Boris Johnson has just told Parliament that the UK Government will be taking control of all of Scotland’s waters under his proposed Deal.
Sounds like the #WithdrawalAgreementBill is as much about clawing powers back from the devolved nations as it is from the EU #indyref2020



So much for the will of the NORTH British people.

43 thoughts on “THE GREAT CLAWBACK”

    1. Well, that was never devolved. (They were never going to let us get our hands on that in any way at all.)

      Whatever anyone thinks of Blair (and I hate him like poison), when he initiated the devolution referendum, he was pretty clear as to what would be devolved and what would not. We knew what we were voting for.

      Likewise, we knew what we were voting for in the 2014 referendum because the YES campaign laid it out very clearly.

      On the other hand in the 2016 referendum, we were asked to vote on some airy-fairy ideas about taking back control.

      Although, as I may have mentioned before, strangely the people who proposed this didn’t seem to appreciate when the British courts took control and don’t seem to like the British parliament taking control. It seems that control will rest in the incapable hands of Cummings and Trump.

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  1. Everything is reserved unless specifically devolved.
    Scotland no more.
    Even if Westminster manages to cobble together some sort of Brexit arrangement,Scots are still left with the fact that our parliament will have little or no say over what happens in Scotland.
    Is this really what people voted for in 2014?

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    1. No, it is not what was voted for in 2014. It is what we get for giving them a scare in 2014. I wish more voters could see past the pomp, contrived history and golden landou, to the mendacious, unprincipled pirates that infest the Westminster power seat. If they don’t the Scots will be put back in their box and the lid firmly shut.

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  2. Luke Graham (responding to Dominic Grieve QC, who had pointed out that Northen Ireland had special and favourable terms under this proposed treaty with the EU, and asking if that was fair to Scotland) pointed out that NI had been engaged in a civil war for 30 years resulting in death, and so had to have special terms.

    It appears that the none-too-bright was indicating that we had failed to murder sufficient people to deserve the same terms as Northern Ireland.

    I know the Tories didn’t really expect to win seats in Scotland, but surely there were brighter people willing to put themselves up?

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        1. yes he is English. Which is fine if he lived here but apparently, like Swinson, he doesn’t.

          I think we need a law that states you need to live in the same country (of the multinational state known as UK) as your constituency. And preferably in or near said constituency.

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            1. well I’m not sure about the same constituency – I mean is life really much more different in Glasgow North East and Glasgow East. Should you be barred from standing if you live two streets outwith the boundary? I suppose that’s why I said nearby. Of course Mags Curran represented Glasgow East and lived a VERY different life in Glasgow South’s poshest part so I do know what you mean.

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  3. If my responses should turn out to be sparse this evening, please excuse me and blame instead Virgin Media, which for reasons best known to itself, despite being expensive, is also crap and keeps dropping the internet connection.


    1. Can I recommend switching to A&A ISP?

      Their folks have good politics, as far as data and internet is concerned. SPecifically including government snooping and censorship.

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      1. Thanks, Illy. Will look into them.

        Virgin has been a pain over the last few weeks, and tonight it has dropped out 3 times.

        And can you get in touch with them?… Well, only if you have a few hours to spare.


        1. Aye Tris
          Virgin since their provider EE was taken over by BT have been anything like of old.
          I spent an hour talking to someone called JOHN, in India, about getting a new simcard to fit my newly acquired phone. Can’t be done since I can’t pass the security questions.
          My mother’s maiden name has suddenly expanded to more than 10 characters, which it never had.
          What was the last number I dialled, 150 wasn’t a suitable answer.
          The suggestion was I pop into my local Virgin shop and get one there was when I lost the plot, there is no local virgin shop, asked John if he could pop into London and pickup a simcard for me as that would be his local virgin shop.
          Asked them to send it to my home address, wasn’t possible.
          Then the ultimate irony, a sales invite arrives from virgin which tells me they’re NOT HAPPY until I’m happy as they provide GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, I’m still waiting on the reply to my complaint email, that’s 10 days now.
          They sent me a ‘HOW DID WE DO’ request which hasn’t been responded to as I said their service was terrible. They don’t respond to negative comments.
          Aye Virgin.

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          1. I had much the same thing.

            I hadn’t noticed but for years they have been charging me way too much for internet. My mate got a deal with someone at half the price I’m paying… and it is a better and faster service. So I decided to shift. This was the week before I went into hospital.

            I tried the online conversation, but kept getting cut off and returned to a bot. I tried phoning but the woman couldn’t understand my problem and was sharp and unpleasant.

            I went into the town and found the shop, and was told that they only dealt with new accounts there. It was a sales operation. When I explained the difficulties I had had, the woman there told me that that was to be expected. Students were turning up at university. What did I expect? They were really busy.

            When I suggested that normally when you are super busy you take on more staff, she snorted at me.

            Like you, I got a “How did we do?” email, to which I replied, rather unfavourably to put it mildly. No response.

            Then I went into hospital and had other things on my mind.

            But the actual internet service has been patching over the last week or so, so I’m going to have to find the time to sign up with someone new.


            1. So much like the big clawback englandland exit.
              I tried the online complaint service.
              A BOT, fill in the comment box, the system goes into a programme, can’t answer that, i’ll pass it on to a real person.
              When, who knows but they won’t call me from a VIRGIN number, it will be an 0800 number with no identity.
              A friend says IF you get a Phillipines contact the next thing you get is Phishing, your number contact is sold to someone perhaps.
              So I know how you feel, it’s like I like being Victor Meldrew BUTT I can’t help it now.
              Doris, the Dell Boy of politics, asks us to buy a used WA, but won’t tell us what’s in the agreement.
              Love the comment about the Chicken farmer having to use oven gloves to open the hut door due to the excessive heat from the cash for ash days.

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      2. I wouldn’t recommend AAISP at this point in time to anyone in Scotland.

        Reason is mainly because RevK is semi-retired now (and bored out of his brains if his blog is any indication) so their position on censorship/filtering/monitoring may change. As may their ownership.

        However he’s on record as saying that should Scotland become independent they will no longer offer service to anyone living here. In fact he gave some consideration to doing that years ago because of the different legal system in Scotland (see blogs passim re small court hassles) and politically he’s a Faragist (UKIP as was) – or as close as makes no odds.

        Full disclosure – I know the guy personally & at one time managed their upstream connectivity (back when they only had Level3). Clever guy with some morals – which is unusual for a Tory. Oh I also used their services to run some IPv6 training courses for Pipex staff (that’s going back a bit!)…

        YMMV of course.

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      1. Only if you’re happy with a broken billing system (in favour of PN) which has been broken for at least 3 years on and off – and noticeably worse peak time performance than BT Retail.

        PN are a subsidiary of BT and consistently perform worse than the BT Retail service. They’re also charging people more (in many cases) than BT Retail do.

        Avoid like the plague is my advice re PlusNet. They’ll certainly “do you” but no fucking way will the “Do you proud” 😀

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        1. Oh and the way they used to get great reviews was by offering discounts/payments based on the number of “referrals” (ie poor saps you got to sign up) you had.

          Plenty of people I know (online) were getting PAID for their broadband they had so many referrals. One guy I knew said (verbatim) “I couldn’t give a shit about the PN service, I get paid for that with referrals so if its rubbish I use the second line with UKOnline (as was)”.

          PlusNet have a long history of bending the truth – to destruction at times 😉

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  4. I thought who owns what waters was an international thing, not a UK thing? I read somewhere that the stolen waters on the east coast would automatically return to Scotland on our independence.

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  5. 1hr ago Donald Tusk tweeted that he would recommend the UKs request for an extension. The Poms are going to very upset.


  6. Anyone who is stupid enough to believe that the Tories treated NI differently to Scotland because of their concerns about civil war should take themselves off to a dark room for a very long time.
    The Tories know fine well that any breach of the GFA will result in no trade deal with the US of A.
    However,by saying that violence was the reason they respected NI’s democratic wishes,sends entirely the wrong message.

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    1. Well, I guess if you are bleating about taking back control, you can hardly admit that Nancy Pelosi has just taken it off you, can you?

      Still, I think that Graham was very ill advised to suggest that violence buys you special treatment., as Illy has pointed out. It’s an invitation to treat.

      Still even among Scottish Tories, Graham is a dimwit.

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  7. I’m afraid Cassandra was right again.

    It’s quite breathtaking, really. One thing is for sure: if this latest wheeze by the scary clown in no. 10 had been part of the Vow in 2014, we would be independent now – probably even without Brexit to throw into the mix. Now the question is whether the message is going to get out through the Great British Meeja Machine in such a way that the electorate actually know what’s going on.

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