Our dear old mate, Ross Thomson, went on a visit to Nolan Seafoods in West Tullos. He got some great shots of him talking to ordinary people. Well, an ordinary person anyway.


He put them up on social media.

He wrote: “They export globally and are a local success story now employing over 700 people. I was able to watch skilled employees hand fillet whiting and haddock as well as see the latest cryogenic freezing technology.”

He also got a pic with the boss.


Unfortunately, that shot included the plaque outside the offices proclaiming that the building was part-funded by… the EU. Y’know, that organisation that Ross is busting a gut to leave.


Thanks for the close up to Brian ‘A little bit trashy’ Wright


Jeez, funded by the Fisheries Fund of the EU and even worse, also supported by the Scottish Government! Old Ross’s two pet hates in one sign. and he gets himself photographed next to it. Thanks for that shot  to @danrobertson89

Oh well, better luck next time, Ross.


  1. This post was written last night.

    Obviously, the news today has little to do with wee Ross and how amusing it is to see him posing outside a building paid for with the help of the Scottish Government and the EU, while praising the company and its contribution to jobs in his constituency. (Fair point though 700 jobs is not to be sneezed at, so well done to the company, the staff and the EU and Scottish government partnership!)

    Clearly, the fact that BoJo has asked the queen to prorogue parliament and threatened that he will call an election if he is thwarted, has overtaken “Hands Thomson”.

    Nicola has echoed the famous words of Wendy Alexander… Bring it on. Before October 31!

    Let’s see the will of the British people.


  2. In future,Scottish businesses who want government aid will be dependent on how much they donate to Tory party coffers.
    Back to the good old days.
    Same will go for city “deals”,voting Tory will become increasingly important for the same reason as above.
    Peterhead will be full of Mexicans deported by Trump in order to make up the shortfall of EU labour,a sort of reverse clearances.

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  3. I really don’t know what is funnier here Tris … wee Ross ” oh I doo like yer yer bum” Thomson standing outside a fish processing plant part funded by the E.U. and Scottish Government … OR … #BackDoorBoris doing what he said he would not do … prorogue parliament! 😂

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  4. What a self serving buffoon RT is and not even bright enough to think about things going on around him.
    Who votes for people like him ?
    I reckon a lot of people vote for candidates they nothing about what other explanation could there be fo people voting for him ?

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  5. See it’s all be done before

    March 23, 1933
    The Reichstag (German parliament) votes legislative power to Hitler
    After the failure of the Nazi Party to win a majority in parliament, Adolf Hitler introduces a bill that would give his government legislative authority. The Nazis, the Conservatives, and the Catholic Center Party support this so-called “Enabling Act,” which would grant Hitler’s government the power to decree laws without a vote in parliament for a four-year period.

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  6. I see Ruth is going to resign as Tory leader.
    Well done to her, the first wee spurt (or should that be spur – they get you out of all sorts of scary situations, don’t they Donald?) of backbone I’ve seen. Or did she realise that she’s not quite rich enough to survive Brexit unscathed?

    Please God, let Ross Thomson be her successor. I’d almost start believing in you.

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    1. OH Lord. Just had a thought.

      The blokey up in Shetland tomorrow is standing for the Ruth Davidson Party. Is it too late to get some other posters made up?

      How about the Boris Johnson Kicks Democracy in the Teeth Party?


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