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Amazingly, and long before I imagined that they would, Ninewells sent me packing today.

I cannot say how much I hated being there, but by the same token, I can’t say how fantastic all the staff were. Where do nurses get the patience to deal with patients?

The anaesthetists were fantastic guys, both of them funny witty lads with plenty of jokes and funny stories. The surgeon was a lovely man, and although his pre-surgery chat left me a tad on the nervous side (all that could go wrong… but didn’t) he was a great guy.

Funnily the first thing I asked when I came round was… ‘what happened in the Supreme Court?’, as opposed to ‘did anything go wrong with the op?’

Thanks for all your comments on “Talk to Yourselves”. More by a long way than we normally get! As for the readers’ stats… they didn’t vary at all from the average norm.

Hmmm. Editorial note: maybe I will be able to dispose of Tris’s services!

I’m fine but knackered, and sore all over, and I’m under strict orders to take it easy (except obviously for making Munguin’s dinner and opening his champagne) so I’m not going to be writing much over the rest of this week.

But I couldn’t resist this…

His brother, a Tory MP and minister, resigned his post and the Conservative whip and now his sister has a very dim opinion of his tactics.

Image result for boris and trump cartoon orange

If only Trump were not funnier and more orange, Britain really would be the clown car of the world.

80 thoughts on “NOUS SOMMES DE RETOUR”

  1. Geezo ,what you been doing to yourself ?
    Anyways, get well soon.
    I agree with you about ninewells hospital the people working there are amazing I’ve always been so taken with their easygoing way.

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      1. Nasty things AA and great that you will be able to power on for a good while yet!! 😀

        May be a “wee op” but consequences if it is unfixed are dire, though I see there is a push to get folks checked now.
        Dinnae be doing silly stuff and rest mind!!

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  2. Get well soon Tris, and don’t let Munguin work you too hard.

    It seems a certain Crispin Odey has bet £300,000,000.00 on a no deal Brexit, so obviously Johnson is looking out for his rich tax dodging mates.
    Odey has a personal worth of some £772,000,000.00.

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    1. In total Boris’ mates & backers have bet £8.3bn on a short position on sterling. They’re in the shit if the UK doesn’t leave the EU on 31/10/19.

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      1. We must all hope like hell that we don’t leave on the 31s then.

        I see they are thinking of trying to get around the Benn Act by the used ft Orders of Council, which are different for orders in Council, in that the monarch doesn’t have to be there. Handy.

        However, some English Law expert says that it would be illegal to do that with a precedent dating back to sometime in the 1600s. I wonder if that would apply in Scotland too?

        Fun, eh?


    1. Thanks, Niko.

      Ah yeah… I’m sure that the successor to Amber Rudd will be on my doorstep on Monday morning marching me off to some work experience.

      Actually, Munguin’s sick pay scheme is enough for at least 1 small meal a day (full pay buys two small meals a day), so I should manage.

      Brexit? Is that a new breakfast cereal?

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  3. I’ve heard the Anaesthetists are some of the most qualified folk in the whole process. Thank goodness Tory cuts didn’t mean you had to wake up during the op and put pound coins in the meter for anaesthetic.

    The posting stuff that annoys you was a good idea and could be something you would consider again in future. In the interests of fairness though you’d have to ban Danny from going off topic with trivia like landmark court rulings and constitutional crisis etc.. so everyone would get a chance. I had a couple of beauties to get off my chest but as soon as he did that OT post it was game over

    I mean, fairs, fair.🤨

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    1. You can do it here.

      I can add one to it…

      I hate people who snore in bed. People to make loud telephone calls to their relatives about their health including stuff I’d rather not know and who say “love you” three times at the end of the conversation. The phone the next one and go it all over again.

      My dad’s cousin was an anaesthetist. A hugely demanding role, for which I have the deepest respect.

      I just told the two dudes I’d buy them a few pints if they made sure I survived!!

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          1. It’s the resistant bugs that’s the added scarey factor for even minor ops these days. The threat of hard to treat infection adds another level of anxiety to an already terrifying prospect.

            A phrase my brother used to express his “misgivings” when he was going in for an op was “Ma erse is knitting socks.” It was I thought a good example of the expressive turns of phrase Scottish folk are famous for. I don’t know if he heard it somewhere, if it even originated in Scotland or he just made it up but it’s the accent that gives it weight.

            Scottish phrases, now there’s an idea for a topic. Minimal swearing would probably be required though. (For the really meaty ones)😉

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            1. They were testing all the time for MSRA. They used gloves and aprons for everything. (What a load of plastic!)

              That’s a good one for being nervous!

              Yeah, we’ll maybe do that from time to time then…

              A sort of What’s your favourite….?

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  4. “The anaesthetists were fantastic guys, both of them funny witty lads with plenty of jokes and funny stories”

    yeah that’s not true is it Tris. The guys sent you to sleep 🙂

    Anyhoo take care and have a good recuperation.

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  5. Glad you’re home, mate.
    Take it easy for a bit, please.
    Probably best if you stick to the salted popcorn in the meantime.
    Otherwise, you could end up the same shape as Munguin.
    All the best,

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    1. LOL, Darren.

      It’s a thought that boredom is making me eat more and yeah, I’ll have to watch my sylph like figure!!! Don’t tell Munguin, but I’d hate to end up looking like him.

      You take care too buddy. x


  6. Off topic, but I hear that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, in parliament, described the Scottish Government as incompetent, dissolute and reckless.

    Apart from the sheer gall of the man, it’s a quite telltale example of psychological projection – because Boris is, as a matter of public notoriety, all those things himself.

    To me, however – or rather, Cassandra – the worrying thing is that Boris’s gobsmackingly aggressive and untrue statement continues a line of attack which Theresa May used as well when she denounced the Scottish Government’s multitudinous and fictional failures to the assembled platoons of the Scottish Tory Party faithful at the Armadillo a while back. I said then that it sounded to me like a propaganda justification for Westminster to step in and impose direct rule because we stupid wee Jockanese were so obviously incapable of electing a decent government ourselves and are anyway constitutionally (see what I did there) incapable of governing ourselves.

    So – psychology and sheer idiocy and belief in his own Tory propaganda apart, I fear that BoJo is doubling down on the possible “justification” for shutting down the Scottish Government so the Secretary of State for Scotland can become Governor-General in truth and rule Scotland from Their shiny new buildings in Edinburgh.

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      1. He’s on this like he’s on Brexit. Utter lies.

        The figures show our Health Service is far better than theirs. It’s an out and out lie to say that people are more heavily taxed here. Most people pay less. Only people in his salary bands pay more.

        Our education is better; our social services are better; our transport is better.

        But it is said as a statement of fact and people believe it.

        Utter garbage.

        Nicola has him bang to rights there.

        Put another way. He’s a lying bastard!

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    1. LOL. I think it might be very hard to manage that when he may well have to appoint a secretary of state from the House of Lords.

      Not that with Johnson, that will make much difference. He’d have the brass neck to carry that off.


    2. I’ve just seen this on Twitter:

      Boris can only dream of being as inadequate as the SNP.

      Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿76 GPs per 100k people Vs UK avg. 60

      🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿NHS 4.2 hospital beds per 1,000 pop Vs UK 🇬🇧 2.6

      Patients spending over 12 hours in A&E 0.2%🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, 2%🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, 4.8% 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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    3. eddjasfreeman,

      That is one of two options perhaps. Bare with me. Scotland and England have utterly different political history and perhaps momentum.

      Getting shot of us and become a mere England might be highly attractive to an Etonian. (I’d assume that in the lesser Englandshire that was left he’d assume his numbers would go up. Etonians appear to be incredibly popular in England – not so much in Scotland?)

      So, perhaps our moronic, incredibly offensive Olympic champion at the new event – “running down the clock” – might decide that we, that is you and me and everyone else here, are just not worth it.

      He might be as keen to split the UK as we are.

      Obviously, the terms of a deal might be tough to work out.

      Am I right or am I wrong?

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      1. Yes, Douglas, Cassandra did mention that as a possibility: if LBJ sees it as being to his advantage to dump Scotland he may decide to give us our freedom. If he sees our independence as inevitable, he may do the same: give it to us rather than have us take it, which would allow him the PR victory of appearing to remain in charge of the situation. If he sees us as standing in the way of England’s exit from the EU, he may take his namesake Alexander’s approach to the Gordian knot, and dump Norniron as well.

        One huge advantage of his doing that – if the parliament and the courts will back him, assuming he stays on long enough to set any of it in motion – is that it would cut the OO and the other BritNats in Scotland and over the North Channel off at the knees. I hope somebody is present to snap a picture when Fragrant Arlene and her Dinosaur-deniers hear the news. Oh, and Jo Swinson’s.

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        1. P.S. Tris, we independentistas know the reason why sane English PMs don’t dump Scotland, which is that they know they can’t afford to economically / financially. Boris doesn’t care about anyone’s finances except his own and those of his nasty little pals. “Bugger business”, and to hell with people’s jobs and livelihoods. A sane English PM would be ashamed to be the PM who “lost” Scotland. Boris doesn’t do shame, and will concoct some shameless face- and arse-saving lie which he thinks will let him get away with.

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            1. Actually I didn’t, Tris. My tolerance for narcissistic self-aggrandisement, old Etonian entitlement, shameless bad faith and egregious lack of principle is at an all-time low. Did I mention the dictatorial, authoritarian tendencies and the extreme lack of empathy and compassion? I expect I didn’t need to, really; sort of comes with the territory and goes without saying.

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  7. ARP precautions leaflets to be issued next week.
    Some things you should know in preparation for the brexit riots.
    Gas masks will be issued and materials for masking the windows.
    How to store food in brexit time.
    Stock up on petrol as the electricity supply might be interrupted.
    A battery powered radio might be a good purchase so you can continue to be fed propaganda.
    Seal your windows and doors in event of a gas attach from westmonster.
    Fill the bath with water for use in the toilets.
    Ration books will be issued for food and fuel in due course.
    Dig for victory seed books will be sent to every home.
    Prices will rise so buy now at pre brexit prices, you know it makes sense.

    The good news today is that NASA have evidence of a Black Hole destroying a STAR, unfortunately it’s not powerful enough to consume doris’ EGO.

    Welcome back Tris, you will be thankful that your problem has been solved, I attended the survey in this area and was pronounced to be clear.

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    1. Ah, but Dave, It is the will of the British people…

      They want to recreate their glory days of the Blitz.

      The world versus plucky little England…

      That’s why the glorious leader’s boss is letting him talk about “surrender”.

      Yeah, glad to be back, Dave. Glad you are clear!


      1. The local health board called me for an ultra sound scan 2 years ago, got the verbal clearance instantly and the written a couple of days later, great service and a relief, didn’t know that some 20% of the population could be at serious risk.
        Wonder IF anyone can put up the report from the Police Inspectorate for englandland where Cleveland Police have been declared as being unsatisfactory in protecting their population and their staff don’t have up to date Criminal Record Clearances.
        That must mean that doris has moved the Newcastle area into Scotland as it must be the fault of the SNP.
        What a chancer and not taken to task by radio shortbread propagandists.
        Is there any media people that would admit to being a journalist to the population of Scotland after taking part in these lies?

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        1. I heard between 10% and 20% of English/Welsh police haven’t got any kind of background check. The story they used to illustrate this was of an officer who, called to a domestic dispute, ended up having sex with a 13 year old kid.

          Needless to say there was, in some repetitions of the story on the Today programme, no mention of the fact that this was only the English/Welsh statistic.

          Sometimes you wonder if Nick Robinson even knows that Scotland and NI exist.


  8. My (foster)son and grandson just left on their way back to Kenya, so I’m feeling rather deflated… Sam (my son) wants to send Emmanuel (grandson) to school here in a couple of years. Do I have the strength to be a dad again, especially to a kid who’s received an overdose of mischief in the mix?

    Seamlessly seguing into the proper Munguinite topic which of course I had in mind right at the start, in a couple of years Scotland may of course be independent again, at last. That would mean that we would not have to deal with the English Home Office’s hostile environment to get this schooling thing off the ground. If the Scottish Home Office is not miles better than the current evil and incompetent bureaucracy I will be very angry indeed. It is pretty much impossible to imagine how it could be worse, really.

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    1. I doubt if the current home secretary would be prepared to let anyone come here for anything. She is, without doubt, the hardest of right wing home secretaries they’ve ever had. She makes the Maybot look semi human… not as easy task.

      You really do need to think carefully though if you could cope with the strain of a youngster around the house all the time, no matter how incredibly lovely he is.

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      1. Yes, it would be more than I have the strength for. I’d do it if I could, though. His dad wants to bring the whole family here, really, for his business, for security and for education. I wouldn’t want the wee lad away from his family either; I always hated the idea of boarding schools: no wonder so many of those old Etonians and so on grow up emotional cripples. I think when the wee lad is older he’ll be less exhausting to deal with, but then there are his two younger brothers…

        I’m sure it will become much easier for them to come and visit me in independent Scotland than it is now, and that we wouldn’t charge exorbitant amounts for the visas either. It wouldn’t make the air fares any cheaper, though, or the journey any shorter.

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    2. eddjasfreeman,

      You say, rightly:

      “That would mean that we would not have to deal with the English Home Office’s hostile environment to get this schooling thing off the ground. If the Scottish Home Office is not miles better than the current evil and incompetent bureaucracy I will be very angry indeed.”


      I have so much to say about that, but I am 99.9% sure that a Scottish Home Office would not play games with peoples lives, the way our UK Home Office does. They are, frankly, bought and sold for Bo Jo’s gold.

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  9. Glad you are back with us. Thats a bit more serious than you kind of implied. Lucky its been spotted and fixed.

    We encounter the odd Daily Fail or Express reader when we are canvassing, who rails about the NHS. But when you ask them if they are speaking from experience its always hearsay. I get carted to Wishae Gen when I get issues. I cannot fault the care I have had. My consultant is in the Royal in Glasgow. I am so glad I live in a country where access to healthcare is based on need not financial clout.

    Welcome home Tris.

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    1. Thanks, David.

      I’ve got mates who live in England and can’t get treatment at all. Months waiting for a GP appointment.

      Also interestingly a relative who’s grandparents live in England (Coventry) recently had to sort out his grandad’s funeral.

      It all being rather distant from me, I didn’t pay that much attention (I’d never met them) and when I’d forgotten about the whole thing, he announced he was heading to Coventry for the funeral.

      Yep it took nearly 3 months!

      Anyway, I’m glad to be back, and I will be a sight gladder when the stiffness and pain wears off!!! 🙂

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      1. Don’t be a hero about the pain…use pain-killers, they’ll make it easier to keep mobile and active. That’s important . The doctors, surgeons, anesthetists and nurses have done their bit but post-operative recovery is down to you . Their advice on this wasn’t just patter.

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      2. trispw,

        I now have a – non urgent – requirement to have an fMRI scan done on my right ear. (No, I have little or no idea what fMRI means).

        It has been inserted into the process and it will probably happen in the next two months or so.

        I completely trust my GP.

        Had it been more serious rather than investigatory, with the assumption being that it was not precautionary but a genuine threat, she would have made it an urgent request. At no point in the process would her opinion have been challenged. Indeed, if I had gone back, complaining of more serious symptoms, I am pretty confident that that would have been taken into account.

        That is a Health Service.

        Of course, folk with risk should be seen first, and that ought to be the criteria.

        Meanwhile, in Scotland, that still appertains.

        Just to say, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone, take paradise, put up a parking lot.

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