…I thought you might like to see the cream of British intellect out on the streets fighting for Great British values.

I think as well as knighting this fellow, Liz should probably marry him off to her remaining single adult granddaughter, and start to improve the gene pool of the royal family!

32 thoughts on “WHILE MUNGUIN IS AWAY…”

  1. I was with the old man for breakfast down at a local cafe this morning. He wears EU flag badges to annoy people. Some obese tattooed twat called him a ‘f*****g twit’ because of the badge. The old boy was in raptures as he’d not heard the word ‘twit’ – so he said – for decades ~ George

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  2. Quite unrelated point about the history of the collapsing Thomas Cook empire. The company ran a tour to Paris in the wake of the 1870/71 Commune and its violent demise – an early example of disaster tourism. I read once that a dissatisfied customer threatened to sue the company because the ruins were no longer “smoking” as described in the publicity for the trip. (May have been in a textbook on modern Europe by someone called Dennis Richards or similar, if so has stayed with me for 60+ years.)

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  3. I found that really sad he represents the low hanging fruit, ripe for the picking by the likes of Farage, Robinson/Lennon and Breitbart. Possibly devoid of an opinion reached on their own, on why they are where they are and a remedy to change, along comes the names above, dressed in the common touch, a swagger, street accent, pint of fake beer and gives them the reason. “It’s Rashid, Mohammed, the snowflakes, the lefties, the EU etc” To the conmen and exploiters they are an easy mark.

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    1. He’s also by the look of it, one of the folk most in need of the services that have been subject to year on year cuts by the Tories and will be non existent soon if not already.

      At least British nationalism has given him a peer group. 🥴

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    1. I was following his discourse pretty well, until he got to the Islamic ray guns. Any thoughts on that?

      This patriotic Briton with the unfortunate speaking style just has his terminology wrong. It’s not “Iraqi Law” that he should be ranting about, it’s “Sharia Law.” I once thought that the hysteria about Sharia Law was confined to right wing Republicans in the States, FOX News, and the mindless morons who live and vote in the Southern Sates. Turns out that it’s also an issue in Canada, the UK, and Europe.


      The people of Oklahoma were is a dreadful tizzy about it back in 2010 when right wing politician and con-man Newt Gingrich on FOX News was keeping the right wingers riled up about it. Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly to ban it, but a federal court intervened. But other states passed such bans successfully.


      It may all sound silly, UNTIL you learn about the “Beth din” that dispenses Hebrew justice in New York City, or about the “eruv,” a wire strung around almost all of Manhattan that symbolically and religiously forms a wall that makes the outside “inside,” so the Hebrew fanatics can carry things outside the house on the Sabbath.



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          1. The charitable interpretation is that in the excitement of being filmed & interviewed for the telly that little phrase just came out wrong…what he was trying to say was “Islamic rape gangs”.

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      1. Love the wire. There are similar things in all religions I think. Some Catholics get round contraception bans by working out when a woman is infertile and having intercourse in that time, for example

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        1. As I understand it and for best effect the intimacy should be preceded by a prayer of intercession:
          Holy Virgin
          We believe
          That without sin
          Thou didst conceive,
          And now we pray,
          In thee believing,
          That we may sin,
          Without conceiving

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  4. Ignorant of the fact that he’s a heroin addict with the mind of a 9 year old, he would rather complain about what he ‘thinks’, foreigners are doing, than how he managed to get where he is today
    It’s probably the first time in months, he’s walked beyond his dealers door.
    “Muslimic (🤣) ray guns? 🤦‍♂️
    Do you think he meant, Islamic rape gangs?
    Unfortunately, this lad’s vote trumped my vote in the Brexit referendum…

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  5. Good luck Tris – at least when you’re under anaesthesia, you’ll not feel thirsty and hungry anymore!

    And Munguin, stop being so grand and look after him for a change when he comes home.

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  6. I have listened to this twat quite a lot.

    It might be ‘Islamic Ray Cams’.

    Which makes even less sense.

    Kind of hoping that tris is OK.

    Which is my main thing, right now.

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