of respect for the Parliament as the newest WILL of THE PEOPLE.
      I’m all for a change BUTT would prefer a change from the SYSTEM which could let doris back as leader, with 30% of the popular vote BUTT a majority of 50, if the polls are to be believed.
      The grenfell inquiry, it was the fire service what done it, the media reports, no mention of the fitting of PVC windows and flammable cladding in their reports, actual report to be released tomorrow, these are not newspapers, they push the establishment propaganda and are just poor predictors of the future.
      Strong and stable government from a madhouse.

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      1. Well, Dave, at least we haven’t heard about things being strong and stable for a while.

        I was horrified at the report on the Grenfell Tower and London Fire Service.

        I don’t argue that they did everything perfectly, but, as you say, it all seems to be blamed on them.

        I heard nothing on the news about the failures of the council or the building management. Nothing about the corner cutting.

        I also heard someone from the Brexit Party on the Today Programme.

        He sounded so much like a clone of Farage that I thought it WAS Farage.

        He repeated sound bites about what the people had voted for and refused to answer any real questions by talking through Justin Webb’s questions.

        Now that Boris has failed to deliver… and there is no guarantee that he won’t fail in January, I suspect many of the staunch Brexiteers… you know, the ones that would happily go without their medicines in order to achieve their goal of taking back control, will vote for the Farage Party.

        So, rather like May, the Ditchman might be in for a nasty surprise.


      2. Re the Grenfell Tower fire Dave, at least the representative of the Grenfell survivors mentioned that while the recommendations following the Lakanal House fire, nine years earlier, had been implemented in Scotland, nothing had been done in England despite the enquiry sending their findings to the U.K Government.
        So as you say, the L.F.B are to blame for 72 deaths, not the tory controlled Chelsea and Kensington Borough Council who were responsible for awarding the sub-standard cladding contract, nor a tory Government who failed to implement the safety standards recommended by the earlier enquiry.
        As one who lived for many years in a tenement in Maryhill, I can remember when newspapers were used for a certain function in the toilets. Todays aren’t fit even for that use.

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    2. I think you are being a little unfair. DOCTOR Liam Fox personally signed a trade deal with the Faroe Islands.

      I wonder if Gove did the deal with Bolivia…

      I didn’t know that they had taken back control from Scotland. I thought that it was dreadful foreigners from whom they were taking back control.

      Maybe Scots are dreadful foreigners.

      That’ll do me!

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  2. If one could get ones hands on a few of these coins that say that the UK left on 31st October / 1st November, they may be worth a few devalued pounds in the future!


    Dave, they, Tories, appear to me to be congenital liars.

    The opinion polls, I could go away and list them, appear to suggest that there has been turnover since that vote was taken. And not in a favourable way for Boris. Most folk in the UK don’t want his deal or any deal. They want to stay. All his nonsense about him defending up for those that voted for separation is yesterdays news.

    Newsflash: “We don’t want that anymore!”

    It is odd, is it not, to have a parliament where a doris is still running wild, without a majority? And he relies on a poll where a significant number of people would now change their vote? This is politics and it is as shady as ….

    Changing your mind is the interesting bit of politics. Hopefully I made the right choice. I thought I was a Liberal until they fell into bed with the Tories. I have been SNP ever since.

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  3. It seems that the Fire Brigade control staff are to blame as they didn’t have a plan to deal with multiple calls on their phone system or the senior staff to advise the call centre staff, probably on minimum wage.
    It looks as if the report will be a squirrel job, OH look over there.
    I like lots of people saw the videos of the fire. The plan from the design of the building was to contain the fire at the floor level it started on and hence the fire service advice given to stay in your flat. Fire doors designed to limit the spread of fire for enough time for the brigade to arrive and deal with the fire.
    As far as I can see from the video the fire started in a kitchen with an outside window a few floors up the building. The flames broke through the window and into the ventilation space between the original wall and the new cladding and was transported up to the next level very quickly. Have a look at the old pictures, the windows fell out on the next floor and set fire to the next flat up the building.
    How could the local brigade deal with a fire on a multi story block when their equipment only reached up around 6 floors, what happened to the idea of sprinkler systems and the raising main water supply.
    A terrible fate for the residents and the changes in the building contributed to the result.
    All in the name of improving the look of the building for the well off residents with property around the area.
    I might be totally wrong about the report BUTT.
    In the meantime doris is getting on with the important job, securing his position as PM in a failing state, rapidly becoming a third world nation but full of the dunkirk spirit and the glorious empire.
    The place is falling into a model of disrepair as they save money on development of their cities.
    Wondering what’s to happen with HS2 and crossrail, no longer in the news. Take an asprin a day to save you from dispair or a wee line of marching powder from Bolivia. IF you can get it delivered.
    A shambles of a country is englandland and trying to drag the rest of us over the cliff with them.

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    1. I trust the Fire Brigade with my life (though mistakes can always happen). The Tories, well, I wouldn’t trust them to tell me the correct time of day.

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    2. I still can’t think of that fire without shuddering. The lad who phoned his parents to say goodbye. I just can’t begin to imagine the horror of knowing you were shortly going to die a painful death. Alone.

      I just saw this tweet from a fireman.

      Donny Campbell Retweeted
      Gav Lynch
      As a Firefighter who attended Grenfell, I am truly disgusted by what this country has become. This picture sums it up perfectly. Man who closed 10 Fire Stations, cut 30 Fire Engines and 500 Firefighters, not to blame, but Fire Brigade cut to ribbons, fully to blame. #Grenfell

      It has 1.6k comments; 18.9k retweets and 45.1k likes.

      Utterly awful. I’d trust my life to a fireman.

      I’d not trust the Tories to make a cup of tea.


  4. So right Panda,
    The ejected tory mps are now to get reinstated into the party.
    So they voted against leaving with no deal are to be standing as tory MPs for the GE, does it make sense, well we don’t know what’s happening in their constituencies maybe IF they stood as Independent and cause the tories to lose the seat.
    The BUTT party election material say jo swineson will be the next PM, IF she holds her seat in Cumbernauld she will be very fortunate.
    Game on

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    1. I read that Ditchy is going to call off the election if 16/17 year olds are allowed to vote, on the basis that there was only about 7 who are likely to vote Tory.


      1. Seems that the deputy speaker hasn’t allowed the amendment.
        Democracy tory style, only registered conservatives to be allowed to vote, only 20,000 votes to count.
        Untruthful steps back from the PR job, now to hear who will stand in East Ren.
        I was under the impression that EU residents in the Ruk were allowed to vote, we are still in the EU.
        As many as 7 student votes for the tories! well the mogg has 6 kids and doris we don’t know how many.
        The news is that corbyn will vote with the tories to have a GE and the fools are still having a chat about whether to have one that’s already agreed.

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        1. I suspect that the PR company got in touch with Ruth and suggested that maybe she should spend more time with her family.

          For a PR company, they were getting some pretty disastrous PR.


    GE 12 December.
    Tory win
    The Withdrawal Bill passes in early January and…
    By that time we should have the Referendum Bill through Holyrood and given Royal Assent.
    The SNP then fix the date of indyref2 18 Sep 20 should be perfect.
    I don’t think we will bother with a S30 as the approval of the International Community is the most important consideration. If Westminster wants to challenge the legitimacy then they will have to go to an International court such as the ECJ; no chance of that.

    Xmas presents all round.

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      1. Aucheorn, I agree however I believe there is the issue that 30 Jun2020 is the last day that the UK can ask the EU to extend the transition period beyond Dec 2020. The contents or lack thereof of the Free Trade Agreement should be obvious by then, but an extension would cloud the issue. That is why I opted for 18 Sep 2020. I also think it a bit hard to go for an indyref at such short notice.

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  6. Off-topic newsflash!

    UKIP no longer has a leader called Dick Braine.

    The latest in a long line of leaders (beating Scottish Labour by a long way with 8 in 4 years) has resigned after less than three months.

    Anyone want the job? Boris?


  7. Threats…

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