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According to Buckingham Palace, Andy the lad is appalled by what he has learned about his dear friend, Mr Epstein.

A statement said: “The Duke of York has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes. His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent.”

But, two years after Mr Epstein was jailed having been arrested for sexually abusing dozens of girls between 1999 and 2007 (he bargained this down to a Florida state felony prostitution charge, and was obliged register as a sex offender and do some jail time), Duke Airmiles was videoed with him at his mansion in New York.

So really he can’t have been THAT appalled.

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Please note, I’m not accusing Airmiles of anything except incredible stupidity, something for which, along with greed, he is renowned.

Many of the rich and famous have been friends with Epstein, spent time in his home and gone to his parties. And not all of them, possibly not any of them, will have shared his sexual proclivities.

But once they were known, and there’s no excuse for not knowing about them after the guy spent time inside for sexual misdemeanours, you’d have thought that someone at Buckingham Palace would have had the good sense to advise “his royal highness” that to be seen in Epstein’s company was probably not in his, his family’s or indeed the state’s best interests.

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Given that Tubby gets a fair old whack of dosh from the taxpayer to keep him in golf clubs, and his two daughters (who appear to do absolutely nothing for the state except mooch) in expensive clothes, I don’t think it is too much to ask that he steer his lazy self clear of people like Epstein.

If he was too stupid to see this for himself, or accept the advice of officials paid for by us to keep royals on the straight and narrow, then he deserves all that’s coming at him.

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As, I suppose, was to be expected, his highness was so upset about all the bad publicity that he and Duchess Sarah have flown off in a private jet to Malaga where they will hide from public scrutiny for a while.

It must be wonderful to be able to drop everything at a few moments’ notices and push off to an exclusive villa in the sun, all at taxpayers’ expense.


      1. “It’s like the UN here.”

        Naw the EU, enjoy it will you can!

        BTW how come French has more likes than German or Gaelic? Or did Ed get orginality likes!

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          1. Yes and I have been for a while.

            Perhaps its living in a tory shire but I’ve been totally convinced for 18 months now that no-deal is what will happen. England will blame the Irish first then the French/Germans/Spanish.

            One day perhaps England will take responsibility for its own actions but that day is still a LONG way off.

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            1. If it were possible to diagnose a nation with a personality disorder, then England would be a Narcissist.

              Look up what that actually means.

              Google terms: Gaslighting, Flying Monkeys, Lovebombing.

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          2. Yes. Right now I’m going through everything in my two freezers preparatory to defrosting them and refilling them. Insulin is a concern… My kitchen cupboards are already stuffed with staples and tinned stuff. I am not looking forward to the disruptions that will follow…

            As far as I can tell, the problems will be exactly as wiser heads foretold.

            See for tips on what to buy. Yours Truly will be studying it assiduously.

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            1. Thanks for that, Ed.

              Have filed it for reference in the future… Certainly buying a few things extra each week seems sensible. We hope we won’t need it, but with this lot in charge, who knows?

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  1. I believe I said several weeks ago here that Epstein would never be allowed to testify and the previous plea bargain was largely because of Airmiles Andy.

    His “royal get out of jail free card” didn’t help this time so the only option left was to make sure he died before he gave evidence.

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    1. …and of course Ghislane Maxwell is likely to meet with an untimely end as well. Can’t have her spilling the beans to avoid a multi-decade USA prison sentence.

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        1. There would appear to be prima facie evidence that she “procured” underage girls for Airmiles so I doubt anyone will be selling her life insurance anytime soon.

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    2. I heard an argument just now on MSNBC that Prince Airmiles may benefit from a thing called “sovereign immunity”. This would definitely apply to Her Maj as Head of State; how far down the extended family it goes I do not know.

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  2. The guy is a cunt with a capital C.
    My best mate served with him in the Navy. The Official Secrets Act is being misused to protect him.

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  3. The whole household of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha disgust me. Nothing but a bunch of freeloaders, living off the fat of the land, us, the mugs, the taxpayers. Why any person believes that just because someone was born to a particular family, they are better than the rest of us mystifies me.
    Hopefully, when we become independent, we can hold a referendum, and that vote will confirm that we nothing more to do with this bunch of reprobates.

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    1. I’ve truly never understood the continuation of the class thing, or the status thing.

      I’m no better than anyone, and no one is better than me.

      I instinctively, therefore object to the notion of royalty and aristocracy, but if you HAVE to have royals, I think they should pretty much be like the Danish ones.

      How anyone can even like the Saxe Coburg Gotha lot, I have absolutely no idea, although I can imagine liking the Danes.

      There’s a story about the crown prince Frederick, who was backpacking around Australia when he was young. He went into a bar and saw this girl he fancied working as a barmaid, walked up to her and said, Hey, my name’s Fred, whats your name. She’s now the crown princess of Denmark, Faroes and Greenland! Probably pays better than bar work in Oz!

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        1. Aye maybe.

          We had a pic up not long ago of the queen of Denmark smoking a fag and drinking from a cardboard carton of juice outside a shop.

          Not a lot like old Liz!

          Maybe that was Margarethe’s weekly treat!


  4. Oh, the Grand Old Duke of York
    has jetted off once more,
    to a hideaway in Spain
    to avoid the loud uproar.
    Let’s hope while he is there,
    no doubt meeting dodgy pals
    that no-one is around to spot
    any fun with under-age gals

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  5. Tris
    The truth won’t out that’s for sure, you get the justice you can pay for and people like the Windsor’s are protected, always have been always will be. Doesn’t matter if he is innocent of all claims or guilty as some are reporting or alleging we will never know as it won’t make a court room. How it is, the super wealthy and the real elite are above the law end of. That family disgust me anyway, the are leaches off the poor, every version of them have been the same for thousands of years and we put up with it. Doesn’t matter people are dying or hungry as long as the Windsor mafia are ok , makes me sick to my stomach.


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    1. The thing about the Brits having decided already that there are no charges to answer is that, without any public investigation, we are all bound to think that there is no smoke without fire.

      Sweeping it under the carpet would ahve worked 40 years ago. I’m not so sure now.

      If I were innocent, and utterly without blame, I’d rather it came before the courts. But the police simply dismissing it makes you wonder.

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  6. This democracy thing mus be narrower than the gap between 2 transistors on an Intel silicon processor, currently 9 nano metre.
    Here we have lizzie the last’s boy , andy, accused of molesting young women, under-age women are children under the ‘LAW’, getting his privilege confirmed.
    You don’t need to wonder who paid for the travelling by private jet or helicopter.
    You will not be told as the media are doing their job in NOT reporting the story they are just publishing nice pictures of said people going off to church in the roller.
    Now we have oris de pfeffel telling the EU that the ‘Backstop’ for the island of Ireland is anti- democratic, forgive me for questioning his judgement.
    He engineered the replacement of the maybot by himself.
    He hasn’t been elected to the position as PM, he was elected to be leader of the party by less than 100,000 members of a private club.
    He has been found to be a stranger to the truth, he can’t tell you if he has fathered 5 or six children, but voted for a cap on TWO for the rest of us.
    He has stated he will not consent to a ‘second’ referendum on the EU, must respect the result, when there was a referendum to enter the EU.
    He will not consent to a referendum by the Scottish people as they’ve had theirs and they voted to stay in the EU and the UK, but now we’re leaving at least one.
    The small problem of delays in delivering food and medicines to the population is just a bump on the road, nothing for them to worry about.
    Now we hear that his buddy, ids, is pushing for the retirement age for the State Pension is to be raised to 75, to give the youngsters a change to collect the funds to be able to retire, but they’ll be fine, the mps with their golden conditions.
    The freedom of movement of EU Nationals is to stop on November First.
    This democracy thing is certainly finely balanced on the head of a pin, no the pinnacle of the pointed end of the pin.
    We need out of this empire.
    It’s looking more like the run up to the Nazi party taking over the control of Germany.
    The exceptionalists are taking control, at your peril.

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    1. The pension thing poses a problem.

      Why is it that “this precious union of ours” that can punch above its weight in international affairs, you know, as if it mattered, is in such a dire mess financially, that firstly it has to pay the worst pension in the developed world and second, it has to delay that pension to such a ridiculous extent that vast numbers will never reach the age at which it becomes payable?

      And IDS, despicable character that he is, says that it is a great opportunity for people to carry on having an active life.

      Of course, he is 65. He will doubtless continue his active life for many years sleeping in the house of lords!

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        1. Don’t pay it, Alex. Can you really see the BBC use the criminal law to send people over 75 to jail for non-payment of the tax? Perhaps some willing auld bugger or bizzum might volunteer to do so just for the negative publicity…

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        2. As I understand it, the scrapping of the deal for over 75s is a done deal.

          I think the government (May’s) gave the responsibility to the BBC and the BBC saw an opportunity to make some more money. This is supposedly so they can make better programmes, but is in fact, almost undoubtedly, an opportunity to give the management and “stars” a pay rise.


        1. The whole idea of working to 75 is preposterous.

          No retirement at all for so many.

          And what jobs will 70+ people do?

          Of course there are people who can go on working, and, if they want to, and their employers will allow it, there is no reason that they can’t.

          But, seriously, Tesco are going to employ 73 year old shelf stackers? Or the DWP going to employ a 71 year old Benefits Agency clerk?

          70 year old bus drivers, builders, nurses?

          I wish them luck!

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          1. “and their employers will allow it”

            legally employers MUST allow it since the law has abolished default retirement. Of course employers could sack you on a capacity basis if you weren’t able to do the job but they can’t sack you for your age or make you retire.


            1. I really meant from the safety point of view, PP. You know, doctors, nurses, electricians, drivers…etc.

              I know that legally they can’t sack people at retirement age, but I guess there are some jobs where the medical/fitness requirements are high. I mean I just can’t see a boss wanting a 70+ scaffolder.

              As I understand it you still have to retire as a fireman/woman, police, at a set age, well below the current retirement age, never mind the Tory retirement age.

              Of course, I accept absolutely that there are some 25-year-olds who couldn’t run after a criminal or climb a ladder to fight a fire, so age is not the only factor!


    2. “It’s looking more like the run up to the Nazi party taking over the control of Germany.”

      My alter ego, Cassandra Freeman, has been bleating on about all this for a while now… it gives me no pleasure to say that Dave is obviously right (because he agrees with me).

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  7. Aye eddy, when can I join the family, we are as one.
    Just to show up the retirement age concern, commercial pilots are retired from the big carriers at the grand old age of 60 years. IF they can pass the medical some second carriers will employ themfor another 5 years then the CAA step in and suspend their license to fly commercial flights carrying passengers, some go on for a while flying the post and newspapers or becoming a flying instructor. I know of one at the ripe old age of 85, still passes the medical, flying a tug aircraft for a gliding club.
    These people are the exceptional ones, lots of youngsters in their late 40’s lose the license due to medical conditions. One I know has a peripheral vision problem, no medical.
    Who would want to be a teacher in primary ONE class at the age of 75, murder and mayhem.
    I wouldn’t fancy working outside in the winter.
    On the topic of the scroungers, harry is telling us that we need to reduce our carbon footprint, good boy that. So what does he and the missus do, they fly private jets on their holidays but that’s ok they didn’t buy the fuel, their buddy elton john, dwayne something did, and to make it carbon neutral he purchased some carbon offset certificates from somewhere like Papua. So that’s ok then the 4 tonnes of fuel burnt didn’t really count against global warming. That’s 4000 litres of diesel used.
    Scroungers to the last.

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    1. And of course, the grand old duke of york, having had ten thousand… well, anyway, he and his Mrs (who isn’t his Mrs) flew off to Malaga in a private jet. To be fair to fatso, he’s never bothered his butt about being eco.


  8. Let’s be absolutely clear Air miles Andy and his wife are a couple of lushes. Freeloaders extraordinaire, they are obscene.

    Allegations of sexual improprieties do not appear out of place and as this article says, who in their right mind would associate with someone convicted of trafficking minors for sex – other than our own royal lush Prince Andrew.

    But it’s not just Andrew. Prince Charles commuted adultery when he was married. His father has also a reputation whilst FBI files record Charles’s uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten as being a homosexual with rampant interests in young boys.

    And Princess Margaret, jet set sister to the Queen another who was fond of being rogered by younger lovers. And like her mother over fond of the bevy too.

    Crikey, even young Prince Harry knows how to internationally party, as his recent freeloading jet setting shows. Indeed, he even had the arrogance to attend one party dressed as a Nazi. How appropriate.

    And the Queen, with all this sleaze and debauchery around her, can anyone in their right mind not conclude that she must be the biggest freeloader of them all. With a family like hers, it’s impossible for her not to be.

    Lushes one and all!

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    1. They are a revolting bunch.

      But it seems to me if you have people who, as of absolute right have endless supplies of money, privilege and station, and you deny them NOTHING, and you never hold them to account, they are absolutely bound to end up abusing that privilege.

      To a lesser extent, MPs and Lords do it, and the super rich do it.

      But monarchy, at ;east in the UK, is untouchable.

      That’s exactly what they do.


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