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john cartoonas

Thanks to BJSAlba and John for the above.

joke t

jke boris




jke bre

joke jon


Munguin’s Republic will be taking a short break this week as Munguin is flying off to Paris and his usual suite at the Ritz.

Tris, on the other hand, has to go into hospital for an operation, however, you will be relieved to hear that Munguin has hired a butler in the fashion of Jeeves for the interim, and President Macron that Munguin is in town… So please don’t worry about him.

He will be expertly looked after.

We’ll see you upon his return!



43 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Amusing and subtle (not) contributions. Tell the hospital people we need you back soon. Take care and here’s to a speedy recovery. We, of course, know that Munguin knows how to look after himself (or, how to be looked after).


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    1. Thanks, Darren. Gotta be honest, I’m absolutely dreading it. But mainly because I hate giving up my freedom. That and having to sleep in a ward instead of at home… Still, has to be done, so best just get on with it.

      Probably will have to miss the Edinburgh march though… Damn!


  2. Speedy recovery T and I’m sure Munguin will be up to demanding proper service, in your absence.
    Just booked accomodation for the Edinburgh march.

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  3. Aye it can be tedious but just thole it. Take a good book, or better still use it as an excuse to read a fast paced trashy thriller.
    … and don’t worry about US, we’ll be fine! Take care.

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    1. Kindle is stacked, Jake. Easy to read stuff, but I’ve got Gavin Estler’s book on Brexit should I want something more serious.

      But I’m bound to worry about you! 🙂


  4. Whatever you do, don’t let pride get in the way of a bit of strategic sucking up to the medical staff. It works wonders, you’ll see.

    All the best and get well soon.

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  5. Great cartoons thanks Tris. Hope the op goes well, I was in, a year ago, for gall bladder, was terrified but it was all over before I knew it. Med staff and others were brilliant. Wishing you a speedy recovery, and lots of R & R.

    Here is a link for anyone interested, just watched it, about political cartoonists.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed, Hetty. I think we’re all terrified of going into an operating theatre, and normally with no good reason. Maybe it’s the total lack of control! Thanks for your good wishes. The staff have been amazing in the lead up. How they do it, I just don’t know!

      Thanks for the link. Will look at it this afternoon in between being prodded!


  6. Be glad the hospital is expecting you and that it’s this side of the border.
    A quick snip, tuck, embroider, and bed rest, and don’t think about his excellency.

    Don’t worry about us we’ll amuse ourselves in somehow, just get well soon.

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  7. Good luck Tris, and never mind about us lot. Some smashing tips from Munguinites there but Ed is probably the one to listen to since he’s been in the same hospital.

    Anyway a wee something to send you off.

    Get well soon.


  8. Tris , remember and take the folding bed, they’re reported on the eBC as being short of beds, maybe some bedding just in case.
    Oops, that’s the hospital advice for englandland, Dundee is much further north.
    Best of health to you, service to continue when you’re up and running.

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