Also, anyone know how much bribe money is now on the table for Northern Ireland?

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Anyone care to hazard a guess that the Scottish Secretary, Union Jack, is fighting for the same sort of money for Scotland, which also voted to stay in the EU?

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Does anyone know what constituency in Northern Ireland this loonie represents?

Ross Thomson MP
As a Unionist I’m pleased that the new deal @BorisJohnson has secured ensures that NI will be in the UK customs territory forever. The anti-democratic backstop has been abolished. Meaning that the people of NI will be in charge of the laws that they live by. #GetBrexitSorted


  1. The SNP are getting on my wick at the moment but well said Nicola. If this deal goes through then the only way that Scotland can survive, in any sense, is independence.

    God I hate the UK. Not all the people in it but the structure and processes and traditions. Please let’s get out of here. And as for section 30 orders let’s not take No for an answer.

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    1. I’d add that it’s not surprising that people are fed up with the SNP at the moment. Folk are bound to be frustrated that we are no farther forward, and after all, they have now been in government for over 12 years.

      But my goodness, it must be music to unionist ears to read comments on social media in which people declare that they won;t vote for them, or they won’t vote at all.

      They are the only realistic hope for an independence government.

      I say let’s leave the squabbling till we are independent.

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      1. hell yes I’ll vote for them… until independence. Then when the party splits up, I’m voting for the bit that Joanna Cherry is in.

        Anyway politics is seriously depressing at the moment so

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      2. Yes. The British powers that be must be thrilled to see alleged pro-independence people whining about the lack of progress being made by the SNP and failing to get that the SNP strategy of letting the British destroy the UK from within is bearing fruit according to polls. It’s all a bit like Spoilt Bastard from Viz Comics. “I want something. Now. Me!”

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        1. You wouldn’t be referring to the nutcase from Bath, would you? I have unfortunately sent that lunatic money. Where he now stands is utterly offensive to any sane human being, whether nationalist or not.

          There are few sane web sites left. This is one. Tris is kinda obviously human and engaged.

          Lets call out the others:

          Wee Ginger Dug

          Lesley Riddoch

          Scotland Goes Pop!

          And you are welcome to add to the list.

          I would be surprised if the chap from Bath got anything other than a risible vote on here.

          Let us remind ourselves that Campbell blames Liverpool supporters for their own deaths.


          1. I like a lot of sites, although I don’t always agree with everything they write.

            Grumpy Scottish Man is a good one, and of course, the temporarily suspended Terry Entoure blog, which I used to enjoy enormously.

            Stuart Campbell has done some great work debunking Westminster hypocrisy. I’ve felt recently that he’s become too strident. He was never given to politeness, but he’s become seriously rude. I’m not sure that that’s the correct approach.


  2. “the people of NI will be in charge of the laws that they live by”
    But the people of Scotland will not,they will have the laws England lives by.

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  3. Jim Caddis
    DUP defends Arlene Foster’s ‘astonishing’ meetings with senior loyalists from the UVF and UDA whom a spokesman for the DUP refers to as “stakeholders” !!

    Dear heavens. Ulster Voluntary Force? A paramilitary unionist group.

    Ulster Defence Association. A far right wing paramilitary group.

    Boris is talking to Arlene who is taking orders from this lot.


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  4. It is a bit ironic that the political party that opposed the Belfast Agreement are going to vote down the new-Brexit deal because it undermines the Belfast Agreement. So no cheques at the border for them.

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        1. Yes, Ed.

          As unbelievable as the president of USA telling the Italian President (having apparently called him President Mozzarella) that the USA and Italy had been allies since the time of ancient Rome.

          He probably thinking that was last Thursday or something.

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  5. They really seem to think we put ourselves back in our shortbread tin in perpetuity back in 2014, don’t They, and now we can be pushed around with impunity.

    Ross Thompson⁈‽⁉ Fkkinellwotafkwit. Didn’t Gove say much the same thing? In which case, ditto. I’m almost tempted to say “Bless”, condescendingly, but only almost.

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  6. How come there are so many sane, stable and sensible folk around here? I come here quite often, frequently to use the links, but the general tone hereabouts seems oddly calm. Perhaps our good host could offer day trips to this bulwark of reason?

    Only half joking.

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    1. I’ve been distracting myself with tunnels between Scotland and Northern Ireland, and strenuously not paying any attention to the BritNat meeja. Spent some time on my hobby of taking potshots at Yoonatic trolls and siclike lowlife commenting in the National. Sleeping. Following American news. If I could have a manicure & pedicure or a spa day, I’d have had one of those too.

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      1. eddjasfreeman,

        This is quite worrying. Are you my doppelganger?

        My escape clause is:

        “If I could have a manicure & pedicure or a spa day, I’d have had one of those too.”

        Naw, just naw.

        Smiley thing.

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        1. Very relaxing things, Douglas, manicures and pedicures, as are spa days. Just being forced to disengage and sit still for a while is good just on its own. Anyway, I decided some long time ago that I didn’t care what other people thought was suitable behaviour for a guy, though I admit I decided to stick with clear nail polish when I was told they couldn’t start me on flags of all nations.

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    2. Douglas, what have I been missing?!? You come here often – as I do – but I’ve yet to find the links. Is this golf’s best-kept secret – the Munguin course even more exclusive than Muirfield? If you can book a tee-time for us, I’ll be on the next plane out. Maybe a four-ball with Ed and Munguin in person. I know Tris is not sport inclined, but Munguin might allow him to join us as a caddie. Not that he’d be much use for guidance on club selection or reading greens, but I’m sure he’d do fine as a bag carrier.

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      1. I would, John. Factotuming in my trade. I can turn a hard to anything, including bad carrying.

        Although I’d not have a clue what racket or bat to hand you.


      2. Ah John, bless you for thinking of me in connection with your proposed and so select gathering. Alas, I am left-handed, which makes the purchase of golf bats somewhat difficult, and long ago, lost in the mists of time, almost, my dear now deceased father, who suffered from some kind of handicap in relation to the sport, looked at my general physical coordination and the like, and in recognition of my inability to draw a straight line even with a ruler and having to take several goes at lifting teacups to my lips, decided it was not going to be worth either the trouble or the expense.

        Tris can carry the bags, and I’ll drive the golf cart.

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  7. When Independence comes, I’ll be joining Lesley Riddoch’s party or Joanna Cherry’s one.

    Until then I’ll vote SNP, but my energies, work, support and monies will be only be serving the YES Campaign.

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    1. I think Lesley is a very clever lady. However I attended one of her book selling lectures and she’s not a very personable person. She was pretty rude to some of the people who had come to see her.

      I still bought her book, but I came away not liking her much.

      Joanna Cherry on the other hand… wow, just wow! Brains and charm.

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      1. I was at a table with her at Paul Kavanagh’s wedding and found her quite pleasant. I’ve been at Yes functions where she was speaking and again communicative and pleasant.
        Maybe it was the “public”, they can be demanding and rude you know, ask Munguin..

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  8. I suppose after independence I’ll need to give some thought to such matters . I take it we resort to the pre-union position of having a Court Party, a Country Party and a Squadron Volante , although I imagine that there will be schismatics, contrarians , modernisers and assorted others, sans culottes, with their whims and notions . I even understand that the sturionic leader of a popular contemporary political party is advocating a “constitution”. I’ll be watching the development of that innovation with interest.
    For the moment though, I’m reflecting on the words and insights of Lord Belhaven’s speech against the Union given to parliament in 1707:

    ‘The Names generally used to denote the Factions, are Whig, and Tory, as obscure as that of Guelfs and Gibelins: Yea, my Lord, they have different Significations, as they are applied to Factions in each Kingdom; a Whig in England is a heterogeneous Creature, in Scotland he is all of a piece; a Tory in England is all of a piece, and a Statesman; in Scotland, he is quite otherwise, an Anti-courtier and Antistatesman.

    ‘A Whig in England appears to be somewhat like Nebuchadnezzar’s Image, of different Metals, different Classes, different Principles, and different Designs; yet take them altogether, they are like a piece of fine mixed Drugget of different threads, some finer, some coarser, which after all make a comely Appearance, and an agreeable Suit. Tory is like a Piece of loyal, Home-made English Cloth, the true Staple of the Nation, all of a Thread; yet if we look narrowly into it, we shall perceive diversity of Colours, which, according to the various Situations and Positions, make various Appearances: sometimes Tory is like the Moon in its full, as appeared in the Affair of the Bill of Occasional Conformity; upon other occasions it appears to be under a Cloud, and as if it were eclipsed by a greater Body, as it did in the Design of calling over the illustrious Princess Sophia. However, by this we may see their Designs are to outshoot Whig in his own Bow.

    ‘Whig in Scotland is a true-blue Presbyterian, who, without considering Time or Power, will venture their All for the Kirk: but something less for the State. The greatest difficulty is, how to describe a Scots Tory: Of old, when I knew them first, Tory was an honest hearted comradish Fellow, who provided he was maintained and protected in his Benefices, Titles and Dignities by the State, he was the less anxious who had the Government and Management of the Church: But now what he is since jure Divino came in fashion; and that Christianity, and, by consequence, Salvation comes to depend upon Episcopal Ordination, I profess I know not what to make of him; only this I must say for him, that he endeavours to do by Opposition, that which his Brother in England endeavours by a more prudent and less scrupulous Method.

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  9. Machiavelli says a variation of my previous skullduggery
    So bojo puts the motion to accept his deal, and the opposition amend it to force a Peoples vote which passes. Bojo then whips the Tories to vote against his own deal.(no tellers)

    Bojo then sends the letter asking for an extension, and
    the EU refuses.
    Then a Hobsons choice is possible before 31 Oct
    a) bojo’s deal, or
    b) no deal, or
    c) no Brexit- they wouldn’t dare
    The EU Agrees on condition a Peoples vote or GE is called by 31 Oct
    Then a VONC is called and passed.
    GE happens and Bojo walks it.

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    1. I wonder how long it will take the Scottish Yoons to get over seeing their great buddies the DUP being punched in the face by Bojo. It was always going to happen. First Rule of Thumb “Never Trust a Tory”.
      Will it even register with them, that they are next if it suits the Tories.

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      1. Far-out, blue-sky thinking – but not so far out any more: BoJo loses patience with us verminous Scots, loses patience with the whole Norniron imbroglio, loses patience with having to deal with Leo Varadkar who keeps telling him what he can and can’t do (he already lost all patience with the EU ditto), dumps Fragrant Arlene and her Dancing Dinosaur-Deniers because they’re simply too crass for his refined posho sensibilities, and dumps both Norniron and us hairy wee Jockanese and our benighted land far from all civilisation. The first, he dumps in the lap of Varadkar and much joy me he have of it; the second he dumps in the lap of the Sturionic Party and much joy may we have of it. After all, in the HoC arithmetic, dumping the DUP – fair-weather friends at best – and losing the SNP – the Tories’ only reliable and consistent opponents – counts as a net positive for him.

        We uppity Jockanese of independent mind would, of course, love it; Varadkar and the Republic not so much. After all, who wants to have to deal with the likes of Fragrant Arlene if they don’t have to?

        But oh, oh, oh, the joy of seeing those appalling ludgers, bigots, sectarians and “loyalists” cut off at the knees by the leader of Little Englandshire…

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    2. I should have added the backup plan…
      Why did bojo want an extra sitting day on Saturday?
      This is quite rightly tied in with the Benn Act timing, but remember he had a Queens speech last week when it really was not necessary and the vote on that is on Monday. If it is voted down then that is a VONC.

      So if things go pear shaped for Johnson today then he can proceed to vote down the Queens speech on Monday and cause the circumstances for a GE.

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  10. Now that NI is on the way out of the door,the only way that England can continue to pretend it is the UK is for Scottish identity to be completely suppressed.
    Nothing new there but for England it is deadly serious,their sense of self importance is at stake.
    No section 30 order,never never never.

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    1. I worry about a descent into full-on fascism too, because suppressing Scotland is pretty much predicated on suppressing England’s opposition too. If BoJo tries to shut down Holyrood, though, he will find that Holyrood will refuse to go, and it will be supported in that by a large majority of Scots.

      Most of all I fear a no-deal Brexit with the worst consequences imaginable, followed by the imposition of martial law to keep public order and the suspension of all normal civil and political rights.

      I hope oor Nicola’s Plan B includes dealing with a Westminster regime gone completely rogue.

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