I might add, that there’s no point in asking a member of this government anything because they don’t have a bloody clue.

But maybe Luke Graham can help us out?


  1. regard ree moggs if you ask him you get an answer nobody wants, power and privilege in the house of commons means you get to treat everyone with contempt

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  2. Where do they get these self entitled thickheads?

    Must be breeding or training them?

    Either way the Tories are ferked in Scotland


  3. IF readers were in any DOUBT.
    Just heard doris on the radio say in answer to Ian Blackford’s question on PMQT.
    “It’s the english that decide what happens to scotland”. NOT the Scots.
    Straight from the horse’s mouth.
    Hope the SNP use it like the media would.
    Shock horror, the prime minister has told the truth , for once.
    When you’re a COLONY the colonial masters decide.
    Ofgem have just announced that the Western Isles will not be getting subsea power cable connection to the Mainland. This was to connect the WINDIEST place on the British Isles to the mainland.
    Reason?, The Government will not sanction the same level of subsidies as are applied to the Southern North Sea wind farms, thus making the investment uneconomic.
    Democracy and economics westmonster style.
    The doris says ” Scotland, you don’t count”.

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    1. Not just wind Dave, the real power source, from the West of Islay all the way up to west Shetland is wave energy. Huge potential on the West, where wind could be dwarfed by wave energy, if developed.
      Scotland should be leading in wave technology but we need the grid connections, to attract investment. We have a leading comercial tidal turbine, developed and working in the Pentland Firth. Great tidal streams and a grid connection, thanks to Dounreay.

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  4. I was with a company called our power for electricity but I noticed that the highest tariffs they charged anyone in the U.K. for what our power called green renewable energy produced by Scotland were the Hebrides and the lowest the south west of England so I left them

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  5. Rees-Smugg is so damn condescending, dismissive and offensive that it makes me and, I am perfectly sure, most other people want to grind our teeth. Of course, after we get over our initial reaction, we can see that he successfully deflected the question and provided no answer at all.

    I wish the Speaker would be harder on them – Government ministers should not be permitted to refuse to answer legitimate questions from members of the legislature. When they do so, they are refusing to accept democratic accountability and compounding the lack of transparency of which Westminster regimes are so fond.

    If that exchange had occurred in the American House of Representatives, Rees-Smugg could have been held in contempt. They do it through their committees though, I think – the Executive has its digs well away from the legislature.

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    1. Economics is not a hard science, it’s a social science. Meteorology is inherently difficult – mathematics of chaos, and so on – but their observing tools and computer simulations are enormously better than they were back in the dark ages when I was born. If you follow such things, the Americans frequently tell people on their weather forecasts what the main computer models are predicting about hurricane tracks.

      Here’s a weather resource I like: https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar.

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  6. I am not in favour of this kind of video
    It looks to me like it’s been done by the newspaper “ the National” the big N top left corner.
    This is what I think is wrong with it

    Firstly it shows us that the CBI and chamber of commerce in Scotland both have doubts about how Scottish independence will affect Scotland but so what we already know this, both organisations lied to us during the Scottish independence referendum 2014 by telling us businesses would leave Scotland if it became independent and they also supported the views that Scotland would not be able to pay a reasonable state pension or have an NHS and that oil and gas in Scottish waters would run out within five years all of those project fear stories they supported and put out were proven to be untrue .
    Why would we think any different now ?
    All this video is doing s repeating their scare stories for them cost free.

    Secondly we already know that Kerr is bonkers and Rees Mogg in a world of his own so why make a video of them in action for free .

    This video doesn’t do Scottish independence any favours really because it’s also giving Tory organisations CBI and chamber of commerce free advertisement too.

    Come on we can do better than that with our videos surely

    Do one showing how with control of our own country we can double the state pension virtually overnight , get rid of nuclear weapons and build lots of warm modern housing for a fraction of the price we pay at present and have land reform that benefits the people and not just the few absent owners.

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        1. It is said (warning klaxons here), that Johnson was telling MPs in the tea rooms that he had asked Président Macron to refuse the extension.

          So not sure if it’s right, and if it is, I’m not sure that Macron would do it.


            1. I heard that too.

              Viktor needs to be careful about upsetting the EU though. Hungary does very nicely out of it.

              Macron has a reputation for being pretty hard-line on this.

              They’ll probably end up getting an extension. He will be warned not to waste it. Then he’ll waste it!


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