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Thanks to BJS Alba.



18 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. The libdem one made me smile.
    The libdem’s are becoming the BIG BUTT party.
    In fact from their last 3 leaders they are the BIG BUTT party, every principle is laced with BUT, if you offer me a ministerial car and a nice bung I’ll vote for **********.
    I wonder what would happen to me in court IF I said I would fully comply with the Benn Act then outside broadcast to the world, F that , We’re leaving on the 31st. Isn’t that called Contempt of Court.
    I remember witnessing in court the statement from the dock that the person might as well plead GUILTY as he wouldn’t get a fair trial. Send to the Cells in a minute by 2 polis. The end was he was admonished on the charge but heavily fined for CONTEMPT. BUTT he wasn’t doris.

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    1. Leaving on the 31st may not be incompatible with the Benn surrender Act – he could (tee hee!) ask for an extension of 55 minutes.

      The eejits who cobbled it together left so many loopholes that last week the more intelligent of them realising this wanted a VONC to remove Boris and install Jeremy as caretaker – but they chickened out of that!

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    2. Dave, if my reading and understanding of it are correct, Boris will ask for the extension alright, but he’s got or is trying to get a deal with Viktor Orbán to veto it.

      The advantage of that manoeuvre is that the EU can then be comprehensively blamed for everything negative that Brexit will surely entail. Also, the fact – fact – that the deal on offer is the same one that May got, and none of the UK proposals ever since have been worth the paper they were written (or not written!) on and were never intended to be taken seriously, will be conveniently forgotten.

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  2. Since we are still officially in BST he could simply ask for the extra hour back to synchronise it against GMT.
    You are dealing with the pedantic language dealership, you could never trust a word they say, they use words with multiple meanings like Indeterminate, Extension, Extraterritorial.
    The hecatomb is coming.
    Our great mps couldn’t run a menage, their problem is in the main not realising they are just part of the game where the rules change to suit the inpower, it’s like playing snakes and ladders with the operation of the ladders change to suit their position.
    A blind ouija board operator could pick up their tricks but they still play the game by the rules, if doris gets a majority he will change the law to let the judges support his position, It’s The Law.
    The expelled 21 will be reinstated into the party for the vote, add in the BIGBUTTdems and the middle class labour mps we get the maybot’s deal passed.

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  3. Just listened to doris being asked questions about things.
    He’s seen the doris Gump film.
    That’s all I’ve got to say about that.
    Seem to be his mantra now


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