12 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Just on the ‘take the strain’ cartoon. Perhaps some cartoonish rendition of Nicola Sturgeon should be on the right hand side? Might make all the difference.

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  2. All the news websites seem to be assuming that everyone was paying attention to the live reporting, so none of them are actually saying what sodding happened last weekend!

    Could anyone give me a 30s summary?

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    1. Illy, this piece from today’s Financial Times is a wee bit more than a 30-sec read, but it’s a good wrap-up of what’s been happening. Better still, you’ll like the conclusions about resultant boost to Scottish independence prospects. The link is only good for three goes so first-come etc.


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  3. Illy,

    I’ll defer to my betters, but AFAIK everything remained on hold. Nowt changed, the beast that is BREXIT either continues on it’s path (copyright B Johnston) or it has fallen off a cliff (copyright Arlene Forster) or it is in some sort of indeterminate state (copyright J Corbyn) .

    Whichever option, some of us in Scotland are furious.

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  4. I wouldn’t even try to give a report on the happening called ‘Supersaturday’.
    The matinee at the picture house would have been a better use of the time, something like the 3 stooges playing to Carry On Regardless.
    If only the second cartoon was accurate, englandland being cast adrift from the security of the EU raft, and that seems to be from an ebc site.
    I was shown a video of the gove being interviewed????? by andrew neill, talking with a strange accent and looking like he had just been partaking of some strange medicine, wonder if someone can post it. Even neil made comment on the strange Americanisms. This was during the time gove was at the day job, the one we pay for, IF it was another workplace he would be sacked for being unfit to do his duties BUTT in the westmonster it’s deemed ok.
    Like the reference to the white knight standing bye whilst the black night knocks 7 bells out of its self, shades of Python.
    As i understand things, the meaningful vote was pulled by the lion from ‘The wizard of Eton’, helped along by the ‘Tin MAn’. All to be rerun sometime this week. Just before the doris suspends parliament for another couple of days before we celebrate the equinox, Qou Vadis indeed.
    The comedy from the ‘House of Common Fools’ continues.
    Time for Clark to be put out to stud, he said the deal was Worse than the maybot’s, would seriously DAMAGE the rUK economy, cause MISERY to the population, BUTT would support the new deal, WHAT, say that again.
    Time for Scotland to leave the Strong and Stable control from westmonster, I suppose we will hear in due course what bribes have been handed out, a wee knighthood here , an MBE there, a wee chairmanship of a quango there.
    Wake up the people of Scotland , you are being SHAFTED by the doris democratic loony party of Eton mess.

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    1. I have to admit, once I thought I understood all of this, but now TBH I’ve lost the plot … maybe they have too???
      “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first send mad” (IIRC)
      The question is how would we know? Have Boris, Gove? and who knows who else? really gone nuts, in a genuine clinical sense, I mean? Considering the strain they’ve been under … could they just all be sectioned and put out to grass at the funny farm … please!

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      1. Well Gove seems like he’s resorted to drink, or whatever else becasue he seems utterly detached most of the time.

        On the other hand it could be his home life, which must be far from fun.

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