Dear Munguin,

Five years ago today, Scotland went to the polls to decide whether it should become an independent country.

I’ve been in Berlin fighting for an EU future that we stand to lose because we are not independent.

Reading your memories from here on social media has been both moving and uplifting.

As polling guru John Curtice says, the wind is changing on Scottish independence.

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The opposition to a new referendum is crumbling. And the SNP is gearing up to wash it away.

At home today young people have taken to the streets to campaign for the choice of a better future, the choice of an independent future.

It’s been great to see them campaign for all of us have the right to make that choice.

The SNP will fight for that right wherever we have a voice, in Westminster and Holyrood.

Westminster governments cannot and must not be trusted with Scotland’s future.

The coming general election is our chance to take that future out of Boris Johnson’s hands and put it where it belongs… in Scotland’s hands.

So keep campaigning for independence. Keep listening and persuading those as yet undecided.

Change is coming.
Nicola Sturgeon
Leader of the SNP


So, sometimes, when it’s been a hard week, we’re going to go with this feature… and sometimes, when it’s been a normal (what passes for normal in these times) week, we’ll skip it.


Like my sunshade?
n dogp
I’m kinda mixed, but kinda cute at the same time because I’m kinda unique!
Isn’t our Edinburgh fabulous? (Well, OK, not all of it!)
Now, where are those hunters?
n cow
I think I’m cuter than that dog!
new hampshire
New Hampshire forest.
It’s that time of year.
n kang
Hello, what’s going on out here?
n wolf
If you do that again, I’ll eat you.
n hummingbird
Humming bird.
n catingrass
I’m lying on their seeds…
n baby
I think I look better when I don’t smile…
n co wisklow
County Wicklow.
n mum
My mum’s having a rest, or trying to.
n orangu
I’m closing my eyes tight and making a wish.
Image result for elephant baby
We’re besties.
The terrible two from Skye, with a fan.
raising a healty baby goat
How to be popular with baby goats!
Image result for baby orangutan
Well, bye-bye from Therapeutic Thursday. Let’s hope something good happens soon. Like independence?

Oh, and as an afterthought, I reckoned that these might cheer you up a little. The first one brought tears to my eyes, but if either of them were mine, I’d be so damned proud.

And then there’s this little soul


It was five years ago today (the National ad is from yesterday) and I guess we can all remember what we were doing back then.

I recall that the weather here was pretty grim, cold, dark and rainy but, for all that, it was a happy day, full of hope for the future and I drove all over the town of Dundee ferrying people who needed help to get to polling stations with a great big smile on my face.

It was a happy day. Everyone was full of enthusiasm and hope. A new dawn sort of thing.

We all started early in the morning and went on till the polls closed. Dog tired we took what was left of the stoviews and sandwiches and headed home to await the result. We were happy, quietly confident, and sure we’d done the best we could.

Well, we all know how it turned out.

Image result for the wee black book

And we know what happened to most of the promises, made largely by Gordon Brown on behalf of David Cameron, as soon as, or within weeks of the result being announced.

I can’t see how she could ever be prime minister or even deputy prime minister with most legislation get government would propose being outside her purview

The frigates numbers were reduced and then reduced again; the passport offices closed; the tax offices moved to Croyden… and of course, instead of setting up an English parliament, they introduced EVEL, which pretty much makes a high office impossible for a Scottish based MP.  So think on, Jo Swinson.

Image result for the wee black book

The Wee Black Book, penned by Stuart Campbell, lays out the lies, or at least those that were known at the time of its publication.

One of the biggest lies was, of course, the fallacy that the only way to stay in the European Union was to stay in the United Kingdom. It was always clear that the EU was far more popular in Scotland (and Northern Ireland) than it was in England or Wales.

Image result for scottish independence referendum warnings about eu membership

And later…


Of course, among all of Cameron’s claims and promises, this turned out to be the biggest whopper of them all.

Image result for scottish independence referendum better together at cumbernauld tax office
Better Together used these people and then abandoned them.

The loss of a tax office or two was, of course, terrible for the people who worked there (especially after they had been so used by the UKOK campaign) and for the towns concerned, but, compared with the disaster that would have been Brexit even if it had been handled well, it was comparatively small beer.

And, as we all know, it has been anything but well handled from day one.

Image result for david cameron posh dinner white tie eaten too much

Cameron promised that if he lost he would stay on to sort the mess out. He resigned as PM on the morning after the EU vote and as an MP shortly after that and buggered off to his shed to write his memoirs and make himself some money. With the Big Society well and truly forgotten as a legacy, his memoirs turned out to be a sulk at Johnson and Gove.

Image result for theresa may and andrea leadsom

No one of any talent wanted the job he vacated, of course, and in the end, we, or rather the Tory Party, was left with a choice of the appalling Theresa May, a woman of little charm, no empathy and little political skills and the idiot’s idiot, Andrea Leadsom, who appeared to think that she was better suited to the job because she was a mother and May was not.

Add to that the endless list of talentless, lazy and  incompetent ministers that May appointed, her signing of Article 50 before any plan was in place and her eventual resignation as the Conservatives split with visceral hatred, to leave us with the Incredible Hulk, Boris Johnson, and an even more incredibly incompetent band of hard-right wingers, making the UK a laughing stock.

It might be fair to say, too, that throughout all this, the Labour Party hasn’t shown the slightest sign of any kind of competence. And that has been obvious to the public. Even with prime ministers as incompetent and bumbling as May and Johnson, Corbyn has never been shown in the polls as a credible prime minister.

And all of this was thrust on Scotland against the will of the Scottish people.

Image result for donald trump looking stupid
I’ve said for some time that the only reason that we are not the biggest laughing stock in the world is that, compared with the USA and its moronic leader and his fractured government, the UK is relatively unimportant. 

And so, today, with most opinion polls (except those initiated by Scotland in Union) showing a surge in the desire to take our own affairs in hand, we still have hope that in the not too distant future we shall be able to do just that, and take our place in the European family of nations as a small independent country.

All the indicators are that Europe will welcome us. The other Nordic and Celtic nations in the EU and EEA have already made it clear that they will.

Maybe yet we can build a society that will look a little more like that which we really want.

If we don’t take this chance, then we don’t deserve the chance. We shall deserve to remain a vassal state doing the will of our bigger neighbour and cut off from Europe.







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Thanks to BJSAlba.


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Morning, everyone. Imagine. It’s Sunday already!

Image result for rhino baby

Will I be as good looking as you when I grow up?

n colette garden
Never mind Bulgaria. It’s harvest time in Colette’s garden.
n dog fam
Proud mum.
n cat11
Who’s a cutie?
Image result for donkey
Welcome to our humble home!
Image result for warthog
I’m a pretty handsome warthog, doncha think?
n sc
Come and have a go, if you feel lucky.
n fox
Foxy Family.
n dartford warbler
Dartford Warbler.
Image result for luxembourg city
Luxembourg City.
Image result for llama
Well, what is it?
Image result for swiss valley
Sweet Swiss Valley.
Image result for wild rabbit
You can call me Rab.
n wolves
The Family Wolf!
Image result for greenland forest
Wild Greenland hikes.
Image result for dolphins in the wild
The garden is coming along nicely!
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Image result for baby orangutan smiling
That’s it for another week then… See you next Sunday.




Image result for rene artois



To which Julia’s reaction was…

“I have so many questions about this front page. Why does the editor of a national newspaper think trees are “lungs”? Why is he wearing a suit and tie? In the middle of a fire? In the Amazon?”

So when someone tried to answer her questions (although not the one which many of her listeners might be more interested about the guy’s fashion choices), this was her response.


And she gets paid for this.

Wish I could get a gig like that.

Still, Megan is back in fashion it seems, so all is not lost, eh?


They don’t know I’m posing for Munguin. Mum’s the word, eh?
I say, this is a bit undignified in front of the hens!
n collete1
Autumn is upon us… or at least upon reader Colette’s garden.
n noo
n pup
Spokane harvest.
bulgarian cat
John’s neighbour. Nice moustache.  Adolf or John Boulton?
n collete2
Colette’s autumn collection…
n red panda sandoff
Red Panda standoff.
n Wiltshire lacock
Lacock, a village in Wiltshire, England.
n pup2
No, I’m not recycling. I want to play!
n egy
Munguin Towers a sunset. No, OK, it’s not.
n chive
baby hippo
Better eat some before mum scoffs it all.
n blue winged kookaburra
Blue-winged Kookaburra.
n black
Do you dye your hair?
n new mxu=ixo
No idea where, but it’s pretty.
n woll
Image result for orangutan
Ha ha ha… you thought we’d forgotten!

Munguin’s thanks to David, John and Colette.