J is for Janus

Prepare to meet your end, all you nationalists!
As that lad said on the day after the referendum… “embrace it”.
!!!Proper Charlie
Lord save us. He’s had 70 years’ training for the job, and he still can’t do up his own buttons.
Well, if Mr Lavatory (above) doesn’t kill me off, I expect this fellow will.
Does it, aye?
bell ends
Bell Ends? British Whisky or Whiskey or whiskie or drain cleaner or something.
Richard Braine
UKIP’s new leader, Dick Braine…no really!


Hmmm… yep, that’s about it. Seeing as you want to defend England, mate, you can trot out to the gulf with that wee boat the Brits are sending.


He’s been back this week with another Browntervention.  Does anyone listen any more?


Whit? Oh yeah, so it has! You were right there. Pity about the £350 million a week. Still, think about the Blue Passports, eh!

48 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. Bells Whiskey, drain cleaner right enough. I’ve only tasted 2 “Whiskies” rougher one was Ushers Green Stripe now thankfully no more.
    The other was one a friend was given in Azerbaijan, his supplier told him it was only £12 for a case of 12. if he wanted more, after a sip each we poured some into an ashtray and tried to set fire to it absolutely no effect. This apparently was brewed (?) and bottled “under Government supervision”. It was called something like “Bright Day Whisky”

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    1. Years ago in a bar in Kuala Lumpur, I asked, “What whisky have you got?”
      “Jack Daniels, Jim Beam…”
      I interrupted before he got any further. “No,no – proper whisky, Scotch.”
      “Ah, we have Scottish Divorce.”
      Divorce? I knew whisky had contributed to many a Scottish marriage breakup, but when did it become a brand? “Show me the bottle,please.”
      A minute later he was back brandishing a bottle of Dewar’s.
      “OK, make it a double, please.” And damn the consequences.

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        1. Ordered an encore,of course! The Resident Sassenach was on her to Singapore where we were meeting a few days later, so no fears about repercussions from over-indulging in the eponymous bottle.

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    1. Aye, a good read, except I wouldn’t describe Rory Stewart as “sane”. At the risk of boring everyone, I’ve been saying for a long while that Gove’s line is exactly what the madmen/women would do, try to blame everyone else for the utter shambles that is about to descend on nearly all of us, with the exception of the “elite” who no doubt will be able to make loads of dosh out of our misery.

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      1. I think it is a natural thing to do.

        Particularly when the mass media will agree completely with them.

        All this despite the evidence clearly indicating the opposite.

        But if tabloids like Sun, Mail, Telegraph and Express tell them that it is the EU’s fault, then I’m sure that is what they will believe.

        Johnson came in with a message that the EU, having signed a deal with the UK, would have to renegotiate, because the UK had a “new government”. (Ignoring the fact that this “new” government had been “elected” but around 90,000 people, and that there is a reasonable chance that this “new” government is a very temporary affair and might be overturned at any minute,) Presumably this would mean that the EU would have to start all over again with yet another “new” government.

        Bloody idiots.


  2. Every one a winner!

    Well, that lot should put off everyone voting for BritNats for ever but I despair at what we are witnessing.

    Nevermind. Another recession will surely destroy all semblance of financial acumen by the ruling thugs. Hopefully we’ll have started the process to leave them all to it. 😀

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  3. Bell’s Whisky was once described to me by a blender as “cheap vodka that had been filtered through the dottle of a pipe.” It was what we called in the trade a mixer whisky – you had to put lemonade in it to drink it.
    Bell’s do ceramic commemorative flasks, shaped like a hand-bell, and are very keen on the Royal Family – think coronation mugs, plates and such hagiographic nonsense. They are very collectable, especially if the seal isn’t broken and there is actually whisky inside.
    There was a dealer who was contacted by a relative of a deceased person who had a large collection of these flasks, he visited the house had a quick look, checked the seals, shooglied the bottle and bought them on the spot for a very large sum.
    It was only months later, one of his staff brought to his attention the very small hole drilled in the base of each bottle, which had been filled with tiling grout…

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  4. The only redeeming feature regarding the British Nationalist in pic 9 is that when your reading his tattoos, at least you don’t have to look at his face. It is of course a classic case of diversionary obfuscation, albeit inadvertently. There’s an honesty there at least though, because he’s too thick to know any better, which is more than can be said for the rest of those featured. Erm….. maybe.

    The Bells one is by far the most despicable though.


  5. My eyes 😦

    Looking at the Unionist parties I’d say that the new UKIP leader is far from the only Dick Braine in politics though probably the only one with it on his birth certificate.

    Surely it’s a “Broontervention” though 🙂 It trips off the tongue better.

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  6. Oh hell, we are Doomed, more oil has been discovered in the North sea, what are we going to do with it.
    When are we going to get some good news like a frigate being ordered for the navy,to replace the ones that leak.
    Typical EBC this morning.
    Hammond putting the boot into oris, trashing the pound, spending money from the Old money tree.
    Alex Salmond being given Half A Milion from Nicola, when what they really mean is the rUK government in Scotland rather than the SG.
    The man that runs the Electricity Grid tellus that the Grid was up and running again after 7Minutes. When done the boy, forgot to mention that large areas of the country were NOT on the Grid. Just a wee local problem here and there. That is like saying the car’s engine is running great it’s just the car has no wheels attached to move it. Yes the Grid was up and running at the new Lower power requirement required by Shedding Load to the Local distribution. Hell it’s Summer,think what would have happened in Winter, The grid would not have been on for Days not minutes.
    How to say something without telling you anything, a masterclass.
    Was going to buy the book co written by 3 jobs tomkins but decided against it, I’ll just wait for the revised edition where he tells us why he changed from being a republican and anti monarchist to being an extreme onionist, He’s allowed to change his mind, I have over the years, I’m now a committed Republican and Anti Monarchist, note not anti royalty,they have plenty of cash to have a comfortable life they just don’t need to pick my pocket each year.
    Groper andy’s mum is happy that 006 managed the wee job in NY well, or so it seems to a casual observer with the protection of the DUgdale defense, an honestly held belief.
    I’ll vote for a WoS styled indy party for Hollyrood but I’m hoping we won’t be voting for a devolved parliament by then. I’m hoping that we will have a transitional parliament in place and work being done on a constitution based on the People’s Sovereignty.

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    1. That seems like a summary of the news there, Dave.

      I’m worried about electricity in the winter to come. As you say, power goes off in the summer and it causes big problems. Power goes off in the winter and thousands die. What will they do if they can’t import French energy?

      It seems to me that if there is an accusation against someone, let’s say Alex Salmond, the gutter press goes hell for leather to discredit him, day after day after day. When it turns out that the courts find that he was been wronged, and that the whole business was mishandled by a completely incompetent civil servant, the gutter press don’t blame the civil servant involved. Instead, they have a go at the fact that it has cost the government money to compensate the aforementioned hated person who was wronged by said civil servants crass incompetence..

      To be fair I’ve only read the headlines, so I may not have that quite right. I find the whole thing so utterly sickening, I can’t stand to read the press’s twisted version of it.

      (I’ll make it clear here, that if the allegations are true, I’d come down hard on the perpetrator, regardless of who they are. But the head civil servant in Scotland appears, right now, from my understanding, to be unable to distinguish her elbow from any other part of her body. And she is actually in charge of running the administration of the Scottish government. Incredible. What else is she making an arse of?)

      I’m sure Tomkins’ book will soon be for sale at £1 in WH Smith remaindered section.

      I’d like to see James’s opinion on a Wing Party before I commit.


        1. Nice site, bookmarked it.
          As I was looking I found that there is a substantial import from France and Denmark.
          The majority generation is Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, ie we are burning large quantities of natural gas.
          A large proportion of which is reported to be coming from the Claire Ridge,West of Shetland.

          My view on the WoS input is that by ensuring that the region vote of SNP supporters is not wasted in election of List MSPs from unionist parties we are just playing the game set up by the unionists to ensure nothing ever came from Hollyrood.
          This is a political game we are in, smoke , mirrors and confusion is their intention. The idea that the Scottish Parliament does not have the right to call a referendum is the question to be fought.
          The muddle and his ‘You need to wait until 2021’, when westmonster pull out the extra Joker,and trump the issue, ‘We are in charge’
          Lets not lose the mandates we have already.

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          1. Well, I go along with that.

            There’s a mandate from the last Scottish election where the Greens and SNP have majority, and where their manifestos clearly stated that, should there be a major change in the UK’s situation (and there has been) we should call another referendum.

            Then there was Mrs May’s disastrous UK election where, although we lost many seats, we still had more than half the Scottish seats in Westminster. And we all know what their glorious leader said.

            Then there was the European elections where we got more seats than anyone else. Although in fairness there was probably no mention in the manifesto about a referendum. But certainly it would be the SNP policy to scrap Brexit.

            I’m not sure why the will of the Biritsh people must be adhered to no matter the consequences, but thee will of the Scottish people has to be proved over and over again before they will listen to us.

            Oh well…

            Oh and thanks for answering what CCGT was. 🙂


        2. Interesting, Vestas. How come the French one has a butchers’ apron and the Brit one has a tricolour?

          Oh and what does CCGT stand for? 🙂


        3. Interesting sites, now bookmarked. I see the French export about 20% of their electrical production and only 3,5% to the UK. I wonder what their grid connect charge is?

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      1. James is agin it. For the same reasons he was agin Rise tactical voting.

        “To be fair I’ve only read the headlines, so I may not have that quite right. ”

        No that’s right the Civil Service’s (CS) actions and processes were found to be unfair and prejudiced.

        It however it entirely separate from the current criminal proceedings which we can’t talk about in detail or we face contempt of court. Before this ruling there were four options now there are two as the CS being fair has been ruled out.

        1. The CS was unfair and Salmond is not guilty of criminality
        2. The CS was unfair but Salmond is guilty of criminality.

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        1. OK, thanks PP. I’ll read James. I respect his analysis.

          Oh, I won’t in any way discuss Alex’s case here. I want absolutely that this be resolved properly.


    2. “I’ll vote for a WoS styled indy party”

      So, a party that’s run from the South of England, and is transphobic, misogynistic and homophobic (I’m just an anonymous name on the internet, so he can’t sue me, at least not easily)

      I thought we were trying to get away from all that crap?

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      1. Yes.

        I see from what James was saying that there is a suggestion that Alex might be involved. If he were I would expect that the policies of the party might well be social democrat.

        But, on a brief reading I can certainly see what James’s arguments against this idea are.


      2. I should have added that I’d vote for a party that wants to reduce the number of list unionist msps.
        I’ll continue to vote for a quality SNP candidate in the constituency for Hollyrood and If we have to vote in a westminster GE .
        My comment was really about the game that is played in Hollyrood with top up msps that I have no vote on other than voting for a party.
        We saw the effects of tactical voting in the last GE, the unionists played the field by supporting each other , poor candidates to make it a simple choice SNP or one unionist, Try East Dumbartonshire the overspending put down to national party spending.
        So we have to up our game in the system designed by the unionists to produce a talking shop.

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        1. If by “top up msps” you mean list votes, they’re the ones that actually determine the balance of the parties in holyrood.

          They’re the more important vote, and you’re considering giving them to a blogger who lives in Bath?

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          1. If the choice is Slab, Conservative, Libdem then I think it is preferable to give the vote to a committed independence party.
            Slab are funded from London as are the others, the latest johnston/davidson/mundell crash out says they toe the unionist line.
            Wos hasn’t said he would run a party, he only put forward the IDEA, who is behind the scenes we cant know as it won’t be told. There would have to be a list so Not just One Person who lives in Bath.
            Have a look at luke graham, MP, lives in England, Libdem leader lives in england.
            The arithmetic says that First Preference votes are being put aside to balance the Parliament. Great if it was a Parliament of balanced policies from the parties we might get somewhere.
            Tories voting to give tax breaks to the well off, voting against a budget without putting forward their proposals, all say it’s combat and not a parliament of progession.
            Maybe you have a problem with mr campbell, I’m a bystander , concerned with much more important things like a Normal Country that can change direction.

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      3. Stu Campbell has a couple of idées fixes with which I disagree passionately. One is about the Gaelic language, where he is quite stereotypically monoglot in not recognizing the value of other tongues. Second, and more importantly, there is the trans / gender identification thing, where he evidently thinks that physical gender is the determinative factor in all matters of sexuality and sexual identity, which those of us who are not in the straight majority know is not just a lie but a damned lie, and an attack on our human rights at the most intimate level.

        These things are pretty much hard-wired in the human brain, and the sooner people realize this the happier we shall all be. I hope Illy agrees with me there – it would be nice to have some corroboration.

        I could never vote for a party that espoused either of those two positions Stu Campbell has, and I recall that recently he got all bent out of shape by something Mhairi Black said on the second issue. All I have to say about that is if you want to know about anything to do with non-standard sexualities and gender identifications, who would you trust more – a straight man with prejudices who very obviously cannot have any trans people as friends, or a gay woman who actually knows not just what she’s talking about but the people she’s talking about?

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        1. Yes, that’s a good point.

          And on Gaelic, I agree completely with you.

          The predominance of English across the world (for such a multiplicity of reasons as to make it impossible to put them in this small comments box) is a hugely convenient thing for the traditionally monoglot Brit (including Scots).

          It is grand that half the world can communicate in English, but like so many other things, we must preserve the rights of people who speak languages other than English.

          It may be that every Gaelic speaker also speaks English, but then, pretty much every Swede, Dane, Icelander, Finn, etc, also speaks English. Often better than the average Brit. Should their native languages be lost just becasue they CAN speak English?

          There is more to a language than just communicating that you want a coffee and cake.

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  7. Watched Boris on the telly
    Viewing a body scanner in
    Prison giving large with the
    Shock of such carrying on .
    Now pardon me but did not Boris attend Éton where such
    Practices were the de rigueur.

    Well almost compulsory if
    You wanted to become one of the establishment.

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    1. Well I’m not sure Kinder Eggs were involved at Eton. Definitely not when old Bozo was there.

      But the principle was the same I guess.

      Well, that or pigs.


  8. I suggest that if you haven’t already done so, go on wings and read the 2 articles posted by Stuart Campbell,its pretty well thought out.
    Personally, I think this is a good idea. There is of course no way that the SNP could endorse this and we’ve already had some feedback from them, the greens, lib lab and Tory are the real intended targets of this type of campaign, and they are furious, which has to be a good thing. Anyway, this strategy has been suggested as necessary if by 2021 we have not yet voted for independence, and going by the number of unionists demanding we wait till 2021 to confirm a mandate that we actually already have, it would be wise to assume that they have a plan to ensure that we don’t.
    So that’s Stuart’s plan, and so far that’s all we’ve got. The bonus is we get to clear a lot of the dross out of Holyrood.

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    1. Yes, Golfy, I’ll read Stuart’s piece too. You should know that I very much respect what Stuart has done over the years and I have always donated to Wings because if it. His ability to cut away the bull that the unionist papers have printed … or the unionist politicians have spouted, has been a massive factor in spreading the word.

      I don’t agree with, or indeed necessarily approve of, everything he says, but why would I? I’m sure he thinks I haver a load of hogwash a lot of the time.

      I certainly think he is overly sharp with anyone who questions him. It’s not my style, but it’s his. You can’t agree on everything, and I try to disagree gently.

      Well, except sometimes on Twitter with people like Murdo or Dick Leonard, but hey, that’s only to be expected!

      I promise to read both articles carefully and discuss them with my super bright and analytical mate… and see what we come up with.

      But clearly it’s something we all have to make up our minds about individually. I’ve no intention of trying to convince anyone of whatever conclusion I arrive at.

      I’m never quite THAT sure of myself!

      Well, except when I say that Murdo is a wally!


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