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OK, Own up. We all thought it was a joke.

However, apparently (and we should hardly be surprised about this) Trump was deadly serious when he said that he wanted to buy Greenland.

He is, after all, a real estate man, and Greenland is a very rich piece of real estate. Not only is it crammed with all manner of minerals that could make him a fortune, with the changes in climate, the country, or at least its southern areas, are becoming more and more hospitable and economically viable.

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In short, Greenland is not just the snowy wasteland you might imagine.

Shrub consisting of Gray-leaf willow (Salix glauca) and fireweed (Chamaenerion latifolium), The Qingua valley.

It seems unlikely to me that Trump had the remotest notion of the relationship between Greenland and Denmark. Let’s be honest, his knowledge of most things is, to put it mildly, superficial. He makes Sarah Palin look mildly bright!

And, as far as I can make out, the whole affair was carried out on Twitter, probably without any reference to anyone who might have had an inkling.

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Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, not a possession that the Danes can put on the market. It has devolution that would make Scots’ eyes water. The absurdity of the proposal that Denmark cold sell it, which I imagine most people thought was a joke, was treated with disdain in Denmark and in Greenland.

“Greenland is not for sale, but Greenland is open for trade and co-operation with other countries, including the USA,” said the country’s premier, Kim Kielsen.

Lars Lokke Rasmussen, the former Danish prime minister, tweeted: “It must be an April Fool’s Day joke.”

Soren Espersen, the foreign affairs spokesman for the populist Danish People’s Party, told national broadcaster DR: “If he is truly contemplating this, then this is final proof that he has gone mad.”

(Quotes from the BBC site)


However, it appears that his proposal was serious and, as a result of the Danish and Greenlandic governments’ reactions,  Trump clearly felt that he had been snubbed and cancelled a state visit to Denmark scheduled for early September.

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He had been invited to visit by Queen Margrethe II and was due to spend two days in the country on September 2 and 3.

Can you imagine the amount of time and money spent both by American officials and the Danish government and royal household arranging something as complex as a state visit? And particularly a state visit for the president of the United States.

And he cancelled all that because of a Twitter storm?

It’s high time we had an adult in the White House.



  1. Deer pResident Trumpp
    I would like to make you an ofer to buy Texas. I am fed up with the wettness and cold hear in Scottland and would love to go sumwhere warm at leest in the Winter. All so Texas is where all the cowboys are and I would like to be a cowboy to and I woould have a beter chance of that in Texas. I am sure we could come too a sootable arranjement or ‘deal” as you say as I have lots of good stuff in my locker hear at the Wallace Braveheart Refuge for the Incurably Deluded which I can swap for Texas.
    And oblige
    Hugh V Naecloo

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    1. Yes. I wish it had happened here, but alas, he came, he saw and he went away to brag about his good relationship with the queen, even if he didn’t like po-faced Tessy.

      Still, with Boris the buffoon, he should feel right at home.

      They can tell dirty jokes and swap tales of infidelity.

      Maybe they’ll bunce up and buy China.

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    2. I seem to recall that Idi Amin, having been removed from office, sought asylum in a number of places but no one wanted him. I think he ended up in Saudi Arabia. Independent Scotland should put Trump on its list of people to deny entry to – though, we all hope, I’m sure, he ends up in clink for the rest of his natural – with his adult offspring – and is in no position to go anywhere.

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  2. I’m surprised he has not offered to buy Hong Kong or Taiwan, which is Chines or not Chinese depending on who you speak to, yet Tris after all we all know how well both he and the Chinese government get along don’t they.

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  3. I liked the statement from the Danish PM & I paraphrase :

    “Its not a decision for Danes but for Greenlanders & they say no”

    Sadly for Greenlanders I doubt the USA will leave it there.

    Greenland is an increasingly important strategic resource in superpower terms. Not just for the rare-earth minerals either, its going to control most of the Arctic between Canada and Europe in “territorial rights/military projection” & ultimately (if we’ve really fucked the world up as badly as I suspect) a redoubt of green land instead of desert or sea.

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    1. Well, yes, indeed it is a matter for Greenlanders. And they say no, and Denmark will support them, and the EU will support Denmark.

      As you say, not only is the country really rich in minerals, but the climate is improving, and more and more of Greenland is becoming habitable.

      The south, at least, is a rather lush and desirable place.

      In 50 years maybe we will all be queuing up to get into Greenland and away form the searing heat of Europe.

      I imagine the last thing we want is Trumpland where anyone who is not white is a third rate citizen.

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    1. I realise that he can’t speak Danish, I mean he only barely speaks Pigeon English, but surely there is someone who can translate for him.

      The Prime Minister, who seems rather a sensible woman, pointed out that it is nothing to do with the Danish people. It is a matter for Greenland and the Greenlandic first minister has said that Greenland isn’t for sale.

      I realise that there are some words in that that have more than two letters and thus may cause him some difficulties, but really, can’t he get someone in his cabinet to explain?

      Well, OK, maybe not in his cabinet, but you know, wandering along Pennsylvania Avenue

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      1. Yes Tris…..the random passer-by on Pennsylvania Avenue would be your better bet there. 😉

        BTW, maybe Trumpy reads history (or more likely someone reads it to him); and being crazy as loon, fails to learn anything from it. For example, a little over 70 years ago, we learned that the Danes have ALWAYS been obstinate about Greenland. Greenland is wonderfully positioned strategically with Alaska, in a first line of defense over the pole from Russia and the capitals of Europe. In 1947, the American offer for Greenland was $100 Million in gold bars, and may also have involved forgiving $70 Million in Danish war debt. Even back then, Denmark was not selling.

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        1. Actually I was thinking a random cat or dog might do quite well.

          Yew, I know that they have tried to buy Greenland before, back in the day when it might have been in Denmark’s gift.

          Now Greenland is semi autonomous with devolution the rest of us can only wish for.

          The Americans did rent Thule Airbase in the far north. I don;t know if they still do.

          But almost no one lives up there.

          They will never part with places like Nuuk and some of the towns or villages in the south.

          Tourism is booming and Greenland is becoming viable. As the first minister said. It’s not for sale, but it’s open for business.

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      1. Yes Tris, after the regular early morning Tweet storm, he’s often out on the White House lawn proclaiming something or other to the roar of the helicopter all ready to whisk him out to the big air base where they keep Air Force One. (Two of them actually.)

        Anyway, this morning, he was even more deranged than usual. He stated that the Danish PM was “nasty” to him, and then declared “I am the chosen one.” Without a trace of irony!

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          1. That’s for sure!….LOL.

            He was comparing himself with previous presidents who he says did not confront the Chinese about their trade practices. The sound bite is better without the explanation of course, and I hope the Democrats will have sense enough to lift it out of context for use in the 2020 presidential campaign. 😉

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            1. Well, he may be unique in that he started a trade war (the merits of which are disputed) with China, but, what’s exactly that got to do with being “the chosen one”.

              Seriously, it sounds like he’ll be trying to walk on water next… not that I’d worry too much about that, except for the water would all turn orange!

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  4. Well in the happyGERS day, what more can you expect?
    HS2 to be checked for efficiency and costs, maybe the speed of the trains will have to be reduced, yes to match the rest of the network.
    Sun comic published a picture of groper andy with a child, pilot of the private jet says he took them to an island.
    Oris has a new plan, Ireland to give up the EU and join in a partnership with englandland, an equal partner in the bestest empire under the sun.
    Overspending in Scotland accounts for 54% of the Ruk deficit, £500 per person comes to 2.5billion but I’ve got a faulty calculator because it comes to an estimated £23 billion, in GERS.
    We Scots are just wasters, we’re responsible for 54% of the deficit.
    On the sale of land perhaps the Dutch will wish to buy back Manhatten and the Russians perhaps will want to renegotiate the sale of Alaska.
    Biggest one will be when oris tells the great orange one that the Americans didn’t leave the greatest empire by having a referendum with permission from king george.
    Too much Irish beef waiting on Visas for rUK.
    The comedy continues.

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    1. You couldn’t make it up.

      Tehy keep on talking about 17 year olds and paedophilia.

      My understanding is that in most jurisdictions 17 year olds are not pre or peri pubescent.

      I’ve no time for the lazy fat slob that is Prince Andrew, but using that word at the same time as talking about people who could be married in Scotland and most of Europe, and some American states, is just pathetic gutter journalism…. oh yeah, it’s the Sun!

      GERS… every year we have this nonsense over a set of figures produced largely by guess work, designed by LORD Ian Laing or whatever he’s called, to make Scotland look unsustainable.

      The figures bear no resemblence to what an independent Scotland would look like. … you know, we probably wouldn’t have nukes and we almost certainly wouldn’t have “spaffed”, to use a prime ministerial word, £7 billion on a railway that probably won’t be built.

      And that’s just the beginning. That the Tories and Labour and that other lot fall back on this crap year after year is yet another example of how incredibly vapid the arguments against independence are.

      I just wonder what the Tories think makes Scottish people uniquely incapable of running their own affairs. It can’t be that we are too small…after all Iceland manages with the population of Edinburgh. It really can’t be that we are too poor. After all we do still have oil and oil is still a saleable commodity, and of course we have much else, the same sort of things as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Ireland have. Maybe they think that we are uniquely stupid?

      Sometimes when I look at Labour and the Tories and that other lot, and I consider what we did to ourselves in 2014, I wonder if they may not be right!

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      1. I blame the Great British Meeja Machine. Seriously. That we have around half the electorate in favour of independence with not one mass-circulation news title (the National is still not up there) and no broadcast pro-independence channels is startling enough; if we had a press worthy of the name, we’d have regained our independence in 2014 if not before.

        The low circulation of the National shows that huge numbers of Scots have come to the conclusion that we need independence without absorbing any pro-independence messaging from the media. In other words, Scottish voters are a lot smarter than the fools, charlatans and con-artists of the Westminster regime think they are…

        Even with near-total control of the press and the airwaves, Westminster’s grip on public opinion in Scotland is failing.

        Vive la république écossaise. Saor Alba.

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        1. I guess when things are going form bad to farcical every day, it’s not surprising that the public’s opinion is changing.

          Nous devrions l’adopter comme notre devise!

          Bu chòir dhuinn gabhail ris mar ar facal-suaicheantais

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    2. “On the sale of land perhaps the Dutch will wish to buy back Manhatten and the Russians perhaps will want to renegotiate the sale of Alaska.”

      There was a flap with the Duke of Westminster when he refused to sell property rights in Grosvenor Square to America for a new embassy. Virtually all US embassies are on land owned by the American government, but not the previous embassies in Grosvenor Square going back to John Adams who lived there after being named Ambassador to the Court of St. James in 1785. In 2oo8, the Duke of Westminster refused to sell land for a new embassy unless the Americans returned his family’s lands confiscated after the American revolution, in states from Maine to Florida, including Virginia.

      Wiki: “The Duke of Westminster refused to sell the Americans the freehold to the embassy unless they gave him the state of Virginia that was confiscated from his family during the American War of Independence in return.”

      Trump didn’t like the new location and refused to cut the ribbon.

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      1. Mr Westminster wanted the state of Virginia?

        Bloody hell, he’s a demented as the Orange one.

        LOL. I think the main reason for the relocation of the Embassy by Bush and Obama was security. but I’m sure Trump knows better.

        Just this quote form that article. Why does he say everything more than once?

        “By the way, they wanted me to cut the ribbon on the embassy and I said, ‘I’m not going. I don’t wanna do it.’ I said I’m not cutting that ribbon. I said I’m not going.’’

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        1. LOL……If Westminster wanted maybe Texas we could talk! 😉

          Yes, the embassy relocation mostly involved security concerns as you said. Apparently a relocation within the property of the Duke of Westminster was considered until the Duke refused to sell. I’m sure that Trumpy’s objection was mostly because the final decision was made by Obama. He pretty much overturned every Obama policy that he legally could.

          When Trumpy only repeats things two or three times, he’s being brief. 😉
          Something has to make his rally speeches stretch on for an hour and a half, even though he really has nothing much to say besides a few bumper sticker slogans.

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          1. Ahhh, as brevity is the soul of wit, I shall be brief…

            LOL… Yeah, I guess the bulk of the people he’s addressing at these rallies probably need the same thing repeated over and over in words of fewer than two syllables.

            Trump must really have hated President Obama. Presumably because he wasn’t orange.

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  5. A lot of relieved Greenlanders. Likely Trump would have inorporated it into the union as a state; given that the majority population are Innuit and the USAs record with minority (as compared to US population) ethnic groups…

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