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We will always say no to #indyref2

9:34 PM · Aug 8, 2019Twitter for iPhone
Oh, OK, Scot Tories. It’s always good to have a little go at the Labour Party, particularly since UK Labour has accepted that they would grant Scots a second referendum if they ONCE AGAIN voted for a majority of Independence-supporting representatives. (Clearly doing it in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and 2019 wasn’t good enough).
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I’m her yesterday man.
So, the Tories will never allow a second referendum? Fair enough. After all, it is THEIR PRECIOUS UNION, isn’t it? A bit like their Precious Empire used to be. Possession is 9/10ths of the law.
So, it’s a little embarrassing that THIS article has appeared in the Herald on the same day that they tweeted all this guff.
Image result for david Mundell with annie wells
Annie and Davie in happier times.

So maybe Annie’s we will always say NO to another referendum may have been a tad on the premature side.

Of course, Mr Mundell is a nobody now, having been stripped of office by Mr Johnson against the wishes of Ruth, who clearly thought she was a bigger fish than indeed she is. Indeed, it looks like the Tories in Scotland have all been sidelined.

The new Secretary of State has two deputies instead of one, reflecting, we assume, an increased amount of responsibility as devolution is clawed back, and one of them is an English MP representing an English constituency.  Utterly faithful Boris acolyte, Ross Thomson, wasn’t even offered a PPS job, after all the work he put in to get Boris elected.

Would this be classed as a Civil War if it were happening in the SNP?

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  1. Clearly Johnson views the “Scottish Conservatives” as collateral damage in any possible snap GE.

    We can only speculate why that is.

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    1. I imagine that that much talked about poll that the London government did has shown the same sort of thing as Ashcroft’s poll, and that probably they know they will be left with only a couple of seats at the next election.

      I suspect that the fact that his Scottish campaign leader (Ross ‘Hands’ Thomson) did’;t even get a job as a PPS, and that they brought in an English MP to be minister of state, shows how much support he managed to drum up for Boris in Scotland.

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      1. Ross Thomson is advertising for someone to work in his constituency office. So if you are looking for political “hands-on” experience… Ideally someone with gumption who wants to seize life by the…

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    1. I wonder if they’d have her back. Of course she’s a list MSP so she can go on and on and never be rejected.

      ASDA might take her on the new contract.


  2. All coming apart at the seams? Westminster and their agencies working overtime to put us down and spread fear, all to keep us in the union and it’s not working. New cracks and fissures opening in the two main parties, showing a growing bile pile. This bile being directed at their own rosettes. Entertaining and interesting. Could this be the reason?
    I used to look after honey bees. The quiet efficiency, the equilibrium, of the hive would break down when the colony was under stress. (Scot Labour and Scot Conservatives are under stress, they see themselves on the dole possibly at the next election) Another cause is when the pheromones of the leader (the queen) isn’t reaching all the colony. (Both party leaders have been surrounded with a shield of advisors)
    Now, I’m not saying that the party faithful have to form an orderly queue to sniff the leading oxter but we are animals and maybe in some behaviours not that far removed from bees.
    Big bag of popcorn is in order, to watch the spectacle unfold.

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    1. Love the bee analogy, Alan.

      It’s fascinating watching the whole thing come unstuck.

      Even more amusing when you consider that the whole Brexit thing was conceived by Cameron to glue the Tory Party back together, and that they considered that the 2014 referendum was a done deal for a couple of hundred years.

      The words hell and handcart spring to mind.

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