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Ah, hello. Sorry can’t chat, I’m in the middle of my “swinging from branch to branch” class. That’s my teacher. Come to think of it, I don’t see him doing much swinging, do you?
n moose and skye
Moose and Sky keeping Vestas fit.
n cat ruth
Can I be the new leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland?
n glacier NP Montana
Glacier Park, Montana.
n pepper vestas
Moose’s buddy, Pepper.
Hmmm, hello!
n mush
Nuuk suburbs.
n heron
Gone fishing.
Bed time.
n table pour 2
Pass the jam, please.
n el
Out for a walk in the woods.
n red panda
Red Pandas!!  Well, most of them come from China, after all!
n kangaroo kalbarri
Kalbarri, Australia.
n cheetah
Walk this way.
n cat
If I look cute enough, do I get a treat?
n luang prabang laos
Luang Prabang, Laos.
n moose
n john sunflowers
Bulgarian sunflowers.
Image result for ORANGUTANS
OK… That’s your lot, Munguinites. I’m off for my dinner. Laters!

Thanks to Quokka, John and Vestas.




33 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. In the States, the sunflower is always associated with Kansas (the state flower.) But I see that sunflowers are big in Bulgaria.
    As for Nuuk, Wiki says that its golf course is the northernmost course in the world. No wonder Trumpy wants the place.
    Among the critters, I especially like the giraffe. And the kitty in the cardboard tank. 🙂

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    1. A few year ago I drove through Bulgaria on my way to Turkey. On the way were massive fields of sun flowers, all facing the same way, as they do. It was an absolutely magnificent sight.

      John tells me that Bulgaria is the worlds biggest producer of sunflower seeds.

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  2. Went to cocktail party on the outskirts of Nairobi once and the giraffe were sticking their heads over the hedge into the gadren. Amazing. No photos sadly (in the days of cameras with films so not very convenient).

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  3. Pic 7 – edible? Not so easy to say. The golden rule with fungi is unless you’re absolutely, 150% sure – don’t eat it. Fungi can do you a lot of harm, even kill you – and not in a nice way. Some have wonderfully evocatively chilling names such as Death Cap and Destroying Angel (neither edible, you’ll guess) but other seemingly innocuous ones, which often resemble edible ones, are poisonous. Forage wisely, folks.

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    1. Andi…….IMHO, the people who eat wild mushrooms picked by amateur mushroom hunters are about as smart as the Japanese who eat puffer fish.

      No doubt the Japanese have convinced themselves that the puffer fish has a flavor so special as to risk death for. Maybe wild mushroom lovers are convinced that mushrooms actually have some special flavor too, although I’ve never eaten one of any variety that has any noticeable flavor at all. Mushrooms do have an amazingly repulsive texture when chewed however.

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    2. I remember my dad once collected some mushrooms on a woodland walk and returned home with them determined to make an omelette. My mother insisted that he write a note, and sign it, saying that he had collected them and eaten them against her better judgement!

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    3. Its not obvious from the photo but the top of the fungus is actually an inverted cone, rather than the usual dome.

      The closest match I can find is the Brown Roll-Rim toadstool (Paxillus involutus) but I don’t think its that. If it were that then its a nasty fungus which will destroy your red blood cells if eaten regularly over time. Lovely eh?

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        1. Long ago, the only mushrooms I ever foraged for and ate was the ‘magic’ variety. Being poisoned by them was, to say the least, an interesting experience.


  4. like Danny I loved the kitty in a tank – obviously a future First Minister until she has kittens and wants to spend more time with her family. Actually some lovely kitties this week. The giraffe though, bit of a brass neck stealing someone’s food…

    Amazing experience Tatu. Gosh I’ve never done anything as exciting as some of the folk on MNR. I went to Dundee once, does that count?

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    1. Hmmmm. When you were in Dundee, did Munguin put his head over the fence and try to drink your cocktail? If not, no, it doesn’t count.

      Weird lot, the Tories. First you have Andrea saying that you can’t be a firsts minister if you haven’t had kids, and the Ruth saying that you can’t be a first minister if you have. Ho hum!

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  5. Nice selection of critters today.
    Sorry to be picky, (once again) but your filing system requires overhaul.
    No 15: not Cheetah, Leopard.

    Have I ever mentioned that some of my best friends have (or have had over these many years) four legs ?
    Cats and Dogs. Most of them self appointed.

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    1. I guess we all just do our best. For all animals, including human ones who are struggling.

      Help where you see the need.

      It only takes a bit of compassion.

      Frankly, I’ve no idea how people can walk past when someone, human or not, is struggling.

      In this case turning on a tap and holding some water in your hands.

      It’s not a lot to ask of anyone really, is it?

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  6. speaking of dogs, have seen on twitter that it’s Blaze’s wee brother Laoch’s birthday today. He’s two – happy birthday Wii Shiite.

    ps loved the orangutans.

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  7. Some context on the “Pepper” photo. This was last Tuesday (27/8) so 30C and 75% humidity.

    Pepper couldn’t care less about Moose. Moose however loves Zosha, who lives with Pep & Mungo (who isn’t snipped) and this is sounding like the into to Soap…. 😀

    As far as Pep is concerned as long as the “chicken dispenser” (me) leads him from one pool of water to another with chicken on the way then there’s no point in engagaing with other dogs. His owner describes him as a pipe & slippers dog.

    Pepper’s only real interaction with Moose is when Moose/Zosha/Mungo are blocking the path with a (play)fight. He barks rather loudly and they all move out of the way 🙂

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