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Written by a ten-year-old with English as a second language? (And PS: the dog ate my homework!)
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Hmmm. Shoulda thought of that…
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Oooops, caught out…

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34 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Dear oh dear. That first video of the Chelsea set was excruciating. Private schooling didn’t do them any favours if they know nothing about the Irish famine or are completely thick about the gerrymandering of the partition of N Ireland.

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    1. Who are those sisters? (I didn’t immediately identify them on Google.) Their comments about Ireland seem bizarre. Even Americans know that the Irish hate the English, with good reason.

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      1. No idea, Danny. It popped up on my Twitter feed.

        They were certainly talking utter nonsense.

        But it was so nonsensical that I thought it was a satire. I just don;t know the origin, who they are or what it was about.

        The scary thing is that there are people all over the UK (including Scotland, although fewer here) who think that everyone loved the Brits, and that we have ties that bind us with half the world.

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          1. True. I once nearly had a knife in my back in Morocco, and was being called an English ****, until I pointed out that I was, in fact a Scottish ****.

            The guy was like… Oh pardon, monsieur. Turned out to be a not bad guy…

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    1. They reminded me of the characters in that Channel Four comedy about the royal family, and the two girls that played the ugly sisters of the grand old duke of airmiles.

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  2. The problem is that people like the Grant sisters, along with the reprobates from the Carlsberg advert, are certain in their belief that they have a God-given right to rule over the rest of us, for evermore. Roll on the revolution.

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  3. Listened to a R4 programme last night on the way home from work.
    The discussion was on the prospects of the re-emergence of civil unrest in Ireland with the border being imposed.
    The 3 people in the discussion did cover the history of Irish/english history from the time of cromwell and the Plantation era.
    The final analysis was that the creation of a single Irish State was becoming increasingly likely in the coming decade.
    The strange thing about to summing up was that the interviewer used a strange allocation of Nationality to the 3 people.
    Quote’ Isn’t is welcome that we, an englishman an Irishman and a Yorkshireman can come to a common conclusion on this subject’.
    I welcome the idea that Yorkshire will be seeking it’s own Independence from england.
    Of course it grates that the use of england ,uk, britain and british were used by the southern englishman as Synonyms and accepted as such by the other two.
    At least the englishman was worried that if Ireland gets reunification then Scotland will leave rUK and destroy the onion, actually union was used.
    Some of the ebc coverage can be balanced but they tend to broadcast it as strange times, like late at night or overnight on the world service.
    The main item on the news was that england had won the cricket test, followed by deaths in an air crash in Spain, get the priorities right there.

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    1. It’s odd too that the Johnson government has proposed that Ireland leave the strictures of the EU’s single market for a period and join with the UK, or England as most call it, to solve England’s problems over the backstop. A unified Ireland indeed.

      I think that, if that were to be the case, President Higgings should be the new head of state and that everyone should have to study Irish to “O” Level.

      I noticed too that the headlines in the news this morning were that England had won a cricket match, thereby drawing even with Australia in a series. (Don’t ask me. I know less than zero about cricket except that it goes on and on and on… the same people playing the same people for all eternity!)

      I wondered why deaths in Majorca and fires in teh Amazon were so unimportant!

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  4. Tris
    I may be totally wrong BUT,
    The cricket would have been a non event IF the Aussies had won the whole test series too quickly, they need the punters to turn up for the next match, money takes priority, the record doesn’t need to worry the lads.
    Thought it strange that the Aussie team lost out on the ‘World’ series of one day but then IF englandland weren’t in the final who would have turned up to a final of ****** against ******.
    Don’t know much about the game except that .like you, it goes on for days until bad light or rain stops play and then a winner gets declared. Much like in street football the corners and shies get totalled up and a team wins on how many free penalty kicks are missed.
    Base ball is another strange name for rounders and the yanks have a worlds series that they play in, think Japan get an invite , maybe Danny will tell us when he gets time to reduce it to 30 words so as not to bore us.

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    1. LOL. Silly mid-on, rain stopped play, howzat, blah, blah. I went to school in England. It was what they did for games all summer term (unless rain stopped play). I thought “bugger that” and went for a walk in the woods next to school.


      1. OK, confession time. I’m a cricket fan and was totally engrossed by the match that ended so dramatically yesterday. As one of only two Scots in our wee Bulgarian village (pop 350) I find myself in a minority of (almost) one. Most of the expats here are English, yet none of them has any interest in cricket. When we’re in the pub and I’m following the game on my phone, they just tell me to bugger-off as I update them on the latest state of play. Usually with great enthusiasm when it’s not going England’s way.
        At home, the Resident Sassenach will watch the TV broadcast intently, but pretends no interest when in the company of her national natives. My gloating cries of “Yer team’s gettin’ thumped again!” go ignored.
        Can only agree on the news value , though. Yes, that was an England victory of historic proportions, but hardly justified as the lead story on the EBC website’s main news page.

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        1. Nothing wrong with liking cricket, John. Personally I found it tedious, but that’s just me.

          But I think we can all agree that managing to get win from an expected defeat, was, no matter how spectacular, hardly front page news.

          I guess they are probably trying to distract from some of the other crap that is going down.

          Always the BBC’s job. to keep in with whatever government there is in London. Although Boris may be risking some of that with his demands that all his voters get free tv licences….well, maybe not all, because I heard that there were a few under the qualifying age.

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  5. Sounds like something Trump put together or the sock puppet. The vacant stares, the obvious reading of prompt cards and the total absence of any trace of an Irish accent make me ever so slightly sceptical.

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  6. This is what we have as a pm, so well briefed we are but morons in his path.
    Recent report about pork pies being the new payment method for lease/lend.

    Offering an example of an American trade restriction, Mr Johnson said: “Melton Mowbray pork pies, which are sold in Thailand and in Iceland, are currently unable to enter the US market because of, I don’t know, some sort of food and drug administration restriction.”

    Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr O’Callaghan – who chairs the association, which represents pie producers – said: “We don’t actually export to Thailand or Iceland. It is certainly available in Iceland the shop.”
    Rocky bumps in the road are here already.
    Oris says the ebc should pay for the FREE tv licences for the over 75’s, he is so well briefed he doesn’t actually know thetv license is just a tax that HE can abolish as in ‘He’s a low tax tory’. That of course means he won’t tax your income from your foreign investment portfolio or thatcher’s estate for death duties, she died a pauper you know, living on the state.

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  7. Re the Grant Sisters.

    They appear to be one, sorry two of the ‘faces’ of Turning Point UK. Which appears to be in it’s early days.

    The same video is available here:

    The comments are ‘quite interesting’.

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    1. Phwoarrrr! Top tottie, what? You don’t expect these gels to have brains as well – be reasonable, old chap. These young fillies look like excellent breeding stock to me. Anyway, trouble with the “Irish Question”, as I see it, anytime you come up with an answer the bloody Micks change the question. Ah, here comes Nursie with my medications.


      1. Ah, well there are some people who have brains and beauty… take Munguin, for example.

        There simply isn’t an answer to the Irish question that will satisfy everyone.

        Never has been. Never will be.


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