So, first, the Tories are circulating a document instructing their MPs etc, to blame Europe for everything (surprise!). This is before Europe has had a chance to look at the “plan”.

Then we discover that the plan pivots upon being approved by an assembly which has not sat for 3 years, during which time the gap between the two sides has grown wider.

But still, Brussels isn’t giving up.

Even if I have.

53 thoughts on “IT JUST GETS WORSE”

  1. If I’m not mistaken there was a proposal,last year I believe, to have border checks in the Irish sea and the D.U.P. threw all their toys out of their pram at that idea. Now we have Back Door suggesting not one but TWO border check areas including one area in the Irish Sea and unbelievably the D.U.P. are all “this is what we have been waiting for”!

    I wonder what Back Door has offered the D.U.P. in order to get them to accept a customs checks in the Irish sea?

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    1. The idea of a transition period, following the signing, and a veto block when Stormont is up and running? Any other inducements, cash or kind, would then become the cream on the cake you have just eaten but still have.

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      1. But they’ve been trying to get them to meet for three years. They surely would have to have an election before they could reconvene. No guarantee that the DUP would any longer be the largest party, given that they have spat in the faces of the NI people.

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        1. True about the effort to get them to meet and that the DUP is unlikely to be as powerful, in NI but the veto, there as a protection, power given to the unionist and nationalist MLAs, could still be used by a minority bloc. Contentious if used and contentious if scrapped, heightened suspicion and fear almost for sure.
          This latest plan by No 10, the manoeuver and it’s consequences would have been worked through. Some right chromium plated bastards in Westminster.

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          1. Yes. I see what you mean.

            The trouble is (and has been from day 1) that the people living around the Westminster bubble don’t really care much about people in NI.

            Maybe if we temporarily moved them to live and work in Belfast, things would change.

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  2. I’d like to think it was a new cash for ash deal because then arlene can wipe out the £400,000,000 she gave to her farming friends and give them a bit more from the next bung.
    I was humbled to see that the msp for one of the Edinburgh constituencies turned up for FMQT, haven’t watched it yet but saw that jackson carless asked the FM to back a doris crash out. I think he was too close to the second eleven tank commander and has picked up the town hall clock bug, the one where you reverse your principles as and when the next question arrives.
    Funny how giving large amounts to DUP, Ferry co without ferry, trials of parking trucks at Dover, cancelling orders for aircraft to suit the aircraft carriers sans aircraft and the odd £100m of telling us nothing but to be prepared for a no deal brexit are NOT a waste of money but keeping the shipbuilder at Port Glasgow ‘s staff from the none DOLE is a waste.
    Looking forward to seeing the new tory leader of the conservative party in the territory of Scotland, whenever they get around to the election, I suppose it will be after the ALex trial as they don’t want to bring groper thomson out too soon.
    So Northern Ireland is now the Hokey Kokey territory, the place with 2 borders that aren’t borders but sudo borders.
    You couldn’t make it up and sell it to an ouija board operator.

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    1. I hear that Carlot is to be replaced as quickly as possible after having committed the Scottish branch office to supporting Johnson’s no deal without bothering to consult any of the MSPs. I think he’s been told to sling his hook sharpish.

      One of the contenders, I heard, was Jamie Greene… I kid you not, Jamie Greene.

      The other one is the cat downstairs.

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    1. Amazing, is it not, that the DUP, which has 10 MPs, has so much influence over Johnson’s government.

      Interestingly it is the NI Assembly that will be able to decide on the fate of the agreement. The same NI Assembly which has been disbanded this last three years, and…well, I’m not sure that they will be able to get an agreement that will suit all side to get it back together.

      As has been said by people from pretty much every party. This plan of Johnson’s was never meant to work. It was supposed to be a means of blaming the EU for everything.

      Blaming foreigners always goes down well with a variety of different kinds of Brit.

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    1. Even Ruth Davidson is nodding in agreement with the FM.

      Carlot may have cosied up with Boris in England at the beginning of the week, but I think he’ll find there’s a chill in the air here.

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  3. DUP accuses Irish government of being ‘deeply unhelpful, obstructionist and intransigent’

    The DUP has accused the Irish government of being “obstructionist and intransigent”. This is from the DUP leader Arlene Foster, commenting on what Simon Coveney, Ireland’s deputy premier and foreign minister, said earlier about the Brexit deal being unacceptable in its current form. (See 12.23pm and 12.27pm.)
    Simon Coveney’s remarks are deeply unhelpful, obstructionist and intransigent.

    Pot Kettle Black comes to mind

    Rages against majoritarian rule
    Happy to impose minority rule
    Kind of like Apartheid DUP style

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    1. She is unbelievable.

      I can imagine though that at least she knows the meaning of the words… because heaven knows they describe her and her party perfectly.


  4. The DUP can see the writing on the wall and know that their influence over England’s Tories is coming to an end.
    The next GE will almost certainly see to that,hence their attempts to sound concilliatory towards NI being differentiated from rUK.
    They will shortly be irrelevant,one way or another.
    Hope you are recovering from your op and managing to keep your blood pressure under control (very difficult for all of us at present).

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    1. Well, unlike the Secretary of State for NI, I know that votes tend to be cast there along sectarian rather than political lines, but I’m thinking that there are other Protestant Parties… and I’m thinking that in the normal way of thing, if you go against the wishes of your voters, you are likely to lose your seat.

      So hopefully, some, maybe even many, DUP, MPs will be looking for other jobs in the near future.

      Recovering well, bringiton. Thanks for asking. And blood pressure fine.

      Channelling emotions into … incredulity, amusement and comedy value rather than anger.

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  5. If this plan of Johnson/Cummings is such a good idea, is proposed in good faith and it will actually work…then why the need to scrap the backstop? The backstop is only an insurance policy if it all goes wrong.
    Unless of course it’s not such a good idea. Or isn’t presented in such good faith. Or nobody really expects it to work.

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    1. If Yours Truly can take one look at the BoJo pseudo-plan and instantly realise that it is completely unacceptable (that’s what “problematic” means in diplospeak, by the way), one might imagine that a Prime Minister, who can count on advice from a team of (supposedly) impartial civil servants, would understand that too.

      In other words, the non-proposal-paper-plan thing is no more nor less than a propaganda device for shifting blame onto the EU. Johnson and his nasty little pals, his millionaire and hedge-fund buddies, stand to make huge amounts of money out of Brexit, as disaster / vulture capitalists and short-sellers against the currency. Like they bankers in 2008, they should go to jail for it.

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  6. Liz Saville Roberts at Plaid Cymru conference on the Lying Bastert Johnson (cc WGD)

    “When it comes to his Brexit policy, perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, the words of that magnificent commentator of the human condition, Dolly Parton, says it best in Blue Smoke,” she told conference.
    “Mr Johnson: ‘It hurts to know you cheated, and it hurts to know you lied, but it hurts me even worse to know you never even tried’.
    “Except with the DUP, of course, because the Prime Minister has just said he’ll gift them the Brexit constitutional nuclear button every four years, while the rest of us can’t be trusted with democracy and a people’s vote”

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    1. Thanks for that, PP! Odd, isn’t it, how only the pro-independence parties in Scotland and Wales are making any sense whatsoever at the moment…

      I don’t dare to comment on the situation in Northern Ireland, except to say that Fragrant Arlene and her Dancing Dinosaur-Deniers aren’t helping the situation any.

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      1. NI MP Lady Hermon (ex-UUP) reminded the Commons this morning that Johnson is doing business with the DUP, but failing to consider the views of the majority of the population there.

        In NI that is a dangerous thing to do, to assume that the DUP speaks for everyone.

        It may speak for around 30% of the vote.


    1. Munguin himself sadly cannot be there due to the fact that his chauffeur has recently be indisposed.


      Hope it goes well. We were there last year and what a wonderful day. I’ll never forget it.

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  7. Alas, I join Munguin – or rather, his chauffeur – in his indisposition, but I shall be there in spirit. So if anyone sense the presence of an excessively large, bearded and cantankerous paranormal phenomenon close by, that’ll be me.

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