David sent me a collection of autumn photographs from around the world, which I thought I’d share with you. But for fear of the wrath of Panda Paws, Munguin suggested a couple of Orangutans should be asked to host the page, as usual with a few other animals just to keep order.

I hope you enjoy.

Image result for orangutan baby
Morning. It’s a special Soppy Sunday today, but I’m here to keep you right. Just ask if you want anything.
n pumpkin fair switzerland
They have pumpkin fairs in Switzerland…
Belarus Daily Life
n elk
Yes? What was it? I’m busy eating.

A woman walks under the trees with autumn coloured leaves in Moscow


n crows at the louvre.jpg
Cultured crows at the Louvre.
Grizzly bears search for migrating salmon to help fatten up for the winter hibernation in Katmai National Park
Salmon fishing in Alaska.
Anyone say where this is?
n otter
I otter stop leaning on this stick.
Red and golden maple leaves colour the autumn countryside in Cantin village,
n autum cats d bell
Cats playing in the leaf fall.
n wyoming
n humming
n aut2
No idea where, but it’s pretty. Looks like Munguin’s local woods.
n blackbear
Anyone got a towel?
n kit
I’ve found myself a cosy billet here…
Harvesting of sesame seeds in Antalya
Harvest in Turkey.
Leonardo Urena
In California, they have the biggest aspid… erm pumpkins in the world.
n horse
What you mean, cold?ย 
Image result for orangutan baby
Well, I’m off to see this doctor person right now, so you’ll have to come back next week. Bye, y’all!


  1. Ah Munguin knows me well but tbf there are a number of orangutan fans on the blog now and they would have been disappointed too! I loved the otter – very distinguished and the grey cat with the cosy billet. I never fully appreciated just how long cat’s vibrissae were. Of course this being a blog for learned people, you’ll know what vibrissae are*

    I do love Autumn – my favourite season, all the leaf colours, the beautiful light we get at this time of year. A e reminder to UK based folk – Spring forward and Fall back. Yes it’s change the clocks time again. Officially the end of BST.


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    1. Yes. Munguin knows that others would be disappointed were there no Orangutans on SS. But he’s only wary of you!!!

      I love autumn too, or the beginning part of it (ie September, October). I’m less keen on November.

      Munguin says that he knew the meaning of vibrissae. Tris, needless to say, did not.


  2. Don’t know so much about those Louvre crows being cultured, Tris. Clever though, I notice they’re pretty close to the Paul stall, no doubt with an eye to nabbing any bits of croissants, baguettes, etc., that are going.
    I love pumpkins but I don’t think that colossal one in California would be much use for culinary purposes – you’d never get it into the kitchen! I got a large one last week and made a batch of spicy pumpkin soup to freeze for the cold winter days, even roasted the seeds for garnish. Sadly, I didn’t make a lantern this year – I must be getting too old ๐ŸŽƒ

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    1. I’ve always found crows to be clever, if not exactly cultured.

      A while ago I was walking along the shore at Broughty Ferry and I saw a crow trying to open a carton of yogurt.

      As I approached he few off but landed a few yards away and watched me as I peeled the lid off for him. I walked away and once he was sure I wasn’t going to come back and ask him to share it with me, he got stuck in, his beak all covered in yellow stickiness.

      Later, on my way back, the carton was lying empty and I was able to put it in the waste bin for him. They want waited on wing and claw, these animals.

      Talking of which, and pumpkin soup, I shall be purchasing the pumpkin that no one wants (you know, misshapen or discoloured) from the local shop and making soup for Munguin’s Hallowe’en party as usual. It has become a tradition. Munguin expects nothing less.

      But I’m interested in roasting these seeds… what do you do?


      1. Tris, – roasting the pumpkin seeds. Here’s what I do. Rinse off all of the fibrous gunge that’s stuck to them. spread them out on a tray/plate on paper towels to dry off. Toss the seeds in oil (I use olive oil but rape seed, etc., is fine). Season with some sea salt, ground black pepper and, if you like, sprinkle with ground paprika. Spread seeds out in a single layer on a baking tray, preferably on baking sheet/greaseproof paper and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180ยฐC for about 20 mins until crisp and crunchy. They keep for about a week in the fridge, month in the freezer.

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  3. I had a curious observation of a crow yesterday. I had put the remains of a carton in the bin at work. When I exited a crow leapt from the edge of the bin and hung about around 3 meters from me. I cannot tell one crow from another, but I have heard research has shown that they can tell humans apart. So although I was moving about, the crow did not fly off but waited til I was away from the bin. I never torment them. I assume this one “knows” me.

    Anyway I sat watching it for 5 minutes. Keeping the same distance it jumped back onto the bin and tried to tug off a bit of that packing tape with the fibre reinforcing web incorporated. It tried several times. I thought it curious as its not nest building time. And doubly so because it wasn’t scared off by me. It put quite a bit of effort into the task. Have they been known to try to eat tape?

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    1. Having observed crows, very clever birds, it probably thought “I could use this to do that thingy.”
      They are nervous chaps ’til they get used to you. I know a farmer that has one that follows him about, and has come closer to see what he is doing.
      A local girl had a “pet” crow which would wait on a post for the school bus and follow her home. Some said it would talk to her, but I never heard it so I cant confirm.

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    2. Lovely story, David. I wonder if there is something that they like it the glue? Didn’t kids used to sniff glue, after all.! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think birds do get to know humans they see often. A few years I had a blackbird (Bertie) who lived around our way and who used to wait for me when I opened the back door and fly from tree to tree down the back garden to the shed where his food was kept.

      He didn’t do it if anyone else went into the garden.

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  4. Iโ€™ve just looked at the clock and itโ€™s 5 to 8. It seems like only yesterday since it was 5 to 9.
    State sponsored jet lag, thatโ€™s what this fall back nonsense is all about.

    The darkness beckons, roll on springtime.

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    1. You research skills are second to none.

      Would you like a job as Munguin’s chief research officer? Inordinately generous package (or so he says).


              1. Indeed – Trump’s complexion is peaches and cream – orange except for the white bits round his eyes where he has the goggles on in his sunbed – and I’m more strawberries and cream. Or maybe raspberries. We do, however, share that all-too-common melanin deficiency that afflicts “white” Europeans.

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