In August 2009, I had been in hospital, having suffered a collapsed lungย  (spontaneous pneumothorax) which just wouldn’t uncollapse, spontaneously or otherwise.

Bloody thing!

So they sent me to Edinburgh Royal, where they operated and stuck me all back together again, actually with talcum powder… no really!

When I was released I was a bit incapacitated with holes here and there and told to rest, temporarily unable to resume my duties. I’m wasn’t good at rest, although I’m a lot better than I was all these years ago.

So I was a bit bored. To be honest, I was a LOT bored.

There was a fair number of pro-indy blogs publishing in these days of yore long before the SNP did the unthinkable and formed a majority government based on a manifesto pledge to hold a referendum, and I was an avid reader of so many of them (along with watching endless re-runs of “Murder She Wrote”. Go, Angela!)

The following isn’t an exclusive list (and you may want to add to it), but I have very fond memories of Scot Goes Pop (James); John Brownlie; Pseudepigrapha (Conan); Niko’s Bar; Dean the Tory; Subrosa. I looked forward to their articles and the discussions that inevitably followed.

Office Party.

I was a reader of, and a regular contributor to, a blog called Advanced Media Watch, which was run by “The Spook of Leith”, a university student whose real name was Omar, and he and I bantered a lot on his blog, then got to emailing each other and bantering some more.

Spooky suggested I write a blog as a way of passing the time while I recovered from my operation, but I was far from confident about it and kept saying no. But bit by bit he wore me down… and then this little fellow turned up in my life and took over.


Between them, Munguin and Omar convinced me that I should get started, and Munguin’s Republic was born, with Munguin at the helm, and Tris there as his dog’s body.

Omar advertised the Republic on his very popular blog, Munguin took the writing in hand (paw? flipper?) and off we went.

And 10 years later, here we still are.

With the passage of time, blogs have come and blogs have gone… and some go on forever, eh James!

It’s a long time, is 10 years, and we’ve all got older but not a lot wiser.

We’ve discussed some stuff over the years… a good deal more than politics. And we’ve developed traditions. I reckon I’d get lynched if “All our Yesterdays” or “Soppy Sunday” (John’s invention) were to fall by the wayside. So they won’t.

I’ve made friends on here. Some of whom I’ve met (sometimes just in passing on a march, sometimes on a more personal basis, in the pub! And of course, maybe most dramatically, my friend Abu, who came all the way from Malaysia because of his love for Scotland). Some more, I hope, I will meet sometime in the future… and some, I guess, I’ll never meet.


Munguin and I would like to thank all of you… those who’ve been around since the beginning and those who have joined in more recently, for your friendship and for sharing your thoughts over the months and years. The Republic would be nothing without the comments.

Some of you, I know, read the blog regularly and rarely if ever comment. That’s fine too. And grateful thanks go to people who send in contributions, whether that’s articles (Panda Paws, Abu, et al), jokes, or photos… well, there are far too many to mention, but we all know who you are and your input is appreciated.

So enough nostalgia, and let’s try to get through the mess that is Brexit, even though we didn’t vote for it and onward to Independence, hopefully in the very near future.

Actually, we’re incredulous that there are still those who think that a Boris Johnson/Dominic Cummings government (as Chris Patten described the current UK administration tonight on Radio Four) is preferable to an Independent Scotland.


Image result for auob aberdeen

AUOB march tomorrow in Aberdeen.

Details here. and here.


  1. Happy anniversary, sir.
    Itโ€™s only 5 years since we met up in, Dundee but, even that feels like an age ago.
    A generation, even ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hopefully see you again soon, mate.
    Twitter banned me for calling, Miles Briggs a โ€œfat cantโ€.
    I shouldโ€™ve called him what autocorrect, corrected.
    Never mind.
    Take care,

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    1. Thanks, Darren.

      Yes, five years ago… my goodness, time passes so fast.

      I remember that day so well. I got to sing with you.

      It was a fun day. One of the best.

      Miles, bless him… wasn’t he the one that was on some dating site bragging about how fat something or other was?

      As if anyone would care!

      OK, bud, we really need to meet up soon. And sing a song or two.

      Miss you, mate…

      Love to all in Edinburgh.

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  2. โ€˜And weโ€™ve developed traditions. I reckon Iโ€™d get lynched if โ€œAll our Yesterdaysโ€ or โ€œSoppy Sundayโ€ (Johnโ€™s invention) were to fall by the wayside. So they wonโ€™t.โ€™

    โ€˜ … and letโ€™s try to get through the mess that is Brexit, even though we didnโ€™t vote for it and onward to Independence, hopefully in the very near future.

    Actually, weโ€™re incredulous that there are still those who think that a Boris Johnson/Dominic Cummings government (as Chris Patten described the current UK administration tonight on Radio Four) is preferable to an Independent Scotland.โ€™

    The above two comments stood out.

    Great post, especially the above.

    I, for one, very much appreciate your considered, intelligent and civilised input to the cause.

    Keep up the great work.


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  3. Are you going to Aberdeen?

    Although my first thoughts were how much I like Widow…

    10 years ago I read blogs like John Redwood and Guid Fawkes. I only found my way onto Indy blogs in 2013 or 14. I only ready Indy blogs now. Alba Gu Brath! eh?

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    1. It’s very tasty… Although not for the likes of me. Still I had a nice glass of water!!

      I’d love to get to Aberdeen, but honestly can’t say. Caring duties come first.

      I used to read Guido too!


  4. Ten years. Well done…I really enjoy this site, people are so friendly. It’s unlike any other blog. Some things are a bit above my head, like when you all talk latin! But its definitely a site I visit every day. Thank you

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    1. That’s Conan! Or Ed! I might mutter in French occasionally, though, just to show off. Niko is known for Greek too!

      Anyway, I’m glad you enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. All the best to you both!

    BTW there are rumours that Boris Johnson is about to pull a fast one – to do with withdrawing the (May) government’s defence in court in the Tillbrook case by signing a Consent Order – in effect meaning with immediate effect we left the EU on the 29th March under WTO rules.

    That would be a wee surprise to say the least!

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  6. “Blogs have come and blogs have gone”. That is so true Tris. Keep up the good work, yourself and Munguin, it’s very much appreciated by us, your readers.

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    1. Thanks , Andy.

      It’s sad that some of the blogs have disappeared. That said, some excellent new ones come along and replace them…

      I love reading Bruce’s Grumpy Scottish Man. I used to also very much enjoy reading Terry Entoure, until his bosses made him work even harder than Munguin makes me work, and poor Terry had to put the blog into abeyance.

      There are loads of brilliant blogs out there.


    1. Thanks, Alex.

      We’ll be independent by then, but I guess that means there will be more time for lovely animals.

      Need to get John to come up with more ideas from names! Soppy Monday won’t work!


  7. Congratulations and here’s to the next ten!
    Just a quick comment about BoJo.
    BoJo thinks if himself as a 21st century Churchill.
    The main difference between them is,as far as I know,Churchill didn’t start WWII in order to become prime minister.

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  8. Many happy returns, Munguin (and Tris)

    Hope you can make Aberdeen tomorrow. Union Street from Holburn Junction to the Castlegate full of Saltires. That’s going to be a sight to spook the unionists! We need to maximise the turnout.`

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    1. Dave: If I can get there, I will, but, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get away.

      I’ll put a link to AUOB page in the body of the post. You are right. We need to maximise the turnout.


  9. Joyeux anniversaire MR/MNR.

    (sorry Tatu- I have to google the Latin and Greek otherwise I’m clueless!)

    Loved the office party.

    I stumbled on MR via Wings blogroll circa 2013/14 and I’m very glad I did too! It’s an ill wind that blows no good so let’s give our thanks to Tris’ lung – short term pain for long term gain.

    And if Soppy Sunday disappears, I will hunt you with dogs ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Merci, Pattes de Panda!

      The office party was fun, well at least for those who got their flippers and paws on the Champagne. Still I enjoyed washing up the glasses and clearing up the detritus.

      I’m very glad you stumbled upon us too.

      Hmmm. I’m very fond of dogs, but there are limits.


      1. “Hmmm. Iโ€™m very fond of dogs, but there are limits.”

        okay what if I make it a hunt by labradoodles and golden retrievers then? When you are caught you can be licked to death…

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  10. Ten years have come, ten years have gone
    and Tris and Munguin soldier on,
    terrific posts to always write,
    in which all Munguinites take great delight.
    Big thanks to both we do convey
    To mark this most auspicious day!

    (With apologies to William McGonagall)

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Much too succinct for McGonagall I’m afraid.
      He is criticised for his poetry but in my estimation,he was a brilliant historian.
      He shoehorned every minute detail of a story in by hook or by crook.
      Sheer genius in my opinion. If slightly weird with it.
      Brings to mind :
      There was a young bard from Japan
      Whose limericks never would scan
      When told this was so
      He replied ” Yes I know,
      but I always try to put as many words into the last line as I possibly can”

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  11. Have never commented but look forward to your blog every day. Congrats on 10 years!
    Coming from Australia wIll be in “the ferry” in October. Who knows who you meet in the street!!

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    1. Thanks, Jack.

      If you’re in the Ferry, we could easily bang into each other. Munguin is something of a big noise down in the posh part of the town!



  12. Well done.
    I think it was around 2011/12 I found your blog, and have enjoyed it ever since.
    What other Indy blog has the odd gardening feature? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hum… I don’t know. What other Indy blog has the odd gardening feature? LOL

      And … Munguin wants to know… what is “odd” about his gardening features?

      Thanks, Jutie. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope the garden is going well this awful year… No hoses anyway!


    1. And thank you, Tree.

      As I’ve said before, the readers, Munguinites, are every bit as important as Munguin himself (although don;t tell him I said that!).


  13. I find it somewhat ironic that on the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre, when peaceful protesters, including women and children, were killed and injured by forces of the Crown. They were complaining that the Government of the U.K was elected by approximately 400,000 men. It seems nowadays we have gone into reverse, with a Prime Minister shovelled into office by roughly 90,000 members of one political party.
    If we are not careful, we could end up, metaphorically speaking, suffering the same fate as the Manchester protesters.

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    1. The spin being applied to Johnson’s win;
      Won through a rigorous “parlimentary” voting process 5 times, then it went to to the “country” where he won by receiving 66% of the votes.
      This must be aimed a certain type/group of disconnected electrate to be taken in by that level of gobshite. It is causing severe harm, I doubt if my workshop radio will recover from the too well aimed piece of wood.

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  14. Is it really 10 years? How things have changed politically in that decade. So many other blogs in the past 10 years have run their brief course and now slipped from memory. Now go back to 50 years ago, if you had said that the SNP would have more that a dozen seats at Westminster, you would have been considered to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Today’s youngsters don’t realise the struggle we old SNP members faced in building up the party to what it is today.

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    1. I don’t think any of us could have foreseen a majority SNP government; and now 12 years of SNP leadership in Scotland. Nor I imagine would people have imagined that the Scottish branch of Labour would have made such a pig’s ear of things and drifted not only from government but from opposition too.

      I doubt anyone would have imagined Brexit, May, Johnson… and in particular, Johnson’s loonie cabinet of idiots and dodgy right wing nut jobs.

      And perhaps, back then, the most ridiculous notion would have been a New York real estate huckster turned reality show host with an orange face, a weird haircut and the intellectual prowess of a not particularly bright 7 year old, as the president of the USA.

      We live in the strangest of times.

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        1. Thanks, Danny.

          I understand that the Hawaiian Bureau is just getting stuck into their party now.

          Old Stevie sounds like he’s been out in the sun a bit too long, mate.

          They are right to call him out, but the Guardian has a point. What about Trump?

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        1. Tell Ms Fletcher thank you…

          To celebrate I watched an episode on my box set tonight.

          Munguin, needless to say, solved the murder while the opening titles were running, and spoiled it by telling me who done it!


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  15. Your blog just goes to show the positives that illnesses can have! It sounds nasty, but I’m very glad your had to find something to do during your recuperation. I agree about Murder, She Wrote too.

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    1. LOL LOL. We’re scaling back talking to the public becasue there is a General Election coming up! EH?

      Aye, are ye?

      You mean, of course that the Caird Hall, with seating for around 2,300 was going to look rather empty with only 15 folk.


      Munguin will splash for a few more bottle of the Widow in celebration.

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  16. I’m a bit late to the party, Tris, as I’ve been away, but many thanks for your work. This blog feels like a family I’m proud to be allowed to join.
    By the way, I really miss Terry Entoure’s excellent analyses too – any chance he might return?


    1. Hi East Neuker.

      What a lovely thing to say. Feels like family.
      We’re blessed with great readers.

      I miss Terry’s stuff too. He occasionally puts in an appearance here, but his articles were, at the same time, beautifully written, amusing to the point of belly laugh and, probably most importantly, exceedingly informative.

      I know he sometimes works VERY hard and has little time for blogging or tweeting.

      However, I’ll contact him and prod him gently in the butt, and see if we can’t get him to write something, even if only as a guest article here.

      Will see to it tomorrow.



  17. Gosh golly memories abounding. Remember reading those blogs you mentioned and others now long gone. As for Subrosa, I came across her recently and that’s enough of that. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Here’s to the next 10!
    p.s. Munguin looks remarkably well preserved. You must tell us his secret…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh… sounds like that would be an interesting story, but I mustn’t pry!

      Ah the next ten?

      Well, we’ll see…

      I think Munguin uses Oil of Ugly! (Don’t tell him I told you!)


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  18. Thank you Tris and Munguin, I now have some background to this blog, 10 years! This blog and it’s commenters have quickly become my go to site, for a sense of warmth, analysis, thought and entertainment. After a long day it’s like my favourite chair and comfy slippers, just ahhh home.
    Although a white haired, wrinkly, relatively newby I intend sticking around for your next 10, at least.
    Thank you and congratulations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You make a great point, I think.

      The comments are great. Folk make a big effort with them. I’ve learned so much from our Munguinites.

      So, yes. The next 10 years. I wonder if we will be able to splash for some Moet then…

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