Mr Cole-Hamilton tweeted this out presumably in an effort to demoralise the SNP canvassers and support who are working so hard for a victory in what is a very strong Liberal Democrat seat left vacant because ex-leader Tavish Scott got a better job offer.

Chris Jones tweeted in reply:

What an awful smear. I’ve been driving the @YSINational  around the island – their energy and enthusiasm has been a joy to work with. Hang your head in shame @agcolehamilton  for talking down young political activists.

PS we were North of Brae yesterday… 

For heaven’s sake Cole-Hamilton, you really are a beginner at this kind of thing, aren’t you?

If you’re going to tell a lie on social media, lesson number one, its probably best to get at least some of the facts right, enough to make your lie plausible. Otherwise, you just look like a dick! And guess what you look like?

Yep, You got it!

Some of the SNP canvassers.

Good luck to Tom Wills on Thursday. It’s a HUGE ask, to take a seat in the northern islands, but you’re doing a hell of a job from all I read.

Image result for tom wills snp

With a bit of help…


  1. Fabulous ,good luck SNP canvassers Shetland , I like your style, good honest people with an eye for what the people want and need.
    We love Scotland

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    1. The MP, Alistair Carmichael, who lied about the FM and the French Ambassador, and was taken to court by three of his constituents, lost two out of the three strands of the case against him and defended the third only because it was ‘generally accepted that politicians lie during campaigns’. The LibDems, who like to present themselves as simon-pure, upright and moral, have a long history of mendaciousness in bye-elections. Mr Cole-Hamilton is just doing as he has been taught.

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      1. So it would seem. They are desperate to prove that they are on the up after electing Mrs Thatcher’s protege as their leader.

        The odds are on them still winning this seat, but with a much reduced majority.

        But wouldn’t it be nice if Tom won?

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  2. I wouldn’t know because to my shame I’ve never visited Shetland, but I didn’t think there were many blocks of flats in Lerwick.

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  3. Was Cole-Hamilton actually in Shetland to overhear anything, or just making things up as usual? I don’t actually know, but maybe somebody does. The Fib Dems have become the he right wing of Scottish politics – check out Swinsons record as a Tory minister and her voting record. More right wing than some Tories. I don’t know whether Shetland has changed. Let’s hope so.

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    1. I’m not sure if he was there. I agree, they have become a right wing party.

      I hope we can pull this one off, although it’s a big ask. The re-elected Alistair pants on fire Carmichael!

      Btw, Terry hopes he will have the time to write something in the not too distant future!


  4. Beginning, in my heid to call Cole-Hamilton, Cock-Hamilton.

    Soon my autocorrect will be correcting Cock-Hamilton to Cock-Hamilton.

    Amazing technology.

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  5. Overheard throughput the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

    A vote for the Lib Dem’s is a
    Vote to keep The Tory’s in
    Office .

    A vote for the Lib Dem’s IS
    A vote for Tory austerity.
    As mrs jolly hockey 🏑 sticks
    Their leader unashamedly
    Admits .

    They would rather support Boris than have Jeremy in
    As temporary PM to guarantee
    An election or referendum

    The Lib Dem’s are Tory’s plain
    And simple .

    And that outweighs any alleged
    Smear against young snp
    Activists .

    Although to be fair I am quite
    Partial to the odd smear against the snp 😝
    But then I’m horrible 😜

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    1. LOL LOL.

      Picking a true blue as their leader was a really strange thing to do, I thought.

      My vague memories of the Liberal-Dems was that they were sort of leftish. The kind that were a bit unconventional, wore sandals, ate lentils, accepted that the Church shouldn’t make the rules in society, etc

      But Clegg embraced Cameron, and his austerity (which Boris is getting rid of after there being ten years of utter misery to, it seems, absolutely no avail). The guy that came next was weird. I mean, a Liberal who condemned the Tory’s equal marriage? What was that about? Vince Cable who sold off the post office and made a heap of money for the rich. And now this woman who wants statues put up to Mrs Thatcher?

      As for the smears? Well, there’s this one, and then someone sprayed SNP on a war memorial. OK so no one, even vaguely approaching being in their right mind,
      attempting to win an election, would ever do that. It’s just the stupidest attempt to discredit the SNP.

      Well, it was, until along came ACH.. Perfect initials… with his nonsense about the youngsters.

      I hope it does them harm in the campaign. Fight your political fight on political matters. By all means you can include facts about your political opponent. But, downright, easily disproved lies? Nah, that’s not decent politics.

      It kinda reminds me of Liar Carmichael.

      Ahhh, I’ve waited a long tome for you to admit that you are horrible!

      Not that I think you are!!!!


  6. The Lib-Dems have always looked to me, the dodgy wing of the Tory party. Confidence tricksters. Very liberal with their lies and smears and not too keen on democracy where they cannot have their own way.

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  7. The British Liberal party have been trading on Jo Grimmond’s name for a long time in this part of the world.
    Shetlanders,as with most Scots,are fairly conservative and slow to change.
    However Brexit under the present constitutional arrangements,threatens their cherished connections with Scandinavia so may have some effect,even if the Liberals pretend to oppose Brexit they will have no impact.
    The prospect of an independent Scotland within the same trading bloc as Norway will have some appeal to Shetlanders.

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    1. I imagine that their strong ties to Scandinavia (if I remember rightly, they were a gift from the Norwegian crown to the Scottish crown in lieu of dowry), must make them very cautious about Brexit. That and their fishing business.

      It’s true that the LibDems are against Brexit, but it’s not going to make any difference. England is determined to leave. I can’t see the ineffectual opposition being able to do much about it.

      Jeremy hasn’t really got his heart in this fight. He always been a leaver, as the left of the Labour party always have. Neither the LibDems nor the SNP are big enough to make a difference, and pulling together would involve too many compromises, which they are not prepared to make.

      I see that Boris is going to embark on a Peer Creation Scheme, to put more leavers into the HoL.

      Hey ho, the great British democracy!

      The only way to stay is for Scotland to be independent.

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  8. O/T BJSAlba sent me this…

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    1. Also this…

      Is Boris really thinking that on November 1 there will be an end to the Brexit mess?

      And who told him the result of the referendum? Because, as I recall, it was a tiny majority!

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      1. I suppose he’ll get his wish when Brexit is replaced on the front pages with rioting, food shortages and people dying due to lack of medicine.

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      2. Sadly those are the thoughts of most English people (my wife included).

        They think “we* voted for it”, its been going on for years, just get it done.

        *”we” of course just means England, even my wife who knows Scotland/NI voted Remain has no clue as to the percentages or that every single council area in Scotland voted that way. The English have been “conditioned” even more than the “proud Scots buts” IMHO and even degree educated English people are utterly clueless on anything to do with the “UK”.

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        1. Well, they are technically right.

          The UK (and Gibraltar) voted as one unit and they did vote to leave, albeit narrowly and unevenly.

          But one of the many disadvantages of being part of something bigger, and something you aren’t really in tune with, is that you take what they give you. And a fairly heavy vote to stay in the EU in Scottish constituencies means nothing when a country 10 times the size, voted narrowly to leave.

          The UK is England, just as I suppose the Soviet Union was Russia. No-one ever gave a thought to Azerbaijan or Moldovia… just as no one much cares about Wales or Scotland.

          Clearly, until the support of the loonies in the DUP became integral in the continuing tenure at No 10 of Mrs May, no one had given, at any point, even a moment’s thought to the Irish situation.

          Talking about not understanding the UK, I saw this tweet about someone who had scribbled on a Scottish Government notice to EU citizens living in Scotland. They wanted to be rid of the EU and to revert to just “Great Britain”, which anyone with a brain cell knows, is Scotland, England and Wales. I mean The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, does seem to make it pretty clear.

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            1. Oh, I hate hard questions…

              But if I were that sheep I’d definitely vote for Nicola Sturgeon.

              (If I voted for the Ruth Davidson party they might mistake me for a fox and send a dog after me…)


        1. No, nothing at all (…according to the judge).
          It remains a mystery to this day why the dog ( called Rinka) was killed by an assassin’s bullet.

          Sorry, my comment was off-topic…we were discussing Liberal mendacity weren’t we?

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      1. Not right now.

        The idea (exciting!) and the execution (utter disaster!) is not a good look.

        How could I make such a stupid mistake as that? I have even been to Stornoway! I apologise to anyone that has read this.

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  9. Remember when the Liberals used to be those sanctimonious holier-than-thou merchants?

    Now they have this Cole-Hamilton character who seems to think there are 3 blocks of flats somewhere in north mainland Shetland, and that people elsewhere are daft enough to believe him. At least truthmonger Alistair Carmichael of the Liberals had enough swish glamour to talk about international ambassadors rather than young enthusiasts. Ferrero Rocher, anyone?

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    1. Really, he was a total embarrassment and why he didn’t get the sack is beyond me.

      More or less he made out that the French Ambassador and the First Minister were liars.

      All to damage the SNP by suggesting that they wanted a Tory government… a Tory government he had just been a member of!

      You couldn’t make them up.


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