1. Ooft… why on Earth do they think it’s a good idea to be interviewed at all when they know they’re trying to defend the indefensible – unless they have a proven ability to waffle and lie? La Truss ain’t even any good at that.

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      1. Careful though. Laughter and post-operative stitches do not a happy combination make.

        It’s the year 2314 and in a galaxy far away the United Federation of Planets are finalising a comprehensive trade and co-operation agreement with the Council of Galactic Star Systems.
        A spokesperson however has urged caution, ” There still remains the unresolved matter of Brexit” he said ” that and superstitious attachment to an archaic and mysterious historical paradox known as the Irish Backstop have meant negotiations have been extemely difficult”.

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  2. What we have presently in the UK of England is a very narrow spectrum of political views whose purpose
    is to eradicate any opposition to their ideology.
    Fascism in other words.
    My personal experience of those who fought in WWII was that they had respect for the German people but
    not for the leaders who brought them to the place they ended up in.
    Boring I know,but all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nada.

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    1. Indeed.

      People are people the world over bringiton. There are nice ones and nasty ones. Probably largely they tend to be nicer rather than nasty.

      But every nation, every town, every street, probably every family has it’s share of nasty ones.

      If your natural assumption is that people are deserving of respect, that’s the way you behave. Even if your country is at war with their country.

      It isn’t William and Wilhelm that are at war… it’s their governments. And how often do people agree with their governments?


    2. Here’s an observation for you: if we condemn the condemnable actions of the Government of Israel, a certain group of people will accuse us of antisemitism. Similarly, when we declare our deep hatred and loathing of Trumpian-style fascism and incompetence, a certain group of people will accuse of us antiamericanism. Again, if we say that we are disgusted by and despise the current Westminster regime and believe that our country should govern its own affairs, a certain group of people will accuse us of being anti-English.

      What all those certain groups have in common is that they themselves are right-wing authoritarians by inclination, and only too happy to themselves hate, loathe and despise other people for no other reason than sheer prejudice and out of blood-and-soil, exclusive nationalism. That mindset generally goes hand in hand with feelings of national superiority and exceptionalism too.

      I don’t imagine I’ve said anything that will surprise any Munguinite in the least, and shall now shut up.

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      1. Absolutely agree.

        It says more about them than it does about us.

        I’m quite capable of passionately disliking Netanyahu with out hating Jews, just as I am capable of disliking the King of Saudi Arabia without disliking Muslims.

        I loathe Viktor Orban, but one of my closest friends is Hungarian.

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