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Our Australian Scot, ‘Kangaroo’, sent me these pics and this article. He writes to Munguin: “The 2 small photos marked Queen St. were taken in 1947 by my future mum from the flat she and her parents were living in a top floor left side 17 Cunningham St looking towards the station with a bus on the Cathedral St Bridge.

“We are not sure if it was a competition for the Glasgow Herald. She looked them out because I copied an article from the Scotsman which showed the house from the platform.”

The article is here.

Said ‘future mum’ has just turned 95! Congratulations to her, and thanks for the memories.

(Sorry about the spacing. It was difficult to get them into the blog.)

ss view 1947

ss view from window k

This was 1947.

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Thanks also to John in Bulgaria and Dave in Scotland.

35 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

  1. Pic 6 – Dean Martin. Pic 8 – University Avenue, Gilmorehill, Glasgow, tram just passing the Students’ Union in the background. Pic 13 – Somerled Square, Portree, Skye. Pic 14 – the amazing Julie Christie in Far From the Madding Crowd. Pic 18 – Kathy Kirby – once she had a secret love and career took a dive when it turned out to be a famous bandleader.

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      1. Andi is correct. The title was The Students’ Union, but, because it was ‘men only’ it was commonly called the “Men’s Union”, with the Queen Margaret Union being for women students.
        During my time there – 1966/70 – there were several attempts to change the constitution to admit women students to membership, but, it was always overwhelmingly defeated, mainly by ‘life members’ led by people like the future MP, Menzies Campbell. The argument was always, “This is a gentlemen’s club.” Yes, I know, but some of would like this to change. But, like the record with the needle stuck, the reply was, “This is a gentlemen’s club”…………….

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    1. Correct, Andi. And a very slim book it is – 198pp in smaller than A4 format- compared to the modern doorstep. Found it in a junk shop in South Africa many years ago. Price: two rand – then about 50p equivalent, now more like 15p. Quite a bargain! Fascinating to compare with modern version and how many of the original records still stand.

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  2. Leith St. Got my first suit out of that John Colliers. It’s strange how the concrete brutalist edifice that replaced this, has in it’s turn been replaced.

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    1. Edinburgh’s tailor row. Jackson the tailor had 3 shops on the other side of the street, Burton’s, Alexander’s, John Temple( my first job) very busy place on a Saturday morning.

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    1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her sing. She has a not-bad voice and that was a reasonable song.

      The audience looked a bit middle-aged for a “pop” music show though.

      I see that she came second after Luxembourg that year. Their song was written by Serge Gainsbourg!


      1. The Eurovision Contest was shall we say very conservative until the late 1970’s. All the years from 1957 to date except 1964 is available online to watch. It had a bit of class although rotten songs in the early decades. I used to like the voting rather than the songs.

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      2. according to wiki

        “Kirby was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was in poor physical and mental health for much of her life.”

        Worse one niece married Mark Thatcher – sprog of the evil one. Another niece married Viscount Rothermere. Like Munguin he is a media mogul, and the former’s stable includes the Daily Mail!

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        1. I think she had an unhappy life for all her talent.

          I’d no idea her family married into THAT kind of money. SIR (if ever there was an undeserved title) Thatcher must be loaded since his mother is bothering Satan, and Rothermere is absolutely minted and lives in France so he doesn’t pay UK tax.


  3. Tris,

    Sometimes one can only bang one’s head onto something hard looking at the loss of public transportation network in Scotland.

    [p/s: sorry for just lurking around these days. Slightly busy and internet issues; finally resolved]

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  4. Royal Crown Cola has its roots in Georgia, as does Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola dates from 1886 where it was first sold at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta. Royal Crown’s history dates from 1905 at the Hatcher Grocery Store in Columbus, Georgia. It began as cherry-flavored “Chero-Cola” which was reformulated in 1934 without the cherry flavor and subsequently marketed as Royal Crown Cola (later, RC Cola.)

    The iconic yellow and red pyramid bottles date from the 1930’s and were used in one form or another at least into the 1950’s. Old timers often say that the formulation of Royal Crown in the 1950’s was distinct and superior to Coke and Pepsi. After a long sad history of substandard marketing, poor management decisions, and a peculiarity of American law that allowed the left wing food and drink police to kill the Cyclamate industry in the USA, RC Cola lost its soul when the company was sold to Cadbury (then Cadbury Schweppes) through its acquisition of Snapple. After a number of corporate changes, the brand is now owned by Dr. Pepper, and its current flavor is pretty much indistinguishable from Pepsi. Today, like all sugar-sweetened soft drinks in the States, it suffers from the hostility of the obesity-battling left wing health food police who do not believe in the human right of choice, free from the heavy hand of government………much less understand the difference between correlation and causality in scientific research.

    The tragic history of RC Cola:

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    1. Interesting history. I’d never heard of it.

      I loathe coke of any kind, Coca Cola, Pepsi or any of the cheaper store versions.

      In a country where you pay for your health care I see no reason why people should not eat and drink exactly what they want, or come to that smoke as much as they want, as long as they do it in their own homes, and drink as much as they want (although drunks are a real pain in the arse to everyone around them, including innocent passers by).

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      1. OMG Tris……Cola flavored soda drinks are for me the single most important food group…….ranking far above both plant and animal protein and any other beverage. Pepsi-Cola BTW also originated in the American South, but not in Georgia where Coke and RC came from. Pepsi originated in the pharmacy of Caleb Bradham in New Bern, North Carolina. It was first called “Brad’s Drink” in 1893, and in 1898 took the name Pepsi-Cola.

        Brad in his pharmacy with a vintage Pepsi-Cola dispenser:

        I’m mostly a Pepsi man, although I prefer to go with Royal Crown when I can find it in the sliver of grocery store shelf space it occupies among the miles of Coke and Pepsi products.

        As for my aversion to virtually all forms of governmental regulation, I doubt that such a viewpoint will ever find much approval among MNR readers and contributors. Perhaps this might be excused as an anti-governmental holdover from revolutionary times. On the other hand, I would personally attribute it to my disdain for epidemiological “studies,” which must never be confused with scientific experiments.

        These food “studies” decades ago “identified” high-fat diets as the principal cause of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. This is what gave us all the fat free (and flavor free) formulations that are now found on grocery store shelves. Then as years passed, OTHER “studies” decided that it’s high carbohydrate (high sugar) diets that are the primary causes of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. So the politicians and the media jumped on THAT bandwagon, and we have have today’s jihad against the evils of sugar and sugar-flavored soft drinks.

        Here’s a good article from a year ago in “Psychology Today” by a Harvard educated MD about the disreputable data and unscientific analyses of “epidemiological studies,” so beloved by regulatory politicians and the media.

        “All Politics, No Science”:

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        1. LOL. I just can’t stand the taste.

          I’m an Irn Bru drinker, and I like Vimto too. But any kinda coke? Never liked it even when I was a kid and everyone drank it.

          The question of what causes obesity (which most doctors would agree is bad for you, regardless of how it is caused, is, it would seem not as simple as has been thought.

          But it’s far too complicated for a simple brain like mine!

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    1. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

      But we got stuck behind an elderly lorry of a similar-looking vintage the other day. It looked like it was on its way to a vintage vehicle show somewhere.

      The fumes were pretty disgusting!


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