Well, we think that Boris wrote a letter telling Dr Sarah Wollaston that he wouldn’t be able to attend a Liaison Committee meeting as he had promised (for the third time!)

We’re not sure, because we cannot read it.

Whatever else they teach at Eton, it certainly isn’t penmanship.

34 thoughts on “A LETTER FROM BORIS, WE THINK”

  1. Something like

    I promised I would come to the liaison committee and I will keep that promise but I’m afraid I will have to focus on delivering brexit in very difficult circumstances in which we now find ourselves and I ******* it would be of greater value if I could postpone to a fixed date nearer 5 or 6 months after I became PM so that my appearance takes place after roughly the same period in office as Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Theresa May. I do hope you will understand

    etc etc
    Wonderful communication considering how many writers are employed in the government.

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      1. Thanks Andi
        I left out the swear word, as like all his other communications I couldn’t believe a word of it.
        Isn’t it strange that the ‘I’ looks like the number ‘2’, and other times just a scribble.?
        Wonder if some handwriting expert makes of the chicken style crossing effect?, or like most bully boys he’s just chicken when confronted.
        I always carry some parliament headed writing paper around with me to scribble notes on.
        You all realise that’s a little white lie, I use my mobile phone to text, modern world versus old world.

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  2. This is a serious grievance being aired and the reply did not mince about. This was his strategy during the leadership campaign, run on the myth and try to keep the reality hidden.
    How much press coverage it’ll get, I wonder?

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  3. Boris says after brexit we should all come together
    I always remind me of this
    Quote from the USA civil war.

    Which captures how I will feel
    If unwanted brexit is imposed
    On us

    You’re mistaken, sir,” he said. “You may forgive us, but we won’t be forgiven. There is a rancor in our hearts which you little dream of. We hate you, sir.”

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    1. Yes, Niko. They keep on talking about how as soon as we are Brexitted, we will suddenly all start loving each other dearly, just like we did in the days leading up to the referendum.

      Rangers’ fans will hug Celtic fans; Spurs fans will hug Chelsea fans, Labour and the Tories will hug each other. Jacob Rees Mogg will hug himself and Claude François brother, Marque will be hauling Johnson’s cold dead body out of the ditch and trying to breathe some life into it.

      On the other hand the Civil War quote sounds more likely.

      Especially in the long queues for food or at passport control… hey ho.

      Danny sent me this. It is hilarious.



      1. The unhappening PM, and his cabinet of sheep.
        I’m still confused by Clark’s position of supporting doris when he’s convinced this brexit route is going to end up in a disaster for the majority of the population.
        Maybe a wee shift to the lords is on offer.
        Now we have doris wanting a GE on the 12th of December, when cameron instituted the FIXED TERM PARLIAMENT ACT, which he hasn’t a majority to overturn at present.
        As it says in the article, asking for the same thing again and again and expecting a different result may just be a definition of madness.
        I’m wondering if a sniff of the white class A drug would help with the perspective.

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        1. He could give Gove a call. He’s bound to have some spare.

          I’ve just read that Labour will abstain on the motion for an election, which will mean that it won;t pass, though I think the SNP will vote for it.

          If he doesn’t get an election, I believe that the government is going to go on a “go-slow”

          .Latest: Boris Johnson’s Govt has threatened to go on strike if Labour refuses a Dec 12 election on Monday. PM’s spokesman said: “Nothing will come before Parliament but the bare minimum. We will pursue a general every day from then onwards, and do everything we can to get it”.

          That makes not signing the letter to Brussels sound almost grown up.


          1. The idea of a “go slow” is interesting. Potentially it frees up time for private members bills, early day motions and all sorts of other parliamentary chicanery . With a sympathetic Speaker ( and it doesn’t need to be a Pete Wishart or a Mhari Black) and with the Government falling well short of a majority all sorts of non-controversial but long over-due stuff could get done.

            SO…Bercow steps down… Corbyn gets the job of Speaker ( & Labour get a new leader in the Commons who isn’t a vacillating dithering old fart), a front bench Tory ( chosen pretty much at random) is “named” and expelled from The House ( pour encourager les autres) for misleading Parliament ( as I say, pretty much any of them). If the others don’t toe the line…wash, rinse, repeat .

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            1. Ha ha, Speaker Corbyn.

              I’m all for private members’ bills. Most of them make more seance than the garbage from the government.

              But then, you’ve always got Phil, whose only purpose in life appears to be to thwart the will of the public by talking them out.

              We need a a Speaker that will end THAT nonsense for once and for all.


        2. And from Marky Booth (and from a Treasury Source)

          “Parliament has voted for a delay. We’re calling for an election so we won’t be delivering the Budget on November 6.”

          Me huff!


  4. Looks like we have what is known in computing terms as “deadly embrace”.
    The EU won’t give an extension until they see concrete proposals for a GE/Referendum and Labour
    won’t agree to that until they see what sort of extension is on offer.

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  5. The doris latest.
    I’ll give you a golden unicorn in exchange for a GE, jeremy.
    Doris, you don’t have any unicorns at all.
    That’s correct, jeremy.
    I’ll give you a golden unicorn for a GE.

    The cameron legacy, the fixed parliament term act, the referendum and the off in the huff resignation.
    I’m not jealous BUTT we now have untruthful getting on the gravy train of large cash payouts for a nice wee sinecure. A small list, clegg, dugdale, darling, brownie, alexander, add some more.

    the last I heard was untruthie was getting a chairmanship of a scottish quango as well as joining dugdale at the uni’s John Smith unit.

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    1. Methinks the mediocre use it as a passport to a well paid job. Not for what they know, good lord no, but for who they know.

      Helps too if someone bought their loyalty with a membership of the Privy Council.


  6. Doris Johnston who’d have thunk it?


    “Methinks the mediocre use it as a passport to a well paid job. Not for what they know, good lord no, but for who they know.

    Helps too if someone bought their loyalty with a membership of the Privy Council.”


    That suits some folk.

    I prefer being with some of the more interesting, engaged and intelligent folk. There is no fundamental difference between the folk that write atl and btl here. A pretty friendly and decent bunch. They are though somewhat different from the folk that have sold their souls.

    Does your physical recovery proceed apace?

    Just wondered whether you would be fit enough for George Square? We’d love to see you.

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  7. If the Tory government goes on strike do you think we could disguise some soldiers as policemen and send them in to beat up, detain, then beat them up again in custody until they’re finally driven in despair to go back to work.

    Nah! Things like that just wouldn’t happen in good old fair play Britain and any way it would have to coincide with the times between their holidays which is about a fortnight or something. A logistical nightmare.

    A Tory government withdrawing its labour, the ultimate hypocrisy.

    Would anyone notice the difference though?

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