Enjoy, Munguinites

After days of proroguing (by a pro rogue), the queen and Jake the Mogg,Β  Ruthie and old Alister Jack and all the other nonsense that’s been going on, you deserve a wee break.

And this is just the thing.

28 thoughts on “LIGHT RELIEF”

      1. This is beginning to plumb new depths, shallow though it is. My sole reason for musselling in is to cast oil on troubled waters, not to make waves. Sea you later!

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  1. Amusingly, the advert I got was a girl sitting next to a pile of money, tagged with a union jack, for a scam “make lots of money from the comfort of your own home” site.

    Sums up the UK, really.

    Cute water-puppy πŸ˜€


    1. Ha ha!

      I’m sorry about the ads though. I think it’s wordpress’s way of making money out of cheapskates like Munguin who won’t upgrade to the paid schemes!


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