Image result for orangutan babies
Morning all…
n fox
What’s going on…?
Vestas’s butterfly.
minnie at milk john
Minnie with the milk. (John)
Someone wants a free ride…
Hard at work. (Vestas)
n aspen
Well, hello.
tettegouche park Minisotta
Tettegouche Park, Minnesota.
bornean tarsier
Bornean Tarsier.


John’s pal was in Namibia and sent a bunch of photographs. Here’s a selection:


yellow backed oriel
Yellow-backed Oriel.
nose licker
I can lick my nose!
Image result for zebra baby
Just starting to get stripes.
Image result for highland cow baby
You won’t be able to do that when I grow up to be a big highland cow.
Image result for dolphin baby
just do what mum does.
n greenland
A more traditional Greenland scene.
Image result for animal friendships
Who got lumbered babysitting the chick, eh?
Image result for orangutan babies
OK, I’m off to play now. Hope you enjoyed your tour. See you next week.

Thanks to John and Vestas for sending in pics.

42 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Life reaffirmed, which was more than usually welcom on a dreich and depressing October weekend when it is difficult not to be drowned in the tide of Borish Brexshit. Ah. Deep breath. Orangutans. Better now.

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  2. Hi, Tris, hope your convalescence is progressing well and that Munguin is cutting his factotum a bit of slack. Thanks for another life re-affirming (pace Ed) Sloppy Sunday. The Hielan calf’s my favourite this week. Vestas’s butterfly is a Red Admiral. I had one in the garden earlier this week. They do fly in the UK up until Oct/Nov but only overwinter in the Deep Saff of Engerland. I’m afraid the baby zebra won’t be getting any stripes – it has excessive melanin (not harmful) so has a freckled or spotted coat. It was born in the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya and is accepted by the rest of the herd. Wouldn’t it be great if more humans could be like the zebras and other animals and accept their fellows irrespective of appearance and colour?

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    1. Munguin has, indeed, been less demanding of late. Factotumming is now required only 18 hours per day. What a kind animal he is.

      Interesting about the wee zebra. Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if people were nice.

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    2. The butterfly picture was taken on the first “official” day of Autumn (23 Sept) on our back hedge in Leicestershire.

      I was quite pleased with the couple of macro photos I got as it was maybe 2.5m up so I had to stretch a bit. This is on a phone’s macro lense, not a dedicated camera.

      We still have Commas out & about here although the cold overnight last Thursday (3C) probably killed most of them.

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          1. The bee (white-tailed bumble bee I reckon) is one of many who love a “mint” plant we have out the front. I frequently find them asleep on it in late September which is always fun.

            We mainly have mason/miner bees around here which isn’t so fun if you have soft mortar between bricks ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. like Andimac I’m rather partial to the wee coo calf. A real cutie, though I love the expression on that pug’s face. Why me! Renard is looking rather plush too, the ones near me are a bit scrawny.

    And of course some rather life affirming tree dwellers.

    For those of you at yesterday’s march, hope you have dried out and had a lovely day, despite the weather. The Yoonstream says about 20k turned up. If they are going to be that blatant in their lies, they might as well have just said 5 folk and a dug and four of them were lost tourists!

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  4. Pretty Aspens! They will be showing color in the Rockies at elevations around 8,000 ft and higher in mid-September. Later, the color moves down to the foothills. Even down around Denver at 5,000.

    Nice picture of the Bison too.

    I thought Namibia was the country that Trumpy made up. Turns out it’s a real place! I don’t like snakes that hide in the sand. One thing to be said for American rattlesnakes is that they don’t hide in the sand. And they even announce themselves with a rattle.

    I liked the honeybee on the hummingbird. And the bumblebee. Bumblebees pollinate, but do they make honey? I look it up at intervals. Yes and no as I understand it. Not much, and it depends on exactly what you mean by “honey.”

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    1. No, Danny. That was one of the few things that passed his lips that was true, although I think he mispronounced it. Ex South-West Africa, ex-German colony, Namibia is incredibly beautiful.

      Maybe Trump will need silent snakes for his “moot”. Can’t have them rattling and warning everyone that they are there.

      Nice article. I wonder if the bees know to make more than they need becasue those greedy human want their share…

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      1. Tris…..Yes, I think he called it “Nambia.”
        Imagine the poor embarrassed White House staffer who was assigned to get a price quote on snakes and alligators to stock the moot. ๐Ÿ™‚

        It really doesn’t seem fair that the bees have to work extra hours to make honey for the humans. And they don’t even get paid to pollinate the human’s crops. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        1. I have to say that if I were a bee I’d probably initiate a strike. It’s a raw deal all round that they get. Add to that that modern farming methods are pretty much killing off the flowers that they depend upon. Thankfully Munguin grows bee-friendly flowers.

          Jeez, Danny, I’d imagine any staffer at the White House must permanently be embarrassed, all day everyday, 7 days a week!!!

          Still, I’m dying to see the moot!

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          1. Tris……Glad to hear that Munguin’s gardens are bee friendly.
            Yes, getting a price quote on snakes and alligators might be the least of the their problems. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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              1. Oh yes! Hard to keep track of all the Tweeting. He’s really come unglued as impeachment looms.
                If a family member were sitting in front of a television all day long sending out one Tweet after another, it would require an intervention. This is surely some form of mental derangement.
                I was amazed that he again used the “stable genius” term in the Oval Office with the President of Finland. A narcissistic blowhard might just describe himself as a “genius,” but the term “stable genius” is truly bizarre. He seems to not understand that it would be more appropriately used as a term of mockery.

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                    1. At least when Yours Truly rabbits on about his vast erudition and peerless Googling skills, and comes out with other bits of grandiosity, everyone knows he’s got his tongue firmly lodged in his cheek!

                      If you ever get the feeling that it’s not, Munguinites, please take the necessary steps to see whether he needs to be sectioned.

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                    2. I don’t think that you need worry about that Ed, but in Trumpy’s case, his tenuous grasp on reality makes it hard to tell if he’s serious or not. In fact, it became a Republican talking point that he was “just kidding” about asking China to investigate Joe Biden. Most of the Republicans were using the old “Trump is just kidding” defense that has stood the test of time.

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                  1. Ed……Trouble is, if used to involuntarily remove a president, Article IV of the 25th Amendment is harder to invoke than impeachment. Impeachment and removal from office only requires a simple majority of the House of Representatives and 2/3 of the Senate.
                    Article IV of the 25th on the other hand requires approval of the VP and a simple majority of the Cabinet. Then within 21 days, BOTH houses of Congress have to approve it by 2/3 majorities. If not, the guy is president again.

                    So used as a palace coup, the 25th may be a lot faster, but a whole lot harder. ๐Ÿ˜‰
                    Makes me wonder if any of the people early in the Trump presidency were really serious in suggesting this.

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                    1. You know, Danny, what astonishes me is the extent to which people who really ought to know better are prepared to be wilfully blind, and utterly persistent in denying the truth in front of their noses – strikes me that legislatures and executives around the world must be stuffed with delusional whack jobs. Is it a side-effect of democracy? I hope not. The lunacy tends to be even worse in dictatorships – hairdo 2 in Pyongyang is a good example, I suppose.

                      If Trump were any normal person’s crazy uncle Donald and he was getting even more unbearable than usual sitting all day in front of the TV drinking coke and eating Big Macs while screaming at the talking heads, going off on foul-mouthed, disgustingly racist and disturbingly delusional rants, and rage tweeting to the entire world about all the people he hates and how they done him wrong, any normal family would have stepped in by now and staged an intervention.

                      Maybe he’ll get proper medical and psychiatric treatment in jail. It would be the humane thing all round.

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                    2. Ed….I agree! If you look at the time stamps on the Tweets, it’s clear that he sits in front of the TV and types them out one after another. This is seriously deranged behavior for any adult, much less a head of state. He seems to be a man whom no one ever said no to, and he considers the slightest opposition to be a personal attack. He’s landed in a job where people are ALWAYS telling him “no” and questioning his motives, and with political enemies attacking him on all sides, he seems to have gone bonkers.

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