Image result for orangutans
Morning all…
n swan
All aboard… no pushing and fighting inside.
Kelp Forest.
n alpine
Alpine Meadow.
n bambie
Bambi and Bambi and…erm, Bambi!
n bear1
Off fishing.
n bloody buses
Late night buses, huh?
n buds
You looking for trouble?
n cottontail.jpg
Cotton Tail.
n cow 2
Whatcha think of that for a tongue?
n fox
Let’s have a fight.
n galapagos, ecusa
Galapagos, Ecuador.
n Zosha john Naismith vestas moose
Zocha, Moose’s buddy… (Vestas)
n clouded yello
Clouded Yellow.
n puff
Welcome to the cliffs.
n penguins
Who’s been naughty… and who’s been nice.
Image result for cairo
n kiama aus
Kiama, Australia.
n bedtime
All that playing fair takes it out of you!
n rhino
Wish the rain would come. It’s like Brexit here!
OK… that’s it for today. See you next week.

Except… these are for Panda Paws!

Image result for labradoodles

Image result for golden retriever puppies


35 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. I see the hunting dogs found you despite Soppy Sunday being posted. I don’t see any labradoodles or golden retrievers though!

    The foxes were cute and I loved the coo calf. Plus some adorable cousins from Asia. Lovely πŸ™‚

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    1. I think you should have gone to Specsavers!!!

      Look again!

      I dunno, for the head of proofreading, you’re not very observant!

      (Do you think I got away with that?: Ed)


      1. och see you, I’m looking at that first photo again and going nope. Only to find you’d sneakingly put in some more photos! They were very cute too. The pack not so much – you’d need to be dog person to find some of them cute.

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        1. Zosha* is most definitely not “cute” πŸ™‚

          Having said that she’s only 14 months old and is on her third owner so allowances have to be made.

          First owners were polish people who had kids & had no idea what a staffie is. Second owner got sectioned and the third owner took her on temporarily – now permanently. He has a couple of labradors & she was a bit of a shock to them πŸ˜€

          Moose (the Husky) loves her to bits – talk about the odd couple or what? They play fight for miles as we walk around an old golf course but if he plays with another dog (Jake – English Setter for example) she gets “possessive” & Moose gets the shit kicked out of him πŸ˜‰

          Zosha is 19kg of muscle attached to a set of jaws which are hard to open (to say the least). I take Moose’s collar off now when Zosha’s about because she discovered that if she grabbed it & rolled over then he couldn’t breath (so she’s in charge).

          Prising her jaws open was interesting to say the least and I know how to do it. It took 20-30 seconds (and required blocking one nostril) where most dogs will have no option other than to release when you press down.

          Anyone with a staffie in a house with little kids (under 10) is on borrowed time IMHO. Lovely dogs, fiercely loyal but if they bite you with full force then unless you know how to lever the jaws apart then its game over – especially for kids.

          She’s a nice dog but staffies are just relentless if they get annoyed.

          *Sophie in Polish

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          1. Oh and she got distracted by an air ambulance helicopter in that photo (they go over here all the time) which was low enough for her to chase it.

            Her owner describes her as “Satan with two braincells” πŸ™‚

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          2. oh my GOD, SCARY.

            Didn’t Princess Anne become the first “Royal” sic to get a criminal record when her Staffie attacked someone?

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            1. She’s a recidivist. She got stopped by police for speeding and was seemingly unable to impress the speed cop that she was too important to be lifted.

              I call it bad parenting.

              Charlie got caught drinking in a bar when he was 15.

              And Andrew? Ah yes, well, Andrew.


    1. Reading the article thinking about that bird dying in agony.

      All so some folk can have a weekend of “jolly sport”. Sport?

      It would only be sport if birds had guns and were absolutely entitled to bag their share of humans.

      Why do we need to destroy and dominate?

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      1. Aye, it’s a gey strange “sport”, Tris. The grouse are virtually hand-reared, driven towards the guns by beaters and are then blasted as they fly over by chinless wankers who have pre-loaded shotguns handed to them. It should be almost impossible to miss the birds. The only folk I find more despicable than the shooters are the ghillies and hangers-on who constantly bleat about how the sporting estates provide so much sorely needed employment in rural areas. It’s long overdue that this anachronistic, barbaric slaughter of raptors so that a few twats in tweeds can get some “sport” was made illegal. Rant over – big thanks for the pics. I particularly liked “You looking for trouble” or as the song has it, “Who let the dogs out?”

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        1. Stranger than you think – apparently most of the “game bird” young subsequently shot in Scotland come from Eastern Europe.

          Oh dear…

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        2. I really am so glad that I’m not the kind of person who gets any kind of pleasure from killing another animal.

          People may laugh at me rescuing wasps and fruit flies and being unable to kill slugs and snails, but rather that than be a Hooray Henry with a gun and a passion for getting blood on my hands.

          I have always thought that the only way that could be fair was if the hunted animal also had a gun.

          A few months ago I must admit I was pleased to see that some big game hunter bloke was killed by the animal he was trying to kill. All’s fair in love, war and hunting!

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        3. Andi……Among the aristocratic sporting crowd, I’m pretty sure that a beater gets bagged from time to time too. They do what they can for the guy I’m sure, but he’s just a beater and the hunt goes on. No sense in letting an errant shot spoil a day of sport. (I may in fact have seen this in Downton Abbey.)

          This reminds me that beaters aren’t used much among the citizen sportsmen in America, but the errant shot does still occur. There was an incident during the George DubYa Bush presidential administration when Vice President Cheney shot one of his fellow hunters. Although the victim later had a non-fatal heart attack and a collapsed lung, he was still standing. Nevertheless, he was a Texas lawyer; so it couldn’t be totally hushed up. After about 24 hours, someone phoned the CORPUS-CHRISTI CALLER-TIMES with the story. (A local newspaper with a daily circulation of less than 20,000.) Soon however, the New York Times and the Washington Post got the story and yes……they made a big deal about it as feared. πŸ˜‰

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          1. He he. I’ve been waiting for that to happen to daft old Phil, but if it has, they managed to hush it up!

            Unlike when he wrecked a woman’s car recently and she went to the press!

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  2. Off topic as per usual… Munguinites may enjoy this article: – entitled “One Nation United By Hygge: Weary Americans Welcome Their Enlightened New Danish Owners”. It seems that in response to Trump’s talk of buying Greenland, the Danish Government has made a counter-offer…

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    1. Great article Ed!

      Actually, we Americans are rather annoyed at the cavalier attitude of the Danish government in this matter. πŸ˜‰ Thomas Jefferson bought one-third of the current geographic area of the United States from Napoleon, and yet the Danes think they can just blow us off? Outrageous!

      Imagine the transformation of the urban environment!

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            1. Great! Trump would love it. πŸ™‚
              I love the James Bond locations in “Diamonds are Forever,” filmed in Vegas in 1971. A lot of the locations are still recognizable. I’ve been to shows in the building in front with the “Whyte House” sign on top. It’s now the “Westgate Las Vegas”, but was the “Las Vegas Hilton” in 1971. It’s clear from old pictures from the time of the filming that the wings of the building were smaller (same height but not as long) as they are now. The high rise tower in the rear does not exist. It was matte painted for the movie.

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  3. Judging by the expression on the face of the leader of the gang blocking the ally way, the caption should be:
    “Someone mentioned biscuits ??”

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