Nearly everyone is tweeting or writing about the plan Johnson has proposed to the EU. Anything much written on here would be superfluous. Suffice to say that it probably will be rejected by the EU. Ireland has already said “tai”, no, in Irish, and I’ve just seen Guy Verhoffstadt’s rejection. Pfff.

Image result for ian dunt politics now
Ian Dunt.

This is far more informed and more eloquent than I could ever have managed.


A lorry knocked the unicorn off the royal crest thingy on the gates of Buck House. La fin du régime approche?


Just in case for some strange reason, you thought they gave a damn, Dominic Cummings, the prime minister’s right-hand man tells it as it is!


They do, however, give a considerable damn what they get to quaff. Deliveries must keep a constant supply of bubbles (did anyone mention that  la région de Champagne est située dans l’UE et … donc… étrangère !!!!!!). Next year it will have to be home-made Rose Hip Wine!


Love his expressions…


Saturday is the big day for the Edinburgh march. Hopefully, the weather will be good. Last year it was fabulous. Needless to say no matter how many people turn up the BBC will pretty much ignore it in favour of Mrs McGinty’s cat getting stuck up a tree in Ecclefechan.


I really wish I could be there, but less than 2 weeks after my operation, I’m advised against going. I wish all of you who will be there, the very best. There will be some great people to march with and meet, and some fantastic speakers.


“Pidä likaiset käteni itsellesi, sinä kamala vanha oranssi juttu”, which is Finnish and translates roughly as “keep your dirty hands to yourself” … and something about orange things.


Image result for did jo swinson vote for English votes for English laws

From day one I thought that the LibDems electing Swinson as leader at this crucial time was a monumental error.

Quite apart from the fact that she represents a Scottish seat and is, therefore, barred from voting on something like 60% of legislation passing through the commons, thanks to EVEL, I reckon that she lacks any kind of charisma, and her voting record shows that she is anything but Liberal (having voted for Tory policies more than many Tory MPs) and her policy of simply scrapping Brexit without any kind of vote suggests that the “Democrat” part of her job title is a bit dubious too.

However, she seems to think that she can be the next prime minister and to that end has asked for her supporters to pledge £100 a month to her cause.

One hundred pounds a month from ordinary working people? What planet does she live on?




36 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Tris
    Swinson s dangerous for all the wrong reasons, not a danger to the yes movement as far as taking votes away, just a danger to everyone due to her ignorance and personal ambition. Every so often a politician comes along and you just think there is a bad one, she is it. There is something not right about her at all, she is a horrible excuse for a human being. I can’t be bothered reading the proposal the UK have given the EU, the same as I can’t be bothered hearing Ian Blackford saying the same thing every time he stands at Westminster, both are going no where and do nothing to achieve there intended aims. The palace could fall down for all I care but I suppose if it did they would rebuild it and charge Scotland for 50% of the costs as Scottish unionists first cry at the Windsor’s having to have a homeless assessment and then party when it re built on the backs of the poor. This country is f up beyond belief.

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    1. Yep. I’m fed up of the same old crap all the time from all of them. Surely the time has come for action.

      In the next couple of weeks, the truth will be out.

      Despite what Johnson said in his speech this afternoon, there will be borders and NI will be treated differently (giving it a trade advantage over Scotland and the UK)

      As usual he just lied through his posh teeth.

      But almost undoubtedly the EU will reject his plans, which is, I imagine, what he wants.

      He will then proceed to ignore the law.

      And Scotland will be dragged out of the EU and left with nothing much but a load of flapping union flags.

      Jeeez. What a mess.

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  2. Amazing that the Mango Mussolini interrupted his rant about the treasonous politicians in Congress seeking to impeach him to make a move on the President of Finland. 😉 “Shifty Schiff” is Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who will draft the Article(s) of Impeachment. Then he goes off on a rant about Schiff’s home state of California and its governor.

    Why would sensible European countries like Finland send Presidents to the White House in this political climate? Why do people like Macron and Merkel try to placate Trump at the G7 conferences? Why does the EU continue to politely receive yet ANOTHER delegation from the UK with yet more Brexit demands? Does anyone not understand that the house is burning down and it’s time to call the fire department? Give these arrogant detestable con-artists the back of your hand and dispense with diplomatic courtesy and sweet reason! At least the feckless American Democrats finally got around to impeachment. But the politicians in Parliament can’t even summon up the courage for a motion of no-confidence.

    Boris and his acolytes are almost clones of Trump and the USA Republicans. I see that the unhinged rhetoric about a “coup” has been picked up by Rees-Mogg:


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    1. Thanks for that, Danny! Now (loud, wet raspberries as prepares to blow own trumpet) I have to tell you that I am most gratified by your use of the phrase “Mango Mussolini”, à propos of Trump, and the reason I’m most gratified is that it’s one of mine. Ta-Da! (rimshot).

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      1. Ed……I knew I first saw the “Mango Mussolini” term here on MR, but I couldn’t remember where. When I recently saw that it had passed into Wiktionary usage, I at last felt free to use it without attribution, with no fear of lawsuits for copyright infringement, plagiarism, and what not. 😉

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        1. Danny, modesty forbids me from preening, unfortunately. I did not know about the Wiktionary entry. Of course some sincere admirer may have claimed authorship for himself or herself by now, but accept no imitations!

          Great photo, by the way!

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          1. Ed…..Actually, I only saw it again recently. Then I Googled it and Wiktionary came up. A great name……it was bound to get around! The way he poses and struts at his rallies looks exactly like Il Duce.

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      2. “Mango Mussolini” – love it! How about – Mandarin Menace, Tangerine Tyrant, Clementine Clown? Mind you, why should we insult poor citrus fruits? They’re good for you, unlike Tumshie Trump.

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  3. Boris’s new proposal – nay, ultimatum – to the EU isn’t even a non-paper, it’s a non-proposal and will not, cannot be accepted by the EU in general or by the Republic of Ireland in particular. Boris most assuredly knows this. Boris and his regime are bankrupt, morally, intellectually and politically. The only way in which they are not bankrupt is financially.

    And there’s the nub of it: Boris, his nasty little pals – his fellow millionaires and his hedge-fund managers – stand to make billions as disaster, vulture capitalists and short-sellers of the currency. The more awful and pitiless the Brexit, the more money they stand to make. The worse the Brexit, the better for their plans for a blue-rinsed thousand-year Tory Reich in a low-rent, deregulated Singapore where the proles can starve and Bullingdon Boys rule the roost…

    Bullingdon Boys, and girls like Jo Swinson, Angela Leadsome and Michelle Ballantyne.

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  4. A propos of nothing (this is an experimental method of veering off topic), on one of the American news / talking heads shows I watch one of the contributors mentioned the Spanish term “auto-golpe”. “Golpe” (a whack, a blow) translates in political terms to “coup”, as in coup d’état.

    Puns involving Hielan coos will not be tolerated, before anyone gets any ideas.

    An auto-golpe is when a government in power – an Executive branch – overthrows the constitutional order to maintain or cement its power. The use of the word “coup” by Trump and his extreme-right supporters in relation to the impeachment inquiries, and by Boris, and Rees-Smugg et al. in relation to the Court of Session / Supreme Court judgment, are in fact signs, tells, that an auto-golpe is what they intend.

    So much for the American Republicans and the British Tories as the parties of law and order.

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      1. PS: Maybe Spiro Agnew is not as well known a law-and-order Republican as Nixon. Agnew collected cash kickbacks from state contractors at his Maryland governor’s office, and the cash payments continued into his years as Vice President.

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    1. I’ve been listening to Patel talk about law and order…

      Patel, it was, who, without informing her permanent secretary or her prime minister, trotted off to Israel on “holiday” and met with a wide variety of its leaders, including Netanyahu.

      No security, no room sweeps… and no advisers, who had they been there, would have told her she was acting illegally talking about using the UK’s aid budget to pay for anything to do with Israel on the Golan Heights (there being UN regulations to obey).

      This is alos the woman who, when she got back and someone blew the whistle on her, denied all of the above to the Prime Minister.

      And she’s talking about law and order and making criminals afraid? She should be in the Tower.


      1. Yeah. She’s a piece of work, is that one. Suffering from the usual constellation of personality disorders: thinks herself above the law, superior with a jumped-up sense of her own importance, usual sense of entitlement that goes with it, constantly lying to avoid taking responsibility for anything because nothing is ever her fault…

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    1. Douglas, I have zero tolerance for political movements whose stated (and not necessarily stated, but evident nonetheless) aims are to overthrow the constitutional order and set themselves above the law, abolish legal protections against some scapegoated minority group or other, impose martial law – we know the drill. So out with the English Defence League, a Force for Good and the like – but also out with the extreme right of Boris, Nigel and Jake Rees-Smugg.

      The extreme left are no longer a force to be reckoned with, in my opinion, and we haven’t seen any left-wing terrorism for quite a while now.

      When I say “constitutional order”, that is of course rather a difficult thing to define in today’s benighted United Kingdom. Call it liberal democracy. That probably serves best.

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  5. Gavin Esler
    Spoiler Alert: the Johnson Plan is to make the EU an offer they cannot accept and then blame the EU. He next offers No Deal which Parliament won’t accept – so he can blame MPs. A General Election follows in which he blames everyone except himself. And some will believe him.


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