13 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. And THIS contains some really amusing material.
    Try PoliticsJOE., any deal will do video.
    Wee story from the weekend.
    A parliamentary commission travelling to Skye in a bus.
    As they near Glencoe the bus skids off the road and ends up in a bog upside down.
    A crofter sees the result and uses his old tractor to bury the bus but leaves the wheels sticking up above the bog as a marker.
    About a brexit delay later it is noticed that the bus hasn’t arrived in Skye so the local polis is dispatched to try to locate the bus and passengers.
    Approaching Glencoe he sees the wheels sticking up and finds the crofter as enquires about the strange mound with tyres protruding.
    The crofter tells the polis that it is a bus.
    The polis asks if there were any survivors.
    The crofter says that he asked the people on board if they were ALIVE, so just buried the bus and contents.
    The polis says ‘so everyone died in the accident’?
    The crofter says that he was told they were politicians and that they were alive BUTT you know politicians, they ALWAYS LIE.
    So I buried the bus.
    A tale modified from ‘The boy who cried wolf too often’.
    When the public are taking the P*** out of politicians they need to step back and take stock of their politics.
    Loved the cartoons.

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    1. Ha ha… That video is great.

      I see that the EU has agreed to the proposal in the unsigned letter.

      Not only that but they can leave on Dec 1, or January 1 if they get a deal through parliament.

      They are bending backwards for him.


  2. The English press full of stories about the Libdem plan to hold a GE.
    Not a peep about the SNP involvement.
    Scotland doesn’t exist anymore so they can just ignore our politicians,unless of course they are members of England’s political parties where they are “tolerated”.

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      1. Its mentioned in the Grauniad and an EU PR hack has indicated the SNP-LibDem motion was a “game-changer” in terms of an extension.

        FWIW I think the SNP are making a catastrophically bad decision getting involved in anything to do with the Orange Tories (LibDems) & all that will be remembered in future is the SNP and LibDems voted for the (ultra-right wing) Tories to get a huge majority, with all that follows from that result.

        For nothing. Even the DUP were bright enough to demand a quid pro quo but not the SNP 😦

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        1. Vestas,

          You may be right, but my understanding from last nights telly was that Johnstone could not pursue a ‘no-deal’ Brexit unless it was passed by the HoC? Under the terms of the SNP / LIB proposal. So, the original proposal had a ‘quid pro quo’ and now it doesn’t?

          Call me confused.

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  3. You heard it here first.
    The rt unhon untruthful davidson is standing as an MP in East Renfrewshire in the GE.
    Just got a letter from her thanking me for voting tory in the last election and asking me to vote for her in the coming GE.
    No mention of Carless Jackass or masterton in the letter.
    My take on her still being able to use the DUP dark money, signed as MSP.
    Onward to February for brexit with doris, don’t know which year.

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    1. Bloody hell.

      That will make it so much easier to look after her little boy, what with her duties in Edinburgh, in London and her new PR job (that was a PR disaster).

      I’m sure the little one will thank her for being so selfless.


  4. Ho, hum…

    Just watched the government fall to another (crashing?) defeat. I’ll say this very quietly, I thought Jo Swinson was pretty impressive. (covers ears as someone shouts ‘incoming!’)

    The HOC’s is a pretty weird place tho’

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    1. It’s a VERY weird place. I’m pretty sure that there is nowhere in the world quite like it!

      And you are allowed to be controversial here!!



  5. It’s a fun place, the HOC, the house of common fools.
    So doris says that a new bunch of MPs are needed to replace the current mob.
    The cameron left us with the Fixed Term Parliament Act.
    Then he had the great idea to have a Referendum on the EU problem in the tory party.
    He resigned as PM.
    We got a new PM, the maybot, elected by the membership of the tory party.
    She called a GE, after telling us she wouldn’t call one.
    She failed to win the GE even although the POLLS were saying she would win a big majority.
    Months are spent trying to negotiate a WA with a BACKSTOP to keep the DUP on board.
    The doris engineers a coup and gets elected as PM from a very small electorate.
    He then ejects the remainer group from the tory party, reducing his majority to NEGATIVE numbers.
    Now his mantra is we MUST respect the result of the referendum.
    What about RESPECT for the CURRENT parliament elected from a GE called by the tory party when they already had a majority that would have PUSHED through brexit.
    The current parliament is the recorded will of the people.
    Maybe we should just close the doors and forget about the lords and the commons and just get on with our lives, after all we still have another TEN YEARS to go to FINISH BREXIT with the trade deals still to negotiate. It’s the doris that’s not showing respect for the will of the people.
    Time for the onion to be broken up.

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    1. I think his best ever proposal is that the government should go on strike and not conduct any business, including the budget.

      Given that everything that lot does is crap and that the budget was only likely to make things easier for the rich and harder for the rest of us, I say YAY, go for it Ditchy!!

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